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CD review BLACK STONE CHERRY "Family Tree"

Veröffentlicht am 27. April 2018 von Markus W. in BSC, Family Tree, News, CD Review, Mascot, Rock, Southern Rock, Hardrock, Black Stone Cherry

CD review BLACK STONE CHERRY "Family Tree"

(8/10) It was back in 2001 when a new rock band entered the scene, hailing from Edmonton, Kentucky. The name of this outfit – Black Stone Cherry. The roots of the band go back even longer. It was in high school when singer/guitarist Chris Robertson and bassist Jon Lawton met for the first time. Rather quickly John Fred Young (d) and Ben Wells (g) joined the duos, which marked the starting point for one of the most successful Southern rock bands to date.


2018 is the year with Black Stone Cherry releasing their newest longplayer entitled Family Tree”. The album follows the extremely successful 2016 record “Kentucky” which could score some excellent chart positions in North America and Europe.

“Family Tree” needs to compete with this fruitful predecessor and I think it can compete. Album number six comes with a tracklist that includes songs, all being rocking anthems in the fields of classic- and Southern rock.


Black Stone Cherry takes the musical heritage of bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream, transferring the spirit and vibe into the here and now.  The new album get’s out of the boxes very well with “Bad Habits”. The opener, that includes some Led zeppelin influences, has a bluesy vibe, something that’s also picked-up by “Burnin’”.


Next to the rocking tracks there are the soulful moments that are touching. “My Last Breath” is an emotional ballad that contains a lot of feel and it’s a moment of calmness before the wild ride continues with the grooving “Southern Fried Friday Night”. “Dancing in the Rain” is next in the batting order and it’s the first out of two songs with additional support. Warren Haynes has a guest appearance on “Dancing in the Rain” while it’s Chris Robertson’s 5 years old son singing backup on “You Got the Blues”.


All in all “Family Tree” became a really good Southern rock album that can connect to earlier successes. Each of the songs benefits from an excellent production and sound while still coming across as being authentic with an organic sound. It proves that professionalism and a true heart for rock music aren’t two poles that never find each other. “Family Tree’ shows a well executed combination of both, making the album to a real spring/summer soundtrack for your ride into the sunset.







  1. Bad Habit

  2. Burnin’

  3. New Kinda Feelin’

  4. Carry Me on Down the Road

  5. My Last Breath

  6. Southern Fried Friday Night

  7. Dancin’ in the Rain

  8. Ain’t Nobody

  9. James Brown

  10. You Got the Blues

  11. I Need a Woman

  12. Get me Over You

  13. Family Tree



Label: Mascot Label Group

Genre: Southern Rock

Release Date EU:  April 19th, 2018


CD review RON KEEL "Metal Cowboy"

Veröffentlicht am 8. April 2018 von Markus W. in Ron Keel, Keel, News, CD Review, EMP Outlaw, Rock, Southern Rock, Hardrock

CD review RON KEEL "Metal Cowboy"

(7/10) Keel still belongs to my most favorite bands when it comes to melodic metal. Longplayers such as „The Right to Rock“ and especially „The Final Frontier“ comprises of excellent songs that are melodic and heavy, all in one. Unfortunately the band couldn’t maintain the high level, leading to disbandment in 1990.

Bandleader and name-giver Ron Keel, who’s first career high was when he was part of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Steeler, stayed connected to music after the split of the melodic metal outfit and released a solo album entitled “Metal Cowboy” back in 2014.

Four years later the album will be re-issued via EMP Outlaw. “Metal Cowboy” presented and present a slightly different approach compared to what we know from Keel. The songs are far more hardrock based with a lot of country and Southern rock that embedded.

The result sounds rougher and the album has some edges, which is a good thing. Keel has a certain sense for good melodic rock song but it’s the replaceability of each of the tunes that gives the album a feel of having heard this before (and I don’t mean the 2014 release). What you get is good craftsmanship and what I miss are the surprises and the twist that lift an album from good to very good. With having this in mind the album is a nice piece of rock’n’roll that has a certain entertainment factor build-in.





