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CD review STONE TEMPLE PILOTS "High rise" EP

Veröffentlicht am 4. November 2013 von Markus W. in Stone Temple Pilots, Grunge, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(8/10) It was a clever thing in different ways that the Stone Temple Pilots started a cooperation with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. First of all it brings STP back into the news, since the cooperation was a bigger surprise Even by thininking about the common Family Values tour in 2001, which established a connection between STP and Linkn Park. Secondly, from a business perspective, it probably helps STP to gain new fans, since the Linkin Park fan base will get curious about STP. And last but not least this line-up wrote new songs and released those as an EP an few days ago.

After listening to the sons a couple of times I must say that the EP is the best I have heard from the STP since quite a while. I think, that Bennington voice fits perfect to the songs and give those a kind of new touch. Since the guitar harmonies are still pretty much anchored in grunge some vocal lines reminded me to hardrock with even some sleaze elements. Actually the vocals sounds a little bit like Phil Lewis from the L.A. Guns like e.g. in the great rock song “Out of time”. This is not meant bad at all and it shows another side of Bennington. Also “Black Heart” has a strong hardrock with some classic rock elements. It grooves realy good. “Same on the inside” is a more  laid-back song with a good melody while “Cry, cry” rocks again. “Tomorrow” has probably th biggest grunge influence. Mid-pace with a melancholic atmosphere.

I was positively surprised about the EP. The cooperation fits and I’m curious what will come next. Would be great if the line-up can continue for quite a while and release a new STP album soon. The EP marks a good start.





  1. Out of time
  2. Black heart
  3. Same on the inside
  4. Cry cry
  5. Tomorrow


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Grunge/Hardrock

CD review STONE TEMPLE PILOTS "High rise" EP
Photo: Chapman Baehler

Photo: Chapman Baehler