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CD review WRONG "Feel Great"

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2018 von Markus W. in Wrong, Feel Great, News, Alternative Metal, Groove Metal, CD, Relapse Records, Hardcore, Metal, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Post-Punk

CD review WRONG "Feel Great"

(8/10) Who doesn't want to feel great? I think that especially in times of uncertainty and political absurdity the need for feeling great, at least for some moments, is a something most of us have more the ever. What can help to feel good is listening to Wrong's newest strike entitled "Feel Great".

The longplayer features eleven songs that sound like a mighty steamroller. Downtuned guitars and heavy riffing dominates the scene. Wrong merges metal, punk and alternative rock into music that reminds me of New York groove machine Prong, but also bands like Helmet came to my mind while listening to these intense songs on "Feel Great".

The quartet constructs an unbreakable wall of riffs that gets out of the speakers extremely well. It‘s songs like „Errordome“ and „Come Apart Ment“ that‘s very much inspired by Page Hamilton and band. As being an Helmet fan from the very beginning I immediately liked what Wrong‘s doing on „Feel Great“.  

As most of the tunes are more moderately paced, Wrong adds additional firepower to "Feel Great" with some uptempo tracks of which "Crawl Instead" is one of. Songs like the mentioned clearly shows the hardcore influences and stand for great moments on this 30 minutes longplayer.

"Feel Great" has enough energy to turn a bad day into a good one and it might help to grab these moment of feeling great and hold them a bit longer.





  1. Errordome
  2. Culminate
  3. Pustule
  4. Nice Job
  5. Feel Great
  6. Upgrade
  7. Crawl Instead
  8. Come Apart Mend
  9. Zero Cool
  10. Gape
  11. Anaerobic


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: April 13th, 2018



Veröffentlicht am 17. Januar 2018 von Markus W. in Long Distance Calling, Boundless, News, CD Review, InsideOut, Post-Rock, Rock, Instrumental, Alternative Rock


(9/10) And here comes the next band from Muenster, Germany, releasing a new album. This time it’s post-rock passionistas Long Distance Calling that unveils a new pearl.

The quartet, comprising of Jan Hoffmann (b), Dave Jordan (g), Florian Füntmann (g) and Janosch Rathmer (d), founded the band back in 2006 with a debut, entitled “Satellite Bay” being released in 2007.

Over time Long Distance Calling added five more records to their impressive discography with the newest strike being ready to be published. “Boundless” is the title of the seventh studio album, featuring eight formidable songs, celebrating the beauty of instrumental music. Long Distance Calling proves that good music doesn’t need words. Music is art and art is created, at least to a certain extent, based on emotions and it's these emotions and feel, that's transferred with each of the eight tracks on “Boundless”.

As with the predecessors also the new album contains music that is timeless, impressive, intense and to the point. In contrary to “Trips”, the new album is a pure instrumental adventure, which starts heavy. “Out There” comes with an extremely powerful riffing. To break the pattern of sound there’s a sphereful middle part embedded before the tune builds up again towards the end. Due to that, the song represents the album in a great fashion and stands strong as an opener.

Calmer tones are captured on the album too. “In the Clouds” is such a song. In general it’s an atmospheric track that includes a lot of passion and dedication. There are some noisy outbursts too, but it’s the ease that dominates.

With “Like a River” the band added a light-hearted tune to the album that includes a violin, before “The Far Side” starts roaring. Long Distance Calling found their own sound that can be immediately identified as being from the Muenster-based quartet. The pleasure that comes with “Boundless” is the variety of sounds and the unexpected twists that surprises. It takes a lot to keep the listener’s attention with a solely instrumental album. Long Distance Calling took this challenge already some years ago and “Boundless” shows again how easily they can handle it.

Next to the songs it’s amazing how tight the guys play on the album. The quartet performs as a rock solid unit, something you can experience on “Boundless” but also during their live shows.

“Skydivers” marks already the end of “Boundless” and is the Grand Finale of an almost 50 minutes long sound experience. There is no way to get around this album, at least not for fans of progressive post-rock that combines musical savvy, creativity and emotional depth to a terrific total. Don’t miss this longplayer.





  1. Out There
  2. Ascending
  3. In The Clouds
  4. Like A River
  5. The Far Side
  6. On The Verge
  7. Weightless
  8. Skydivers


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: February 2nd, 2018


CD review ANTARKTIS "Ildlaante"

Veröffentlicht am 15. September 2017 von Markus W. in Antarktis, News, CD Review, Sludge, Doom Metal, Post-Rock, Post-Metal

CD review ANTARKTIS "Ildlaante"

(8/10) The Antarctica is a place that comes with so much beauty, a place where nature evolves without being distracted, destroyed or manipulated by humans. It’s a frozen paradise that reveals mind-blowing blue ice schemes being built out of thousands and thousands of tons of frozen water with the inclusion of oxygen.

But what seems to be the perfect place, except the temperature, has also a dark chapter to tell. The only few moments when humans interfered, left some dark marks in this amazing environment. There is the almost unreal place of Deception Island where were a grey and morbid mood tries to cover all the beautiful expressions. Whaling and sealing found at the end of the 19th century a safe harbour on this island and the mortal remnants can be still seen to date.