  1. My Bad
  2. The Last Ride
  3. Just Like Tennessee
  4. Dead Man Rockin'
  5. What Would Skynyrd Do
  6. Singers Hookers & Thieves
  7. Wild Forever
  8. The Cowboy Road
  9. When Love Goes Down
  10. Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty
  11. Long Gone Bad (Live in studio)
  12. My Bad (Radio Version)


Label: EMP Outlaw

Genre: Southern Rock

Release Date EU: April 6th, 2018


CD review KID ROCK "Sweet Southern Sugar"

Veröffentlicht am 21. November 2017 von Markus W. in Kid Rock, News, CD Review, BMG, Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Hardrock

CD review KID ROCK "Sweet Southern Sugar"

(8/10) Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, is back with a new longplayer. In a season of the year when dark en grey November days leads to a bad mood it’s “Sweet Southern Sugar” that brings some joy into your homes.

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last decades you know Kid Rock, at least you have heard his smash hit “All Summer Long”. There was no way to escape and not listening to this multi-award-winning tune was a mission impossible.

That was the past and let’s see what “Sweet Southern Sugar” can do for us. Kid Rock stays true to himself and his music. I don’t think that anybody expected bigger changes. The new longplayer comprises 10 new songs that are again an mélange of Southern Rock, hardrock and some blues, which is combined, with some rap elements (“Grandpa’s Jam”).

Highlights on the album are the soulful “American Rock’n’Roll”, the heavily grooving “Po-Dunk” and the straightforward “Stand the Pain”. Next to these tracks it’s the gentle swinging “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” that could help to get the album into the charts. The songs a cover of the “The Four Tops” hit “I Can’t Help Myself”, done in the typical Kid Rock fashion. The song got a proper country expression and I wonder why the song didn’t keep the origin name.

“Sweet Southern Sugar” lives up to expectations. It’s good music for a good time. Easy going sounds in a complex world.





  1. Greatest Show on Earth
  2. Po-Dunk
  3. Tennessee Mountain Top
  4. I Wonder
  5. American Rock’n’Roll
  6. Back to the Otherside
  7. Raining Whiskey
  8. Stand the Pain
  9. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
  10. Grandpa’s Jam


Label: BMG

Genre: Southern Rock

Release Date EU: November 3rd, 2017



Veröffentlicht am 8. August 2017 von Markus W. in The Midnight Ghost Train, Stoner Rock, News, Napalm Records, Rock, Hardrock, Alternative Rock, Southern Rock


(8/10) "Cypress Ave." is the title of The Midnight Ghost Trains' newest strike. It's the fourth full-length disc from Steve Moss and band, showcasing the trio more diverse than what we know from the earlier releases. 

Was it stoner rock and some sludge elements that built the framework for the last longplayer "Cold Was the Ground" it's this time variety that makes The Midnight Ghost Trains's newest longplayer to a special one. "Cypress Ave." includes the stoner rock songs as we know from earlier releases, but the Kansas-based band takes a wider approach for their newest record. 

In the beginning things look like this album's being a typical The Midnight Ghost Train release. "Tonight" and especially the power engine "Red Eyed Junkie Queen" reflects the earlier sound of the trio very well. Also "Glenn's Promise" and "Bury Me Deep" include the harsh expression with coarse vocals and heavily down-tuned guitars.

A first break comes with the bluesy and calmer "The Watchers Nest". Especially in the verse things get intense by pushing the stoner rock to the back. It feels like The Midnight Ghost Train puts a focus on groove by using many different styles, with the funky "The Boggie Down" being the most unusual The Midnight Ghost Train song to date. A rapping Sonny Cheeba and a dominant horn section are something you don't expect on an album of this rock outfit. I guess the tune will stimulate controversy discussions but I have to admit that it sounds great.

