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CD review NORDIC GIANTS "A seance of dark delusion"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in Nordic Giant, Rock, Post Rock, Prog Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review, Solstafir

(8/10) Nordic Giants is a duo from Bristol, UK that found their dedication for post rock which they celebrated on several releases throughout the last years. The main persons behind the band are George Laycock and Dai Borthwick. Both are the drivers of Nordic Giants.

Their music is characterized by cineastic expressions, embedded in big soundscapes. The guys mix rough guitar eruption with a heavy beat and well placed electronic samples. Those elements are coming back in tunes like "Evolve or perish" - for me the best track on the album. 

But the duo also collaborate with guests on the album. Different musicians signed responsible for the vocals in various numbers on "The seance of dark delusion". Beth, Cannon, Freiyja and Nadine Wild Palmer enrich certain songs as well as Saturday Sun does it with "Dissolve".

Also the last two instrumentals are worth to be mentioned. It's especially "A thousand of lost dreams" that belongs to the outstanding tracks on the longplayer. Sometimes louder and sometimes more fragile and piano-focussed the tune shows many different shades that are all connected under an ambient umbrella. Towards the end the song builds up again to a powerful post rock tune that combines most of the Nordic Giants trademarks in one track. Well done.

"A seance of dark delusion" became a really cool album that will be loved by fans from post rock. But also fans from bands like Solstafir, where the band toured with, should give this album a chance. It is worth it.





  1. Elysian dreams
  2. Evolve or perish
  3. Rapture ft. Beth Cannon
  4. Give flight to the imagination ft. Freyja
  5. Dissolve ft. Saturday Sun
  6. Illuminate
  7. Future dark ft. Nadine Wild Palmer
  8. Black folds
  9. A thousand lost dreams


Label: Kscope

Genre: Post Rock

CD review NORDIC GIANTS "A seance of dark delusion"