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CD review KNIGHT AREA "Between two steps" EP

Veröffentlicht am 22. November 2013 von Markus W. in Knight Area, Prog Rock, CD Review, News, Prog Metal

(8/10) It was in 2004 when Gerben Klazinga started up Knight Area. At this time it was a solo project which led to the release of “The sun also rises”. In the meantime the band released 4 studio records. The latest one was released in 2011, was called “Nine paths” and was mixed by nobody else than Neil Kernon. Knight Area comes from The Netherlands and the band plays prog rock.

This year they came out with a new EP. It is called “Between two steps” and it contains five songs which reminded me sometimes to Marilion, but also to Dream Theater. When I heard the EP for the first time I was impressed by the quality of the songs and the production. All five songs are really good and on a high level. It really seems that the band loves what they are doing and you can hear the passion, which they put into each song.

There is the more complex opener "Bubble" with a great chorus. "Forever now" is a more rocking straight forward track which reminds a bit to Dream Theater. A piano part opens "Those day". Knight Area has a really good feeling for melodies which are catchy, but never sticky sweet. With "Dreamweaver" varies between more heavy riffs and more silent  acoustic parts. The keyboards reminded me to the good old Eloy from Germany. "Xerenity" is already the last track on the album. It's a 2 minutes instrumental which shows again the class of the band. 

“Between two steps” became a great prog rock record and each fan of this genre should definitely listen to it. The for sure deserve a bigger audience.





  1. Bubble
  2. Forever now
  3. This day
  4. Dreamweaver
  5. Xerenity


Label: Independent

Genre: Prog Rock



Gerben Klazinga (k)

Mark Smit (v/k)

Mark Bogert (g)

Peter Vink (b)

Pieter van Hoorn (d)

CD review KNIGHT AREA "Between two steps" EP