In general it's the second half of the album that shows another angle of the trio. Melancholic songs like "Black Wave" come with a lot of feel - and less anger. This doesn't mean that intesity became less on "Cypress Ave.". It's the opposite. Songs like "Lemon Tree" are as intense as the heavy stuff, just taking things from a different perspective. 

"Cypress Ave." surprised me. The Midnight Ghost Train had the courage to experiment with their sound and music. The album reflects the band a 100% even though the guys express themselves partly different. The Midnight Ghost Train doesn't stand still. The exciting journey continues, maybe in a partly unexpected direction which is the thrill of this longplayer.





  1. Tonight
  2. Red Eyed Junkie Queen
  3. Glenn's Promise
  4. Bury Me Deep
  5. The Watchers Nest
  6. Break My Love
  7. Lemon Trees
  8. The Boogie Down (feat. Sonny Cheeba)
  9. Black Wave
  10. The Echo
  11. I Can't Let You Go


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: July28th, 2017


CD review REX BROWN "Smoke on This"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juli 2017 von Markus W. in Rex Brown, Hardrock, Pantera, Down, Blues, Southern Rock, Rock, CD Review, News, Steamhammer, SPV

CD review REX BROWN "Smoke on This"

(9/10) I guess that the name Rex Brown makes you immediately think about the legendary Pantera and the mighty Down. Brown was/is bass player in these two metal outfits and in the meantime he also worked on his solo debut. Now, in case you expect a sludge masterpiece or a hard hitting thrash album, I think you need to re-calibrate your metal-system. Rex Brown breaks new ground with “Smoke on This”.

The first things that’s different is Brown handling the six string guitar which he does as professional as he does the bass. Secondly he also took over the vocals and these are surprisingly good. His loudly and sometimes rough and hoarsely vocals fit perfect to the Southern rock style music that you get with “Smoke on This”.

Rex Brown goes back to his roots when it comes to the new album which makes it feel very authentic and tangible. It’s the lighter that’s introducing the opener. “Lone Rider” is the first highlight of the album, being a rolling spot-on track with a good riff and great vocals. Things just fit together perfectly on this longplayer. I like songs that tells the message. Without even checking the title I had to think about a huffing and puffing train while listening to the song for the first time. In that sense the tune is excellently done, seeing the powerful transcontinental locomotive right in front of you.

Also the half-acoustic tunes are a treat. ”Buried Alive” is one of them, coming with a kind of Soundgarden reference. The calmest song is “Fault Line”. This ballad comes with a lot of emotional depth and it feels very personal. It’s a listener you get goose bumps while listening to it. Another songs that’s worth to be mentioned is “Grace”, reminding me of Alice Cooper. Partly light-hearted the tune still includes a creepy overtone that makes it special.

This album is full of good stuff and there’s no single filler present. Brown recorded songs that came right from the heart, making “Smoke on this” to a real and honest masterpiece. I must admit that I haven’t expected such a great album. A positive stunner. This album kick ass.




  1. Lone Rider
  2. Crossing Linbes
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Train Song
  5. Get Yourself Alright
  6. Fault Line
  7. What Comes Around
  8. Grace
  9. So Into You
  10. Best of Me
  11. One of these Days


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: July 28th, 2017


CD review ZZ TOP "Live! Greatest Hits From Around the World"

Veröffentlicht am 13. September 2016 von Markus W. in ZZ Top, Blues, Rock, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Southern Rock

(*/10) The three amigos of ZZ Top belong the real dinosaurs in blues and rock music. The trio has so many highlights in their discography that are timeless and unique which makes i hard to decide on a setlist - I guess. The guys have, with their beards, a unique visual expression, but they also created a sound that can be directly identified as being from Billy Gibbons and Co..

Another fact that is amazing, and maybe part of ZZ Top's success, is a steady line-up that didn't change over more than 45 years. Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard - that's ZZ TOP and I guess it's this consistency that brought the trio all the achievements the reached so far in their career.

