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Veröffentlicht am 30. April 2014 von Markus W. in Death Destruction, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Gothenburg, Sweden - the home of many good bands from Sweden. The city has a vital scene and it's not for nothing that bands like At The Gates and In Flames name the city their home. 

Also Death Destruction has their base in the Swedish westcoast town and plays modern metal. This is actually an interesting fact, since 3/4 of the band members have a more traditional metal background. Henrik Danhage and Jonas Ekdahl have been part of Evergrey while bass player Fredrik Larsson comes from Hammerfall. The place behind the mic is filled by a new guy. His name is Tony Jelencovich and he is a big surprise to me. His vocals fit much better to the modern metal of the band than the more metalcore based shouts of Jimmie Strimell. This is a bog step forward. 

Next to this change it is a surprise anyhow that the songs have been written and the album has been produced. Not only Strimell left the band, but also manager and booker said goodbye. The fact that Death Destruction have now their second album out deserves a lot of respect for their endurance. A lot of other bands might have given up in such a situation, but the quartett from Gothenburg produced even a better album. Respect.

Sometimes very fast, sometimes with massive Pantera-like grooves and sometimes more melodic the band shows all aspects of modern metal. With the last song "Insane stays sane" the even wrote a song which combines all three compentents in one tune. The other songs are pretty cool too and much better than expected. Starting very heavy with "Divine justice" which almost blasts your speaker the album has a thrilling opening. As in the closer many influences are coming together in this tune. A bit of Crowbar, a bit of Pantera and a bit of metalcore. An exciting mix. With "Towards the light" the record also contains a soulful ballad in which harmonies dominate. And it shows that Tony also can sing instead of only screaming and shouting. Speed will be reduced with "Give it a try" without loosing heaviness. The song grooves a lot and shows even some crossover elements from bands like RATM and the early Downset. With "Dead pilot" and "Money, blood, crucifixus" "II" has also more melodic  tracks on the album, driven mby a pounding drum and bass sound. Very cool.   

I like the album and the own style the band created. Thumbs up from my side.





  1. Divine justice
  2. Dead pilot
  3. Money, blood, crucifixus
  4. Towrads the light
  5. I am the plague
  6. Set the sail
  7. Give it a try
  8. False flag
  9. I promise you nothing
  10. Taste the mud
  11. A shelter from harm
  12. Epilogue
  13. Insane stays sane


Label: Gain Music

Genre: Modern Metal