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SODOM confirmed for ROCK HARD festival with new line-up

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2018 von Markus W. in Sodom, New Line-Up, Thrash Metal, Rock Hard Festival, News, Heavy Metal, Tour, Live, Traitor

Photo: Monsterpics

Photo: Monsterpics

German metal pioneers Sodom are confirmed for this year's Rock Hard festival and what's even better is the fact that it will be the very first show in the new line-up. Sodom grew to a quartet that includes no less than Frank Blackfire who was part of the band in the late 80's. Furthermore it's Husky and Yorck Segatz who complete the line-up that will premier in Gelsenkirchen in May this year - home-game and oldschool. Something to really look forward to.

Next to Sodom also German thrasher Traitor have been confirmed.


CD review SODOM "Decision Day"

Veröffentlicht am 18. August 2016 von Markus W. in Sodom, Thrash Metal, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Tom Angelripper

(8/10) I think that Sodom is one of these bands that nobody really dislikes. You either love them or you're neutral and respect the trio. I think that this has a lot to do with Tom and his band mates being authentic and in this sense they are a kind of Motörhead of thrash metal. 

The moment Sodom announces a new album is for the by far biggest part of the metal community a great one. Fans of the German thrash band from Gelsenkirchen could appreciate such a moment in time already 14 times and the 15th studio record is on its way. It's impressive how Tom Angelripper and his gang managed to constantly increase their fan base by further developing their trademarks and never denying their roots. Sodom is Sodom, also on “Decision Day”. But the trio improved their thrash metal by keeping it fresh and contemporary. Sodom is not re-inventing the wheel. The guys perfect it.

“Decision Day” is the new milestone of German’s metal dinosaur, an album that starts with a short intro, embedded in the opener. “In Retribution” is the name of the song and it hits you like a sledgehammer. It’s an uncompromising headbanger with great riffs and Tom’s raw vocals. “Rolling Thunder” is similar even though the tune has some more melodic moments. However, the brutal riffing dominates.

The title track rounds of a strong triple in the beginning of an album that has an enormous punch. “Decision Day” is a mighty track that can easily compete with Sodom classics. A song, also worth to be mentioned, is “Who is God?”. The way how Tom Angelripper shouts “Who’s God?” is more than brilliant and also the moaning bridge is well-done.

“Belligerence” is living by breaks and change in speed. Sometime moderate, even with an acoustic guitar, and often high speed the song belongs to the most vary ones on “Decision Day.

But Sodom is more than only excellent thrash metal. Lyrics are more than just a necessity. Tom Angelripper has something to say. There is “Decision Day” that puts the focus on the liberation of Europe back in June 1944 while “Three Lions” condemns the insane hunt of wealthy ‘hunter’s for lions.

“Decision Day” underlines the status and importance of Sodom in European metal. They are belonging, together with Kreator and Destruction, to the spearhead of German thrash metal and also the new album will change anything connected to that.





  1. In Retribution
  2. Rolling Thunder
  3. Decision Day
  4. Caligula
  5. Who Is God?
  6. Strange Lost World
  7. Vaginal Born Evil
  8. Belligerence
  9. Blood Lions
  10. Sacred Warpath
  11. Refused To Die


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2016


CD review SODOM "Decision Day"

SODOM's new album's called "Decision Day"

Veröffentlicht am 12. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Sodom, Heavy Metal, News, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal

German thrash legend Sodom are working on a new release called "Decision Day". Tom Angelripper and his gang put eleven new tracks on this album that is adressing D-Day, linking historic occurences with current world affairs.

The album will be released by Steamhammer/SPV on August 26 this year and here is the tracklist:

  1. In Retribution 06:14
  2. Rolling Thunder 04:22
  3. Decision Day 04:03
  4. Caligula 04:01
  5. Who Is God? 04:35
  6. Strange Lost World 04:59
  7. Vaginal Born Evil 05:15
  8. Belligerence 04:00
  9. Blood Lions 03:17
  10. Sacred Warpath 05:34
  11. Refused To Die 04:27
  12. Predatory Instinct 04:44 (Bonus Track für Vinyl und iTunes Edition)
SODOM's new album's called "Decision Day"

CD review TRAITOR "Venomizer"

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2015 von Markus W. in Traitor, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review, Kreator, Sodom

(8/10) You could get the impression that Balingen, the city in the Southwest of Germany, gets more and more the new epicenter of metal.