Part of ZZ Top's discography are live albums and "Best of..." releases and the question might come up why there is the need for a new one. Probably a valid remark even though I must say that the idea of recording the live album all around the world adds something extra to this release. Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Dallas and Nashville are just some of the shows ZZ Top recorded with the end result of having some songs on "Live! Greatest Hits From Around the World". There is one little remark connected to this though. Since the songs have been recorded in different locations the sound differs a bit. This means on the one hand that there wasn't too much post-work done with the recordings, but it also makes it tougher for the flow of this record.

However, besides this small sidenote things are well-done. The tracklist of this album covers the wide era of ZZ Top which means that early classic like "Tush" and "La Grange" are next to the successful 80's hits "Gimme All Your Lovin" and "Sharp Dressed Man". But also "Rough Boy" recorded in London with Jeff Beck found a spot on the album and newer material such as "Tube Snake Boogie" from the "El Loco" longplayer have been added as well.

All in all "Live! Greatest Hits From Around the World" is a well done compilation of great live moments of a brilliant band. These guys still rock.





  1. Got Me Under Pressure (Live from New York)
  2. Beer Drinkers & hell Raisers (Live from Las Vegas)
  3. Cheap Sunglasses (Live fromParis)
  4. Waitin For the Bus (Live from Nashville)
  5. Jesus Just Left Chicago (Live from Nashville)
  6. Legs (Live from Sao Paulo)
  7. Sharp Dressed Man (Live from Los Angeles)
  8. Rough Boy (Live from London) (feat. Jeff Beck)
  9. Pincushion (Live from Berlin)
  10. La Grange (Live from Dallas)
  11. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (Live from Vancouver)
  12. Tube Snake Boogie (Live from Rome)
  13. Gimme All Your Lovin (Live from Houston)
  14. Tush (Live from Chicago)
  15. Sixteen Tons (Live from London (feat. Jeff Beck)


Label: Suretone Records

Genre: Blues Rock

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2016



CD review ZZ TOP "Live! Greatest Hits From Around the World"

CD review THE KYLE GASS BAND "Thundering Herd"

Veröffentlicht am 7. September 2016 von Markus W. in The Kyle Gass Band, Tenacious D., Rock, Hardrock, Blues, Southern Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) I don't tell you a secret mentioning that Kyle Gass is, next to Jack Black, the key player within Tenacious D. But Gass is connected to more bands and project than only Tenacious D. Since a few years the guy runs The Kyle Gass Band that so far released one debut back in 2013, now followed by the sophompre "Thundering Herd".

As it was on the first album Kyle Gass and his gang put together a bunch of new songs that are covering a wider range of styles form bluesy hardrock to almost jazz. Each of the tunes has a twickle in the eye which increases the entertainment factor dramatically.

But it's not only the lyrics that give you a smile. If it would be only about words, Gass could do stand-up comedy only. But since he is a musician, he embedded all the fun factor in songs that are entertaining and of good quality.

Things start with the Aerosmith-like rocker "Cakey" before the bluesy hardrock gets into the spotlight with "Regretta". Also the ironic "Bro Code", an acoustic song, is a big laugh. "Bone" shows another angle of Kyle Gass since it's a smooth rocker with a cool groove and with "Uncle Jazz" you even find some chilling bar sounds on "Thundering Herd".

Towards the end hardrock comes back with "Mamas Ma" (don't have to say more) and "Gypsy Scroll it Toot of the Valley", the latter being one of my favorites on the album. It actually combines Jethro Tull-like flute sounds with a galloping Iron Maiden rhythm (including a silent middle part) and a UFO inspired arrangement. This tune is pure fun.

"Thundering Herd" became a well-done second album of Kyle Gass and his band. It's not deadly serious stuff by still coming with good music - something that makes the record to a moment of fun in serious times.