Why do I tell this long story? The reason is that I had to think about this personal experience while listening to “Ildlaante”, the debut of Antarktis.

The four-piece band was founded already some years ago. It was  In Mourning guitarist Bjorn Pettersson, together with Tobias Netzell (In Mourning, ex-October Tide), who begun writing a few songs that never saw the light of day earlier than 2017. In 2013, Antarktis’ line-up was completed by Daniel Jansson and Jonas Martinsson joining and it took another three years before recordings to this album could begin.

“Ildlaante” is a dark and melancholic album. Antarktis’ music is a mixture of post-rock, metal and sludge. This extreme sound is the base for six songs on the album, tracks that are heavy, mighty and blood-curdling. Wistful yelps are accompanied by slowly roaring guitars, bringing metal to its extreme. But that’s just one part of the picture. Antarktis breaks this pattern by calmer and almost fragile sections. These are still coming with a gloomy and mournful undertone too while adding some other excitement to the entirety.

Antarktis album is, by purpose or not, perfectly reflecting the earlier scenary, rounded of by an artwork that fits into the picture too (actually it almost looks like a pencil drawing of Deception Island). If this album would have been released earlier in time, it would have been my soundtrack for the earlier described experience. It captures the mood of this unreal and mortal place in a perfect manner.





  1. Aurora
  2. Svalbard
  3. Notes from Underground
  4. Ildlaante
  5. Cape Meteor Pt 1
  6. Cape Meteor Pt 2


Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Post Rock / Metal

Release Date EU: October 6th, 2017



CD review TIDES FROM NEBULA "Safehaven"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Tides From Nebula, Prog Rock, Post-Rock, Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) Tides From Nebula has their fourth album ready to be released. "Safehaven" is its name and it marks a new milestone moment in the band history. Three years after having revealed "Eternal Moments" the four-piece from Warsaw is back with eight new songs.

Even though the title is "Safehaven" the band didn't play it safe. The did the album autonomously without any cooperation with external producers.

The result is a well-crafted album with an excellent sound. Post-rock, that's build on big melodies and an harmonic interplay of guitars and keyboard sounds, that's what the quartet does and that's what you get on "Safehaven".

Instrumentals are facing easily the risk that they are either rather complex or pretty boring. In this case it's neither nor. The band's new album contains songs that can, by closed eyes, create beautiful pictures in your mind. Songs like the awesome "All the steps I've Made" let fragility, wistfulness and optimism interact in a way that is thrilling and entertaining.

Another cool song follows the mentioned "All the Steps I've Made". "Lifter" is a typical post-rock number that, in the some of the middle section reminded me of a rocking version of Alan Parsons. Maybe it's only me and maybe this  comparison is a bit too far-fetched, however it came to my mind while listening to the tune.

"Safehaven" is an album that works perfect in moments of relaxation and reverie. Actually it's the perfect soundtrack for these moments.





  1. Safehaven
  2. Knees to the Earth
  3. All the Steps I've Made
  4. Lifter
  5. Traversing
  6. Color of Glow
  7. We Are the Mirror
  8. Home


Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Post Rock

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2016

CD review TIDES FROM NEBULA "Safehaven"


Veröffentlicht am 12. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Long Distance Calling, Rendezvous Point, Petter Carlsen, Post-Rock, News, Live Review, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Alternative Metal

A pretty interesting package of musicians and bands stopped at the 013 in Tilburg on this sunny summer evening in May. German post-rockers, or is it more prog rock, Long Distance Calling are on tour to promote their fabulous new album "Trips".

After having played several shows in Germany the band was supposed to play a show in Paris, followed by Tilburg and four UK gigs. Unfortunatelly the Paris show had to be cancelled due to technical problems with the tour bus, but luckily things could have been repaired and Long Distance Calling plus the support acts arrived in time at the great venue in Brabant.

Eventhough Long Distance Calling has been the main act, the evening started in one or another way with the presence of the band too. It was singer/guitarist Petter Carlsen, in the meantime also singer of the Long Distance Calling, who kicked-off this evening. It was a very silent and beautiful beginning of a great night. Carlsen filled the room with his voice and a gently singing guitar, playing some of the tunes of his solo material, partly with support from sixstringer David Jordan.

After having heard these silent tunes it was time for some more noisy stuff. And we could face a continuation of the Norwegian pattern since Rendezvous Point from Kristianstad, Norway was next. The five-piece played a set of appr. half an hour, a period that was full of energetic prog metal. The guys did a good job even though I must say that some of the material missed a bit of a flow. Anyhow, Rendezvous Point enjoyed the time being on stage, spread a good vibe and warmed-up the fans for the headliner: Long Distance Calling.

The guys from Muenster had a great start with the opener of their current album "Trips". "Getaway", the instrumental that perfectly combines 80's synth rock with modern post-rock, was well chosen. Even though more people could have joined the concert (all you guys who haven't been there missed something that night), there was an immediate high level of energy in the room since the fans got what they came for. It's Long Distance Calling's ability, by having many instrumentals in their setlist, showing all the musical virtuosity, while still keeping their live show (and records) exciting for a wider audience. The guys from Muenster are far away from endless solo escapades only showing what each of the musicians can do on their instruments. The guys embed their musical capabilities in songs that are complex and straight-forward, both in one.