The Bang Your Head festival, which is very well established in the meantime, is taking place there year by year and now it's also bands from there that starts to claim more spotlight.

Traitor is calling the city of Balingen their hometown and they began a journey to make the world aware of their music. True, this sounds maybe a bit too dramatic; so let's take it one size smaller.

Traitor started in 2009 and they released their debut called "Thrash Command" in 2012. Three years later the Swabian four-piece has the next strike out in the record shops.

"Venomizer" is the 'name of the game' that comes with twelve straight-forward thrash anthems. The joy of those tunes is that they are really powerful and raw. Traitor doesn't give too much focus on high complexity; they just shoot heavy riffs out of the hips.

This leads to thrash metal the oldschool way. Bands like the early Kreator came to my mind, but also Sodom is one of the band I had to think about when I heard the album. There are no bells and whistles. It's guitar, bass, drums and vocals - puristic as thrash metal needs to be.

"Venomizer" is a cool thrash album that wins you over by the authenticity and intensity. Good stuff.





  1. Chernobyl (Intro)
  2. Reactor IV
  3. Torturize
  4. Toxic Death
  5. Lords of Lust
  6. Venomizer
  7. Teutonic Storm
  8. War, Death & Terror
  9. Chemical Violator
  10. Hell Hammer
  11. Executioner
  12. Hexenmeister


Label: Violent Creek

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 13th, 2015


CD review TRAITOR "Venomizer"

Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14

Veröffentlicht am 5. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Sodom, Arch Enemy, Vader, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Live Review, News

Life is about making choices. This also goes for the evening of December 4 in Holland. As a metal fan you had an extended metal menu to choose from. Life Of Agony played a show in Haarlem, the mighty Machine Head have stopped in Utrecht for a gig and there was another thrash package in Holland as well.

Sharp before Christmas a thrash metal avalanche rolled over The Netherlands. Kreator, Arch Enemy, Sodom and Vader teamed up and went on a tour through Europe. On December 4 they stopped in Tilburg to play a show in the 013.

It was Vader's role that night to enter the stage first and warm up the crowd. Unfortunaltely I had just the 'pleasure' to only listen to their music only from CD while being trapped in the Dutch evening traffic jam. Really bad luck, but however. There was much more to come that night.

Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14

After a short break the Ruhrpott legends from Sodom took over the baton. Having 14 records in the backpack and many great songs I guess it was tricky to choose which one should end up on the setlist. In the end it was a great mix of new stuff, like from the recently released "Sacred warpath" EP, and older stuff like the mighty "Tired and red " and "The saw is the law".

The center of the band is doubtless Tom Angelripper. Not just that he is the frontman and bassplayer, it's also his passion combined with experience that makes him standing out. Sodom is driven by Tom Angelripper and he stands in an authentic way for raw and unpolished oldschool thrash. Sodom is for me a kind of Motörhead of thrash metal.

Sodom really warmed-up the crowd and the first smaller mosh pits started. As mentioned, the setlist covered a lot of band highlights. Funny note was that Tom did all the announcements in German. Quite unusual for being in Holland and he also noticed that half-way. But who cares. He continued in German and the fans just had fun with it. Tom Angelripper can do such a thing.

After a powerful and solid thrash show Bernemann actually wanted to leave the stage and handed back his guitar already. But Tom reminded him that there are actually three more minutes - time enough for a straight-forward version of "Blasphemer". Cool guys, cool show.

Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14

The crowd was already pretty enthusiastic when Swedish Arch Enemy entered the stage. I was curious to see the band live since I haven't had that experience since they have with Alissa White-Gluz a new singer on board. The latest album "War eternal" has proven that she has an excellent voice, but it was more to see how she's running a live show.

I must say that I was impressed by the performance - of her, but actually from the entire band. It is amazing where Alissa White-Gluz takes all the energy from. The short metal lady spreads so much energy and uses the entire stage for her performance. 

The other new things was seeing Jeff Loomis replacing Christopher Amott in the band. He was fully intergrated in the band and it was great to see him back on stage. With this line-up we can still expect a lot from the five-piece.