  1. Cakey
  2. Regretta
  3. Bro Code
  4. Hell or High
  5. Bring Her Back Better
  6. Bone
  7. Uncle Jazz
  8. Mike Bray Don't Drink The Water
  9. Mama's Ma
  10. Gypsy Scroll II Toot of The Valley
  11. The Best We Could Do In The TIme Allotted


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 2nd, 2016

CD review THE KYLE GASS BAND "Thundering Herd"

CD review BLACKFOOT "Southern Native"

Veröffentlicht am 9. August 2016 von Markus W. in Blackfoot, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Hardrock

(8/10) My first Blackfoot album was "Marauder" and the opener of the this great longplayer, "Good Morning", is still one of the best tracks I have heard from Rickey Medlocke and his gang.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist started Blackfoot already back in the 70's and there was some radio silence over the last years. This period is over since the band publishes a new record called "Southern Native" in August, but there are a few things we have to sort out first.

Blackfoot is still a matter close to Medlocke's heart even though he works more behind the scene and leaves the stage to Tim Rossi (g/v), Rick Krasowski (g/v), Matt Anastaci (d) and Brian Carpenter (b). The co-founder took the role of being a mentor for these four young guys, composing the new songs and also producing the new album. The question is, how much Blackfoot you get without any original band member being active.

I can't seriously answer this question. Maybe it would have been better to give this band a new name but the end it might not even matter. What counts is the music and I must say that each of the ten tracks does it's job.

"Southern Native" combines old and new to an entertaining rock package that sounds fresh and dustless. Something that's also perceptible on "Sothern Native" is Medlocke's passion for traditional hardrock. Even though the new Blackfoot album is  build on a solid basement of Southern Rock there are many hardrock references build in, something that gives the longplayer an extra punch. The half-ballad "Take me Home" is one of these songs.

A tune that's also worth to mentioned is furious opener "Need My Ride". It's a number that spreads the enormous power of a puffing locomotive pulling a fast train through the Plains.

Next to the new written songs there is a cover version included in the tracklist too. "Ohio" is an update of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that's followed by the grooving "Love This Town".

All in all "Southern Native" that sounds great. The combination of Medlocke's experience and passion, together with the young wildness of the four guys representing the band nowadays seems to be a setup that works and comes across as a true win-win situation.





  1. Need My Ride
  2. Southern Native
  3. Everyman
  4. Call of a Hero
  5. Take me Home
  6. Whiskey Train
  7. Satisfied Man
  8. Ohio
  9. Love This Town
  10. Diabolo Loves Guitars


Label: Loud & Proud

Genre: Southern Rock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review BLACKFOOT "Southern Native"

CD review BLACK STONE CHERRY "Kentucky"

Veröffentlicht am 11. April 2016 von Markus W. in Black Stone Cherry, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Rock, Southern Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) A new Black Stone Cherry album is like walking on a slagline. If the sound of a new record moves a bit too much towards the left it will become too much mainstream and too little rock. And if the movement is a bit too much to the right it gets too heavy for some fans the band gained over all these years. Especially with having the latest 3 Doors Down output in the back of my head, I was very curiously looking forward to see if Black Stone Cherry can keep the balance between commerciality and own roots.

After having listened to "Kentucky" I can confirm that the four-piece is in balance. It might be true, that the Southern rock moments moved a bit towards the back, but the new longplayer is still full of heavy alternative rock/metal tunes that stand like a rock. The new songs are dynamic and energetic, built on powerful guitar lines and a tight team play between the four band members. It pays back that Chris, Ben, Jon and John are playing together already since many years, something that gives the sound a certain continuity.

Songs that stand out on "Kentucky" are "In Our Dreams", a track which is a bold smasher that starts, after a short acoustic interplay, with a mighty riff. This tune is rolling over you. It's a well-done mid-pace rocker with a bridge that reminded me of Nirvana.

Black Stone Cherry covered Yardbird's "Shapes of Things" on their debut and also this time there is with "War" a cover song on the the album. Black Stone Cherry took the Edwin Starr's classic and created a rocking version that comes with a lot of power and has a good punch. The lyrics speak for itself and they are so much valid nowadays, still.

