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WITHERSCAPE (with Dan Swano) will release debut album

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juli 2013 von mwie in Witherscape, Death Metal

Witherscape is a new Swedish band formed by former Edge of Sanity mastermind Dan Swano. Swano is supported by Ragnar Widerberg and the sound of the band is progressive death metal. The album, which is called "The inheritance" will be released on August 6 in Europe via Century Media.


The tracklist:

1.) Mother of the soul

2.) Astrids fall

3.) Dead for a day

4.) Dying for the sun

5.) To the calling of blood and dreams

6.) The math of the myth

7.) Crawling from validity

8.) The wedlock observation

9.) The inheritance


Check out the first video of the band called "Astrids fall". It reminds a little bit to Opeth.



Source: Century Media

Source: Century Media