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CD review LINIE "What we make our demons do"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Linie, Postcore, Postrock, News, CD Review, Alternative Metal, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge

(8/10) Hamburg Rock City. Linie is another band that proves the truth of this statement. The five-piece from the Hansestadt in the Northern parts of Germany released an EP in 2014. The name of the disc was "Negative enthusiasm" which is followed now by the band's debut album "What we make our demons do". 

Linie is Jörn (v/g), Alex (g/v), Ralpg (b/v), Alex (d/v) and Iggi (keys). The sound of the five guys is tricky to describe and can't be put in a certain box. Linie mixes different styles. The guys themselve describes it as a melange of rock, desert and noise. However, I had to think about bands like Danzig, mainly when it comes to the vocals, Henry Rollins when it comes to the energy of Linie's sound (and the guitar sound) and also Warrior Soul when it comes to the raging expression of some tracks.

After a short intro with some distorted spoken words the first real song on the debut is called "Blood on your arms". The tune has a dark expression and crawls slowly out of your speaker. What is impressive from the first note onwards are the vocals of Jörn Wulff.  He puts a lot of feelings in his unique vocals which makes the songs very much alive.

This is just one example for quite some more cool tracks on "What we make our demons do". "Lake of fire" is another one. Being build on a stoner riff the song is kept slow and comes with spoken words. 

To compete the musical diversity on the album Linie recorded with "Bearing life"; a song full of desperation. Two third of this number is purely based on electro-parts and the despairing vocals. Towards the end a mighty riff kills this mood and adds the aggression to a track that can be seen as a highlight on the longplayer.

Linie created an own sound with their debut. But instead of being caught in their own trademarks the band manages to use those as a platform to further build on. This leads to a pretty cool debut album and I guess that this isn't the last time we hear from the band.

For all the ones who want to see them live, Linie celebrates a drelease party on July 31 in the Hafenklang in Hamburg.





  1. Intro
  2. Blood on your arms
  3. The city
  4. Inability
  5. Designate
  6. Lake of fire
  7. Chewing gum
  8. Bearing life
  9. No ideal
  10. Natural selecetion
  11. Outro


Label: Bad Kingdom Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release date EU: July 31, 2015

CD review LINIE "What we make our demons do"

BLACK TUSK on tour in Europe

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Black Tusk, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, News, Tour, Sludge

Georgia metallers Black Tusk are coming to Europe for some shows. Here are the dates:


BLACK TUSK on tour in Europe

HIGH FIGHTER on tour in 2015

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in High Fighter, Mammoth Mammoth, The Midnight Ghost Train, Tour, Festival, News, Stoner Rock, Sludge, Doom Metal

Newcomers in High Fighter were founded last summer by former members of Pyogenesis, A Million Miles & Buffalo Hump. After the critical acclaimed release of their first EP 'The Goat Ritual' in late 2014, a first headlining- tour with sunnata throughout Germany, UK, Belgium & France this April, as well as previous gigs High Fighter already shared the stages with bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Greenleaf or The Midnight Ghost Train, the 5-piece from Hamburg has just recently announced a series of upcoming shows & festival dates for 2015!

High Fighter's upcoming summer run will include shows with The Midnight Ghost Train, Mammoth Mammoth as well as a bunch of festival appearances!

Photo: Promotion
Photo: Promotion

Photo: Promotion



Veröffentlicht am 24. April 2015 von Markus W. in Black Cobra, Tour, News, Sludge, Hardcore, Thrash Metal

Black Cobra embarked for their spring tour and has the first show tonight. Here are the dates:


CD review MINSK "The crash and the draw"

Veröffentlicht am 7. April 2015 von Markus W. in Minsk, Sludge, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review


(8/10) Sludge is the mean little brother of doom. It takes the style one step further in making the music even more desperate. This mainly based on the vocals that combine a certain level of desperation with pure anger. This mix of feelings makes the music to a very intensive experience and Minsk from the US are one of the excellent protagonists of it.

"The crash and the draw" is the name of their newest piece of despair. Eleven songs take you on a 76 minutes long journey through the abyss.

Everything starts pretty nice. "To the initiate" starts like being the silence before the storm. Post rock soundscapes with an ambient touch mark the beginning of the twelve minutes long track. The first guitars distract the harmony after a while, before clean vocals join in. So far, so good. It doesn’t stay like this. Half way the song takes an (un)expected twist and turns into an brutal piece of music that is rounded off again with more harmonic melody lines that doesn't bring back the innocent mood from the beginning. I think that it brave to choose such a long track as the opener, but listening to it I must say that it was worth it.

The other songs can keep this level of intensity with the highlight of "Onward procession". These four songs comprising masterpiece is the heart of the album. My personal favourite is "The soul calls". Listening to the songs makes you almost feel the wet soil; you can almost smell it.

