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CD review EAT THE GUN "Stripped to the bone"

Veröffentlicht am 23. November 2013 von Markus W. in Eat The Gun, Hardrock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Eat The Gun was founded already in 2002 and released in the meantime four records. I wonder why I missed all of them :os

But that changed now with the bands latest release. "Stripped to the bone" found its way in my CD player and I have to say that I like(d) what I heard. Eat The Gun plays cool rock which is partly influenced by bands like the Backyard Babies with a bit of Die Toten Hosen and the Foo Fighters here and there plus some H-Blockx. That sound melange feels really good and should be check out by each of you. The album sounds young and fresh. It is full of energy and you can't stand still by listening to these songs. All of them have a high entertainment factor and I could imagine that it is even better to see the band live (Unfortunately I haven't had that experience so far). Since there aren't any fillers on the album it's also hard to pick some highlights.

But one of them is the first single release called "Loner". The driving beat and the powerful chorus are great. For sure a good choice to use this song for the single. The bluesy "Apocalyptic blues" is another song which is worth to mention. I like how the song is structured and also the melody of the song. " Bad memories" has bit more punk attitude and "Made of stone" is a straight rock'n'roller. But again all songs are good.

Eat The Gun is one of the bigger positive surprises for me this ear. I like them.



  1. At the end of the day
  2. Loner
  3. Wake me up
  4. Additction
  5. Apocalyptic blues
  6. Bad memories
  7. Made if stone
  8. Won't let you down
  9. Hot blood
  10. Small dose of death

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Alternative rock

CD review EAT THE GUN "Stripped to the bone"