The 60 minutes they got just flew and it felt like being in the middle of a metal tornado. Songs like "War eternal" but also the mighty "Nemesis" from the "Doomsday machine" record, for me still the best track they have written, have been highly appreciated by the fans. The melodic death metal of Arch Enemy fitted perfect into the line-up and the stage was prepared for the headliner.

Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14

And the journey continued. We had Poland (Vader), we had Sodom (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) and we had Arch Enemy (Sweden). Now the last stop on this trip brought us to the headline - Kreator from Essen, Germany. I don't think that I have to introduce you to the thrash metal dinosaurs.

They are around already since 30 years and never disappointed their fans in all those years. Yes, they might had one or two weaker records in the 90's, but looking on the last four longplayers in this century I must say that they are better than ever. The last time I have seen them live was a few years ago, when they have been on tour together with Celtic Frost - I think that was in 2007. In the meantime two more longplayers have been released and since the last show I have seen was an impressive one I was looking forward to see the Ruhrpott quartet again on stage.

Kreator exceeded my expectations. From the very first moment on they spread an energy that was amazing. They had the 013 with them from the very beginning till the last note. Mille is the great frontman of the band that has a lot of charisma. And the songs are doubtless excellent thrash metal anthems. A mix of old and new was celebrated by band and fans. To highlight even some of the songs is almost impossible. But I was happy that they had, as expected, "Phobia" and "Pleasure to kill" on the setlist. The last mentioned one led to a quite big mosh pit that was impressive to see.

The show was also supported by a cool video projection, some fire and even a confetti canon shot. That was a bit unusual for a thrash metal show, but it rounded off the great performance.

It was an impressive thrash metal night in Tilburg that Thursday with four excellent bands that inflamed a thrash inferno that has Championsleague level. Loud, fast and heavy - that's how it was. And it was a lot of exhausted, but happy fans that have been released into the Tilburg night.

Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14
Live review KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY / SODOM / VADER, Tilburg, 04.12.14

Setlist Kreator:

  1. In the year 2025 (intro)
  2. The patriarch
  3. Violent revolution
  4. Civilization collapse
  5. From flood into fire
  6. Extreme aggression
  7. Phobia
  8. Enemy of God
  9. Voices of the dead
  10. Awakening of the Gods (intro)
  11. Endless pain
  12. Suicide terrorist
  13. Mars Mantra
  14. Phantom antichrist
  15. Impossible brutality
  16. Hordes of chaos
  17. Pleasure to kill
  18. The number of the beast (Encore)
  19. Warcurse (Encore)
  20. People of the lie (Encore)
  21. Flag of hate / Tormentor (Encore)


Setlist Arch Enemy:

  1. War etenral
  2. Ravenous
  3. My apocalypse
  4. You will know my name
  5. Bloodstained cross
  6. Under black flags we march
  7. As the pages burn
  8. Dead eyes see no future
  9. No Gods, no masters
  10. We will rise
  11. Nemesis
  12. Fields of desolation


Setlist Sodom:

  1. Final bullet
  2. Agent orange
  3. In war and pieces
  4. Surfin' bird / The saw is the law
  5. Outbreak of evil
  6. City of God
  7. Tired and red
  8. Sacred warpath
  9. Stigmatized
  10. Sodomy and lust
  11. Blasphemer


Setlist Vader:

(feel free to add them in the comments)





CD review SODOM "Sacred warpath" EP

Veröffentlicht am 15. November 2014 von Markus W. in Sodom, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Speed Metal, Kreator, Arch Enemy

(8/10) Our Ruhrpott friends from Sodom are releasing a new EP with the title "Sacred warpath". The disc will be released prior to the Sodom tour with Kreator, Arch Enemy and Vader and contains 4 tracks. There is with the title track a new song on the record plus three live songs.
The result is great. All the typical Sodom trademarks are present. Heavy riffings from Bernemann as well as the typical Tom Angeripper vocal. The song is kept in midpace and gets its heaviness out of the pounding rhythm section and the great guitar solo. And with almost six minutes the track became also quite long. This is thrash metal that is rough and dirty. Exactly what we expect from the band.
The other three tracks are live recordings. "The saw is the law" comes with a Ramones 'intro' before the actual song starts. "Stigmatized" is the well known thrash hurricane and "City of gold" rounds of the four track EP. By the way, the sound of the live tracks is well done. Kept basic but with a high quality. 
A cool sign of life from Sodom and I'm looking forward to see them on tour with Kreator and Arch Enemey.