The atmospheric counterpart follows. "The blue hour" is an instrumental with some female background vocals that sound like the moaning of lost souls.

"The crash and the draw" is a nightmare set to music. Minsk have found the right mix of harsh loud sections and silent, almost fragile parts". Even though the songs and the album are long they contain enough surprises to explore so that you never lose the interest in Minsk's music. Well done.





  1. To the initiate
  2. Within and without
  3. Onward procession: these lomgest days
  4. Onward procession: The soil calls
  5. Onward procession: The blue hour
  6. Onward procession: Return, the heir
  7. Conjunction
  8. The way is through
  9. To you there is no end
  10. To the garish rememberance of failure
  11. When the walls fell


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Sludge

CD review MINSK "The crash and the draw"

CD review ROYAL THUNDER "Crooked doors"

Veröffentlicht am 4. April 2015 von Markus W. in Royal Thunder, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative Metal, Sludge, News, CD Review

(8/10) There are more and more female fronted bands that are going into an intense retro direction. Bands like Spider but also Ruby The Hatchet have released excellent records in the last months and Royal Thunder from Atlanta, Georgia continues this approach.

Singer Miny Parsonz (v,b) with her powerful voice builds the centre of Royal Thunders sound. She has a pretty wide range from more soulful parts up to energetic screams that are transporting a lot of passion. Actually the opener "Time machine" is a pretty good example here for.

The trip continues with the slower, almost doom-like "Forget you". This is again big stuff with some harsh riffs and a hypnotic beat of drummer Lee Smith.

"Wake up" shows the band from the more silent side before the tune builds up to a solid rocker. Via the elegant swinging "Floor" you get to "The line"; a song that sounds quite dark and reminded me to Marilyn Manson in some sections.

"Forgive me, Karma" is another more creepy track that has some unusual melody lines. A second-sight beauty.

"Glow" is a solid rock song before you meet songs like "Ear on the fool" and "One day". Those a solid pieces too but I have the feeling that they can't live up to the opening triple.

What is cool stuff is the double play "The bear I" and "The bear II". The first one is a desperate number that reminds to Janis Joplin while the second part is a soulful piano-based song that transports a lot of feelings. Close your eyes and enjoy the beauty.

"Crooked doors" is rounded off by some inspiring artwork that goes very much hand in hand with the music.

Royal Thunder created a great album that should be checked by fans of classic rock. An unexpected highlight.





  1. Time machine
  2. Forget you
  3. Wake up
  4. Floor
  5. The line
  6. Forgive me, Karma
  7. Glow
  8. Ear on the fool
  9. One day
  10. The bear I
  11. The bear II


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Classic Rock


CD review ROYAL THUNDER "Crooked doors"

CD review THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cold was the ground"

Veröffentlicht am 16. März 2015 von Markus W. in The Midnight Ghost Train, Stoner Rock, Rock, Hardrock, Southern Rock, Sludge, CD Review, News

(8/10) New stoner stuff from Topeka, Kansas means that The Midnight Ghost Train has been in the studio again. Yes, they recorded a new album that got the title "Cold was the ground".

The Midnight Ghost Train's interpretation is a bit different from the most other bands in this genre. It's mainly the rough vocals from founder Steve Moss that enriches the sound of the band. Moss' way of singing is raw and sometimes close to growls while the guitar riffs are based on what bands like Kyuss started years ago. This combination makes the album exciting since you can explore those new nuances within eleven new tracks.

The responsibility for the rhythm sits with Brandon Burghart (d) and Mike Boyne (b). Both guys are doing a very good job too which you can hear in songs like "Arvonia" that is build in a heavy bassline. 

Talking about the mighy bass I also need to mention "Straight to the North". The bass in the beginning introduces the song before the guitar and the drums join in to make the track to a groove machine.

The highlight of the album is the faster "BC trucker" that feels like a steam train locomotive with its overwhelming energy. It's hard to extract yourself from the impact of this tune.

"No. 227" shows how Motörhead would sound if they would play stoner rock and the following "The little sparrow" presents the band from a total different side. Reduced drums and bass are accompanied by spoken vocals are the incrediences that make the tune a cool rocker. I actually was reminded in one or another way to Henry Rollins' "Liar" - just without the brutal sonic eruptions.

"Cold was the night" is a cool longplayer from a band that isn't that well known yet. I hope this changes with the new release. They would have diserved it.





