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CD review TRIOSCAPES "Digital dream sequences"

Veröffentlicht am 20. August 2014 von Markus W. in Trioscapes, CD Review, News, Prog Metal, Alternative Metal, Prog Rock

(8/10) If you get an album with 5 tracks you can imagine that those are quite long. Trioscapes "Digtal dream sequences" is such an album. The longest one is "The jungle" with more than 15 minutes. The other ones are between 3 and 7 minutes and all of them are excellent performed. But hard to digest too. 

Trioscapes was founded in 2011 by Between The Buried And Me bassist Dan Briggs who contacted Walter Fancourt (tenor saxophone/flute) and Matt Lynch (drums). The result was the bands debut called "Separate realities" which was released in May 2012. 

Trioscapes plays metal, jazz and fusion. All mixed together in the mentioned five tracks on their newest release "Digital dream sequence". This melange is very demanding and deserves the title of 'prog rock'. For me Trioscapes is the softer version of Meshuggah. All tunes are extremely rhythm based and with the flute and saxophone parts it sounds pretty wild and sometimes weird. Everything sounds like a big improvised jam session of experienced musicians. This might be not everyones cup of tea, but I must say that it has something fascinating. There are constantly new things to discover and the record never gets boring. But this is also the demanding aspect of "Digital dream sequences". It's not 'easy listening' and the tracks need attention.

And since it is so fascinating I would not be surprised if this album will reach the same successes as the debut did (reached e.g. #9 in the Billboard traditional jazz).

There are probabaly easier approachable prog bands, but I appreciate the braveness of Trioscapes to do they want to do. No compromises and no glimpse on commerciality is steering the band. It's their passion.

Trioscapes might be only for a smaller group of metal fans and they might stay in a niche. But if you're a fan of bands like Watchtower, Mekong Delta and Meshuggah you should at least check "Digital dream sequence". 





  1. Digital dream sequence
  2. Stab wounds
  3. From th earth to the moon
  4. Hysteria
  5. The jungle


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review TRIOSCAPES "Digital dream sequences"