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LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA present first new song

Veröffentlicht am 21. Juni 2013 von mwie in Rage, Heavy Metal

The Lingua Mortis Orchestra presents the first song from their coming album. The song is called "Cleansed by fire" and the album will be released by Nuclear Blast.

The Lingua Mortis Orchestra was formed by Rage.


The tracklist is: 

01. Cleansed By Fire a) Convert The Pagans PT. 1 b) The Inquisition (instrumental) c) Convert The Pagans PT. 2
02. Scapegoat 
03. The Devil´s Bride 
04. Lament 
05. Oremus (instrumental)
06. Witches` Judge
07. Eye For An Eye 
08. Afterglow


Source: Nuclear Blast Records

Source: Nuclear Blast Records