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Interview with Robert Dahlqvist (ex-The Hellacopters)

Veröffentlicht am 4. November 2013 von Markus W. in Robert Dahlqvist, Interview, News

The other day I had the chance to ask some questions to Robert Dahlqvist and gain some more insights about his new released solo album called “Solo”. And here it comes...


Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog: Hej Robert, hur mar du?
Robert Dahlqvist: Haha.. I’m just fine.
MHMB: Before we talk about the new album I would like to look back a little bit. What have you done after The Hellacopters split up? Have you had some other projects or have you taken a break from music?
Robert Dahlqvist: I’ve done a lot of freelance-jobs and I’ve recorded two albums with a band I started after The Hellacopters called Dundertåget (in swedish). That’s about it. And I became a father.
MHMB: Now you're back with a new album called "Solo". And of course nomen et omen, it is your solo album. When have you had the idea to release a solo album?
Robert Dahlqvist: I’ve been thinkin’ about it for a couple of years. I just got tired of ”rocking” and wanted to record an album that simply sounds like me.
MHMB: What was your driver to record a solo album? Was it something you always wanted to do or was it more spontaneous?
Robert Dahlqvist: As I sad, I’ve been thinkin’ about for some time and now was the right time to record and release it.
MHMB: Where was the album recorded? Was it in Stockholm?
Robert Dahlqvist: No, outside Gothenburg in Björn Olssons basement. Björn produced the album.
MHMB: Before I listened to the album I had the expectation, that it will be some hardrock songs with a little bit of punk and sleaze. But then I was surprised. It became a complete rock album. Why have you decided to do a more acoustic based rock album?
Robert Dahlqvist: I’ve always hated sleaze-rock, makes me wanna puke.. Pathetic shitty bands that can’t play their instruments. I want to play honest music that comes straight from the heart. I just wrote songs and recorded them without have any special plan. I wanted them to sound like me, like Robert Dahlqvist.
MHMB: What are your musical influences and had this an impact on the decision to do a rock record?
Robert Dahlqvist: Everything from The Stooges to Freddie King. I had no influences when I recorded this album, I wanted to record good songs. That’s it!
MHMB: But you also couldn't totally let loose of the past. "Redo nån gång" and "Snesegalrn" are fast rock'n'roller. Maybe it would have been good to have 1-2 more of those songs on the album.
Robert Dahlqvist: I don’t think so :)
MHMB: The next surprise was, that the album is completely in Swedish. I actually like that since it is a great chance for me the improve my little Swedish. But what were your thoughts by doing this?
Robert Dahlqvist: Well, that’s my language and the lyrics I write in Swedish are way better than the ones I write in English. I feel insecure when I sing in English.
MHMB: What are the songs about? Is it a lot of personal things which you based the lyrics on?
Robert Dahlqvist: I’ve had a few bad years, drinking too much and being very sad. So that’s pretty much what the songs are about. I’m feeling a lot better now though.
MHMB: Do you want to share with us who "Ingrid Isabel" is? By the way, it's a great song. It has almost a Tarantino soundtrack touch.
Robert Dahlqvist: That’s my little daughter.
MHMB: Having now recorded the album, what are the next plans? Can we expect to see you live? And is "Yes" also outside of Sweden?
Robert Dahlqvist: I’m gonna tour Sweden between January – April. I really hope I can tour outside Sweden. I’d love to do it.
MHMB: What is at the moment the favorite on your iPod?
Robert Dahlqvist: I don’t have an iPod. I prefer my record collection. Right now, Lou Reed - the bells.
MHMB: Just a general question. Sweden brings out a lot of good music band regardless which style - from ABBA till At The Gates is everything present. Do you have an explanation why this is the case?
Robert Dahlqvist: Hard question... We’re hard-working people I guess?
MHMB: Tack for having you in the interview.
Robert Dahlqvist: Thanks!