  1. Along the chasm
  2. Gladstone
  3. BC trucker
  4. Arvonia
  5. One last shelter
  6. The canfield
  7. Straight to the North
  8. No. 227
  9. The kittle sparrow
  10. Twin souls
  11. Mantis


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

CD review THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cold was the ground"

MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN on tour in Europe

Veröffentlicht am 12. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Midnight Ghost Train, Sludge, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Rock, News, Tour

Midnight Ghost Train is on tour and perform their sludge / doom /stoner sound live in the follwoing cities:

MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN on tour in Europe

CD review TORCHE "Restarter"

Veröffentlicht am 7. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Torche, Warrior Soul, Sludge, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) The history of Torche started in 2004 in Miami, Florida. Amazing fact in these days is the stable line-up. Only one change in ten years, guitarist Andrew Elstner joined the band in 2011 (replacing Juan Montoya), is more the exception than the rule nowadays. This fact  helped the band to create such a heavy and dense sound as it is on their new longplayer “Restarter”.

Let's downtune the guitars and start. "Annihilation affair" is the opener, coming with a really heavy guitar sound. It feels like you're running into a massiv wall of riffs. The counterpart to those powerful sounds are the vocals that are suprisingly melodic. When it comes to the vocals lines a was often reminded to bands like Warrior Soul especially in the real angry moments ("Bishop in arms"). But also tracks like the simple but intesive "Blasted" show some parallels with the early days of Kory Clarke and friends. It's a short song with a strong punk attitude that hits you right into your face. And what a bassline.  Wow.

Another song to mention is the slower "No servants" that sounds like the marriage of sludge and Helmet. And with "Believe it" things get even slower. Entering the fields of stoner rock the brutal riff and the booming bass makes you feel like being lost in the desert heat. Slow, mean and hot stuff.

The title track "Restarter" got the honour to be the bouncer on the album. The punch of this song is enormous too. The downtuned guitars together with merciless pushing bass doesn't give a moment of relaxation. It's more like being caught in an eight minutes long hurricane where there is no escape. The vocal parts of the song are OK, but the real joy start halfway when a massive instrumental inferno takes over and puts a spell on you. What an impressive ending of a really good album.

"Restarter" - go for it.





  1. Annihilation affair
  2. Bishop in arms
  3. Minions
  4. Loose men
  5. Undone
  6. Blasted
  7. No servants
  8. Believe it
  9. Barrier hammer
  10. Restarter


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Sludge

CD review TORCHE "Restarter"

New video from TORCHE

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Torche, Stoner Rock, Rock, Alternative Metal, Video, News, Sludge

Torche posted a new video for a song from the upcoming album "Restarter". The song is called "loose men', grooves like hell and will be on the new longplayer that will be released end of February via Relapse Records. Here you go:

New video from TORCHE

CROWBAR on tour in February/March

Veröffentlicht am 26. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Crowbar, Heavy Metal, Iron Walrus, Doom Metal, Sludge, Tour, News

The mighty Crowbar is on tour in Europe during February/March. Here are the dates:

13.02. Tilburg - o13 (Netherlands)
14.02. Ieper - Ieperfest (Belgium) + IRON WALRUS
15.02. Nijmegen - Doornroosje (Netherlands) + IRON WALRUS
16.02. Essen - Turock (Germany) + IRON WALRUS
17.02. Douai - Peniche Igelrock (France) + IRON WALRUS
18.02. Colmar - Le Grillen (France) + IRON WALRUS
19.02. Nancy - Chez Paulette (France) + IRON WALRUS
20.02. Vevey - Rocking Chair (Switzerland)
21.02. Aarau - Kiff (Switzerland) + IRON WALRUS
22.02. Lindau - Club Vaudville (Germany) + IRON WALRUS
23.02. Dresden - Chemiefabrik (Germany) + IRON WALRUS
24.02. Krakow - Fabryka (Poland)
25.02. Gdynia - Ucho (Poland) + IRON WALRUS
26.02. Berlin - So36 (Germany) + IRON WALRUS
27.02. Prague - 007 (Czech Rebuplic)
28.02. Brno - Melodka (Czech Republic)
01.03. Bratislava - Randal (Slovakia)
02.03. Vienna - Viper Room (Austria)
03.03. Debreden - Roncsbár (Hungary)
04.03. Bucharest - Fabrica (Romania)
05.03. Sofia - Mixtape 5 (Bulgaria)
06.03. Belgrad - KC Bozidarac (Serbia)
07.03. Zagreb - Vintage Industrial Bar
08.03. München - Kranhalle (Germany)
09.03. Moscow - Volta (Russia)
10.03. St. Petersburg - Club Mod (Russia)

CROWBAR on tour in February/March

CD review LORD DYING "Poisoned altars"

Veröffentlicht am 16. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Lord Dying, Sludge, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, News, CD Review, Death Metal

(8/10) Portland, Oregon is the headquater of Lord Dying. The quartet released their debut in 2013 and now, two years later, they publish their second record called "Poisoned altars". The new longplayer was recorded with Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust at Audio Siege Studios and contains eight songs.