1. Sacred warpath
2. The saw is the law
3. Stigmatized
4. City of gold

Label : SPV
Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review SODOM "Sacred warpath" EP

KREATOR tour trailer

Veröffentlicht am 7. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Vader, Arch Enemey, Sodom, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News, Tour

The trashers from Kreator have released a new trailer for the coming tour with Arch Enemey, Sodom and Vader. Here it is:

And here are the dates:

KREATOR tour trailer

Jackson on tour with KREATOR

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Jackson, Sodom, Vader, Arch Enemey, Tour, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News

Jackson accompanies the thrash legends of KREATOR on their upcoming European tour. During stops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, fans have the opportunity to test some of the official Jackson models and learn more about the new products. At the Jackson booth an exclusive range of electric guitars of various Jackson series will be presented. And of course: Milles signature model, the Jackson "Phobia" will be definately not be missing. Plus: It also attracts as the top prize of the Jackson raffle.

Jackson on tour with KREATOR


Veröffentlicht am 19. September 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Arch Enemy, Sodom, Vader, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, News, Tour

The full thrash metal package hits you this year sharp before x-mas. German thrash legends Kreator and Sodom combined forces with Arch Enemy and Vader for a tour that is a must for each metal fan. A great thing for everybody who is done with Wham!'s "Last christmas".


CD review ONKEL TOM "H.E.L.D."

Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2014 von Markus W. in Onkel Tom, Sodom, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) A view on the cover of the new Onkel Tom album shows, that printed magazines and newspaper will always have a future. Or have you ever tried to read things from an iPad while sitting on the toilet? 

However, I don't want to continue with this 'philosopical' discussion. The new album from Onkel Tom is much more exciting to talk about. Tom Angelripper from Sodom has since a while his solo project Onkel Tom up and running. While he focusses with Sodom on pure thrash metal he uses the side project to play a bit around and cross borders.

First consistent factor are the German lyrics. Those are mostly about party, fun, drinking, but also about the situation of the blue planet nowadays  ("Gedeih und Verderb" and "Der Duft von Lavendel").

The 'fun songs' have something in parallel with German Appelwoin drinkers Tankard. A typical song from this catagory is "Ein bisschen Alkohol" track that is a mix of 80's fun punk and Schlager. A simple song with a huge party appeal. 

A tune that shows even more the punk background is "Zu wahr um schoen zu sein". The tracks sounds like the mean little brother of some Die Toten Hosen songs. It's an awesome one with a simple but effective riff plus a quite melodic chorus. A highlight on the album.

The metal side from Onkel Tom can be heard in songs like "Der Duft von Lavendel". This is a straight forward metal track with rough vocals and a heavy guitar. The riff reminded me actually a bit to Rammstein eventhough the song in general has nothing to do with the industrial metal pioneers. The lyrics are more of the the critical kind. Tom sings about the lack of standing still in the modern days where everybody is steered and pushed.

The bouncer of the "H.E.L.D." is a cool number too. It's the 'ballad' on the album. The song is a cool acoustic number with lyrics that are a reflection of Tom Angelripper on his life and career. And he is still around - a good thing.

"H.E.L.D." (stands for Hart-Ehrlich-Laut-Durstig (hard-honest-loud-thirsty)) is an entertaining album with some lyrics that might make you think and some other that make you drink. The only real Onkel in Germany is Onkel Tom and nobody else. An album that is honest, authentic and passionate.





  1. Flatus antelucanus
  2. Prolligkeit ist keine Schande
  3. Zu wahr um schoen zu sein
  4. Ein bisschen Alkohol
  5. Am Morgen danach
  6. Was euch nicht passt
  7. Vom Paradies gen Sueden
  8. Wer nach dem Lied noch steht
  9. Der Duft von Lavendel
  10. Im Suff
  11. Der Onekl kommt zum Hausbesuch
  12. Auf Gedeih und Verderb
  13. Ich bin nich am Leben


Label: SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ONKEL TOM "H.E.L.D."