The silent moments can be found back on "Kentucky" too. "The Rambler" is one of these soulful songs, this time written in cooperation with Shinedown guitarist Jasin Todd. The songs got even more emotional depth knowing, that Chris Robertson lost his grandfather while the guys have been in the studio.

"Kentucky" became an emotional album of a band that got mature without losing the rebelious spirit of rock'n'roll.





  1. The Way of the Future
  2. In Our dreams
  3. Shakin' my Cage
  4. Soul Machine
  5. Long Ride
  6. War
  7. Hangman
  8. Cheaper to Drink Alone
  9. Rescue Me
  10. Feelin' Fuzzy
  11. Darkest Secret
  12. Born to Die
  13. The Rambler


Label: Mascot Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016


CD review BLACK STONE CHERRY "Kentucky"

CD review BLESSED HELLRIDE "Bastards & Outlaws"

Veröffentlicht am 2. April 2016 von Markus W. in Blessed Hellride, Black Label Society, Rock, Heavy Rock, Southern Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) The first thing that comes to your mind if you hear 'Blessed Hellride' is the Black Label Society album "The Blessed Hellride" from 2003. I don't know if this record was the initial spark for Blessed Hellride to start as a band, but name and sound of this five-piece suggests the assumption.

Blessed Hellride comes from Trier, Germany, a city that is better known for wine and old Roman history. But it seems that also sweaty Southern rock made it to Trier. At least this is the sound the five guys are playing on their debut album "Bastards & Outlaws".

The biggest asset of Blessed Hellride's sound is the energy, embedded in a strong groove. Each of the 12 songs (I don't count the intro) hits bulls-eye. It's mighty guitars riffs that makes songs like "Helldorado" to true headbangers.

And since tough guys have a big heart also this album contains a ballad. "Dead Man's Blues" shows the more silent aspect of Blessed Hellride. This rough powerballad gives a well deserved break on the trackless, but it's also not really rocket science.

Anyhow, Blessed Hellride's mission isn't to build in as much as possible finesse into each of their tracks. These guys want to rock and they want to have a good time, a vibe the got into this album and something they can transfer to the listeners. "Bastard & Outlaws" is no musical revolution, but it can cause severe neck problems due to intense headbanging.





  1. Intro
  2. Helldorado
  3. Devils Ride
  4. Goddamn Hippie
  5. Papa Joe
  6. Blessed Hellride
  7. Blood Red River
  8. Moonshine Saloon
  9. Overdrive Junkies
  10. Dead Man's Blues
  11. Gevatter Tod
  12. Shame on You
  13. Bastards & Outlaws


Label: Rodeostar

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016

CD review BLESSED HELLRIDE "Bastards & Outlaws"

CD review SUPERSUCKERS "Holdin' the Bag"

Veröffentlicht am 6. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Supersuckers, Eddie Spaghetti, Rock, Southern Rock, Hardrock, Country, Folk, News, CD Review

(8/10) It was a tough time for Supersuckers mainman Eddie Spaghetti. The singer and bassman has been confronted with the diagnosis of cancer, right at the time when the band's newest album was ready to be released. Eddie went into a period of treatment for fighting cancer and the "Eddie Spagehetti Cancer Fight Fund", he set up, supported very much financing all the expensive treatments.

But Spaghetti is a fighter and the new album will see the light of day as we speak. "Holdin' the Bag" is the name of the disc and it's a pretty cool record.

The lonplayer begins with a very melancholic song called "Hidin' the Bad" - the title track. The song starts with a harmonica and a acoustic guitar, a very silent beginning. It develops to a melodic folk rocker with an excellent melody without getting reallt loud. In one or another way a was reminded of the Leningrad Cowboys.

The next number fits into the general theme of this album but it's a bit faster than the opener. It's a mix of Social Distortion and some folk. "Man On a Mission" could become a part of a western movie soundtrack before one of the highlights takes over. "I Can't Cry" is a very touching track with a lot of feeling embedded. It's the shared vocals of Spagetti and Lydia Loveless which gives this song a very special touch. Again, for me one of the best ones on this album and I wonder how much the recent experiences of Spaghetti impacted on this tune.

