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Zetro reveals some news regarding the coming HATRIOT album

Veröffentlicht am 22. November 2013 von Markus W. in Hatriot, News, Thrash Metal

American thrashers Hatriot, the band of former Exodus frontman Zetro Souza, is working on their new album. The record will be called "Dawn of the new centurion". I'm happy that Markus' Heavy Music Blog can give already some first insights about the the new album. Have a look what Zetro has to say...


Markus Heavy Music Blog: Hi Zetro, good to hear from you again, after we had our last talk earlier this year. Hatriot is working at the moment on the new record. Can you tell us what’s the difference between “Heroes of origin” and the new album "Dawn of the new centurion"?

Zetro Souza:  The main difference is we have been a band for another year and have grown tighter from rehearsing and playing live, so the songs on the new album are a lot stronger in my opinion.  The songs are a bit longer, more melodic, and a lot heavier in a lot of ways.  I have stated before that "Heroes" was our "Kill Em All" and the new album is our "Ride The Lightning" - in regards to maturity in songwriting and performance.  The tones of both albums will be similar, since we recorded both at the same studio with the same producer (Juan Urteaga), but we have grown as songwriters and the band has solidified its style with this new one.


MHMB: Can you tell us already what the titles of the songs on the new album are?

ZETRO: There will be two different versions of this album - the standard jewel case version which is nine songs, and the limited digipak version which will have a couple cover songs as bonus tracks.  

The nine originals are: 

  1. From My Cold Dead Hands
  2. Your Worst Enemy
  3. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious
  4. The Fear Within
  5. Honor And The Rise And Fall  
  6. Silence In The House Of The Lord
  7. World Funeral
  8. Dawn Of The New Centurion
  9. Consolation For The Insane. 

I don't want to reveal the bonus tracks yet, but they are both cover songs and both classic metal!!


MHMB: Zetro, can you describe each of the songs in 2-3 sentences?

ZETRO: I don't want to give away all the details and spoil the mystique of the album, but I will say that all the songs I write with Hatriot are about sick and twisted topics, and this new album is no exception.  I am attracted to the dark side of life and I like to write about topics that other bands typically wouldn't touch.  You can count on this record being another sick and brutal thrash metal album.  Zetro doesn't write happy shit and I definitely don't write love songs!


MHMB: The last time we have spoken to each other you talked about a tour together with Toxik. Are there news regarding this tour? 

ZETRO: Yeah, we sort of jumped the gun and announced that before it was finalized.  Basically it was going to be Destruction and Toxik, but in this business there is a lot of politics and a lot of things that can fall apart in the eleventh hour, so to speak, and that's what happened here.  The agent couldn't make it work for us financially, and Toxik wasn't going to have their new album out in time for the tour, so we said fuck it and started looking at other options.  I want to make sure that the fans know that Hatriot definitely wants to come play for them, it's just a matter of finding a feasible way of making it happen.  We do have a few shows coming up in Europe though.  


MHMB: Is the tour schedule already existing?

ZETRO: Right now we have December 12th at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands, and that show is with our friends Death Angel.  December 13th we are in Katwijk, Netherlands, and December 14th we will be in Roeselave, Belgium.  Get all the updates at  - I want to thank all the fans for their patience.


MHMB: Zetro, thanks for the insides.


Zetro reveals some news regarding the coming HATRIOT album
Zetro reveals some news regarding the coming HATRIOT album