The album sounds really heavy. The opener is already a killer with the roaring riff and real brutalitly in the music. What leads to excitement too is the merciless beat that pushes the song forward. This is real headbanger stuff. "The clearing at the end of the path" starts with a pounding guitar riff and develops towards a slow creepying doom monster. "An open sore" follows the moderate speed based "A wound outsude of time". After a few three minutes songs "An open sore" is with six minutes one of the longer ones on the album. Build on an hypnotic guitar riff the song sounds like an endless stream of lava that you can't escape from. You can feel the heat by listening to the track.

Things get a bit faster again with "Offering pain (and an open minded center)" and "Suckling at the teat of a she-beast". The last mentioned one comes with an immense riff and a raging rhythm that reminded me to Slipknot.

Time for the next longer song. It is called "(All hopes of a new day)...Extinguished". The groove in this song is fascinating and draws you in. For me, together with the title track, one of the highlights on the album.

"Darkness remains" became the longest song on the album and also got the role of the bouncer on the album. It's a song that, based on a baleful guitarline and distressed vocals that transport pure desparation and anger. The track is maybe one minute too long, but it is the right one to end a pretty cool album.

Sludge might not be my favorite metal category, but what I heard on "Poisoned altars" convinced me. If you want to start the new year with some brutal sounds - here is your soundtrack.





  1. Poisoned altars
  2. The clearing at the end of the path
  3. A wound outside of time
  4. An open sore
  5. Offering pain (and an open minded center)
  6. Suckling at the teat of a she-beast
  7. (All hopes of a new day)...Extinguished
  8. Darkness remains


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Sludge / Doom Metal

CD review LORD DYING "Poisoned altars"

KROKODIL signs to Spienfarm Records

Veröffentlicht am 2. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Krokodil, Heavy Metal, Sludge, News, Tour

KROKODIL, the new signing to Spinefarm Records, featuring members & previous members of Cry For Silence, Hexes, Gallows & SikTh – will be releasing their debut album, Nachash, on November 10th via Spinefarm Records

Following this, the band will embark on a tour gueisting Mastodon and Big Business, taking their own brand of riff-heavy ‘Krokodil rock’ all over the UK & Europe this November & December! 
19.11. Dublin (IRL)- Academy
20.11. Belfast (NIR)- Limelight
22.11. Southampton (UK) - O2 Guildhall
24.11. Manchester (UK) - Academy
25.11. Newcastle (UK) - O2 Academy
26.11. Glasgow (UK) - O2 Academy
28.11. London (UK) - O2 Brixton Academy
29.11. Birmingham (UK) - O2 Academy
01.12. Nottingham  (UK) - Rock City
02.12. Bristol (UK) - Academy
04.12. Den Haag (NL) – Paard Van Troje 
05.12. Torhout (B) – De Mast
07.12. Madrid (ES) – La Riviera
08.12. Barcelona (ES) - Razzmatazz 
10.12. Milan (IT) - Fabrique
11.12. Pratteln (CH) – Z7
12.12. Munchen (D) - Backstage
13.12. Dortmund (D) - FZW
Photo: Promo

Photo: Promo


CD review MORTALS "Cursed to see the future"

Veröffentlicht am 14. September 2014 von Markus W. in Mortals, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge, CD Review, News, Black Metal

(6/10) Three girls from Brooklyn, New York - that's Mortals. They are a rather new band, founded in 2009. In the same year the debut was released and after two more EP's the newest album was published this year. The name is "Cursed to see the future".

It's an interesting hybrid out of black metal death metal and doom. The six songs from the album are heavy stuff. All of them a are quite long with almost endless guitar walls. What I had to get used to have been the vocals from Elizabeth Cline. Her scratchy vocals fit very perfect to the described melange of styles, but I still have a bit of an issue with them.

However, the songs are very intense and demand a lot from the listener. I like the brutalness of the music, but I also think, that the tracks became a bit too long. You need a lot of ideas in order to keep an eight to nine minutes long song attractive and exciting. Eventhough there are breaks and tempo changes in the songs they sound for me too simple. Sometimes the riffs are performed in an nearly endless repetition which is on the edge of being too much.

On the other had there are brilliant tempo changes like towards the end of "Devilspell". It's an almost classical gitar line combined with the energy of the punk background of the three girls.

"Cursed to see the future" is for sure a record that will be loved by genre enthusiasts, but for me it's a bit too disturbing.





  1. View from a tower
  2. Epochryphal gloom
  3. The summoning
  4. Devilspell
  5. Series of decay
  6. Anchored in time


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

CD review MORTALS "Cursed to see the future"
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