But there are the positive vibes on "Holdin' the Bag" too. "Let's Bounce" is a track that comes with this optimistic approach. It's a Southern rock track that sounds like something from Kid Rock, just better.

You want it more rock'n'roll? No problem. "Jibber-Jabber" is the most rocking track on the album, build on a irresistible groove and a crazy piano.

You wonder if all this diversity fits together. I can affirm this, the whole album feels like one unit that shows the musical flexibility of the Supersuckers.

I like this record even though it's not metal. Anyhow, it's cool and honest music. It his highly entertaining and gives you a good time.





  1. Holdin' the Bag
  2. This Life .. With You (feat. Hayes Carli)
  3. High and Outside
  4. Man on a Mission
  5. I Can't Cry (feat. Lydia Loveless)
  6. Let's Bounce
  7. I Dow What I Can
  8. Jibber-Jabber
  9. That's How It Gets Done
  10. Shimmy and Shake
  11. All My Rowdy Friends
  12. Georgia on a Fast Train (EU Bonus)
  13. Loaded (Vinyl Only Bonus)


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2016

CD review SUPERSUCKERS "Holdin' the Bag"


Veröffentlicht am 1. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Staggering Leech, Rock, Hardrock, Southern Rock, News

German hard rocker Staggering Leech played a show in Hamburg last night when the four-piece opened for the Pussycat Boys. Here are some pics from the show.

Photos: Fanny Gellert
Photos: Fanny Gellert
Photos: Fanny Gellert
Photos: Fanny Gellert
Photos: Fanny Gellert

Photos: Fanny Gellert


CD review SONS OF TEXAS "Baptized in the Rio Grande"

Veröffentlicht am 14. November 2015 von Markus W. in Sons Of Texas, Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Southern Rock, CD Review, News, Pantera

(7/10) I knew about Sons Of Anarchy, but Sons Of Texas? Is it a chapter of the motorcycle club. No, it's not.

"Baptized in the Rio Grande" is the debut album of the band from Mc Allen, Texas. The first signs of life are dated back in 2013 and 1,5 years later the first longplayer is available in the record shops.

It was in spring 2015 when the disc was released in North America and now it also get's a proper release in Europe via Razor & Tie.

Sons Of Texas have created their own style that is build on alternative metal that reminds a bit to Alter Bridge, but there are also southern rock elements present. And if this wouldn't be enough also bands like Pantera have been played quite often in Mc Allen. The opener at least shows some cross-references that are well packaged and the same goes for "Drag the Blade"

The opposite of all this is called "Breathing Through My Wounds" - the ballad. It's a beautiful slower song that isn't something new, but comes with chart potential.

Talking about charts. The debut scored already some chart successes in the US and I'm curious if this also goes for Europe.

In the end I think that Sons Of Texas is a band that is build on a solid base. What I miss is a bit of what they stand for. There are too many different styles and inspirations involved in the songs. But what are the trademarks of Sons Of Texas? I bit more focus would fit very well.

Besides that, all good on "Baptized in the Rio Grande".





  1. Never Bury the Hachet
  2. Pull It and Fire
  3. Baptized in the Rio Grande
  4. Nothing King
  5. The Vestyman
  6. Blameshift
  7. Breathing Through My Wounds
  8. Morals of the Helpless Kind
  9. Drag the Blade
  10. September
  11. Texas Trim


Label: Razor & Tie

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: November 6th, 2015

CD review SONS OF TEXAS "Baptized in the Rio Grande"

Pledge campaign for new THE NEW BLACK album

Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in The New Black, Hardrock, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, News, Southern Rock, Pledge

Würzburg-based five-piece The New Black is working on their fourth album, produced by Jacob Hansen. For realising this album the band started Pledge campaign with a lot of interestong goodies. Check the link for more information.

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