The sound of the band got even more exciting by adding vocals to some of the tracks. This meant for the Tilburg-show another 'welcoming' to Petter Carlson. His interpretation of tunes like 'Rewind" and "Middleville" was fantastic and with the energy being included in these tracks they felt almost like a kind of counterpart to the silent sounds of Carlesen's solo performance. Not to forget that those moments have been the ones with three guitarists on stage, something that added to the density of Long Distance Calling's sound.

The band ignited a 90 minutes fireworks that was infectious and impressive. Massive riffs and a dense sound filled the 013, esp. when the guys started "Trauma" with this brutal Rammstein-like guitar sound. It was a pleasure to be part of this event. Fans have been very enthusiastic and it seemed like everybody, including myself, enjoyed every single minute of the show.

Long Distance Calling is one of these bands that merges complexity and 'easy to grasp' in an almost perfect way, something they have proven again in Tilburg on this summerly evening in May. And again, to all the ones who missed the show for whatever reason: Be there the next time when this quartert/quinet comes back the Holland.



  1. Getaway
  2. Arecibo (Long Distance Calling
  3. Momentum
  4. Invisible Giants
  5. Reconnect
  6. Welcome Change
  7. Black Paper Planes
  8. Trauma
  9. Rewind
  10. Middleville
  11. The Very Last Day
  12. Metulsky Curse Revisited
  13. Beyond the Void (Encore)


Location: 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Date: 09.05.2016


CD review NOTHING "Tired of Tomorrow"

Veröffentlicht am 5. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Nothing, Post-Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Grunge, CD Review, News

(8/10) Nothing's second strike is called "Tired of Tomorrow". The band from Philadelphia released their debut "Guilty of Everything" two years ago and I was already at that time impressed by the quality of their songs, something that raised the expectation when it comes to the second album of this four piece.

After having heard the album several times I can assure you, that "Tired of Tomorrow" became at least as good as the debut. I actually think, that it's a bit better since the band grew over time which enabled them to get even more out of their alternative rock sound.

Domenic Palermo and his gang starts with "Fever Queen". It's a robust wall of sounds that marks the beginning of this tune. What follows is a melancholic rock song that implements a picture of fragile beautiness in your mind. The song is reduced to it's minimum, something that doesn't go for the sound which is rich and organic. "Fever Queen" is creating with little means a feeling of trance, that includes a warm expression.

Another song, another mood. "Vertigo Flowers" is a bit faster than the opening double. Here we are talking about a swinging and almost light-hearted rock song that comes with a good melody. What both mentioned tracks have in common is the wide soundscapes Nothing creates. Actually this is something they do with each of the tracks on "Tired of Tomorrow".

A steady drum beat kicks-off "Nineteen Ninety Heaven", something that continues through the entire song, accompanied by a gentle guitar and soulful vocals.

But also grunge comes back in the sound of Nothing. Esp. "Curse of the Sun" and even more "Eaten by Worms" bring back a certain Seattle-vibe, not in the silent moments, but the downtuned guitar parts show some parallels with Nirvana & Co.

The title track is the last one on Nothing's second longplayer. I can understand that the guys have chosen this song as the name giver for the record. The number is great and special. It is an intensive composition that is mainly build on piano and vocals. This tune is the one, that has probably the most emotional depth. It catches you immediately with its beauty, covered in grey shades.

Nothing started successfully with their debut and the four-piece continues their journey on the new album "Tired of Tomorrow". With such an album the guys do not have any reason for being 'tired of tomorrow'. They should approach the future with full energy and curiosity about what's supposed to come.





  1. Fever Queen
  2. The Dead are Dumb
  3. Vertigo Flowers
  4. ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
  5. Nineteen Ninety Heaven
  6. Curse of the Sun
  7. Eaten by Worms
  8. Everyone is Happy
  9. Our Plague
  10. Tired of Tomorrow


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2016

CD review NOTHING "Tired of Tomorrow"

CD review LIGHT "The cult of light"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Light, Post-Rock, Alternative Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) It's seldom that light can be black. In the case of Light this illusion becomes real. The band from Berlin, Germany released their album "The cult of light" a couple of weeks ago, which shows that there can't be darkness without light - in all senses.

The guys play a mix of doom metal riffs, depressive melodies in deep minor, a bit of postcore as well as some black metal elements. This is a mix which makes the entire album very interesting. When I heard the album for the first time names like Tryptikon poped up in my mind.

"Contrast" is an example for a cool song. The tune is faster than the other and some parts in the chorus reminds even to Pantera. I just say "Pooowwweeerr, endless poowweeerrrrr". Also the trilogy "Cult of light" starts with a faster track. "Cold" doesn't take any prisoners, before "Ceremony" reflects exactly what the title promises. It's a slower and sphereful piece of music with choral vocals. "Ritual", the last part, is than doom metal pure. The speed is kept down, the riff is heavy and the rhythm gives the song the drive. The track is a great headbanger. "Light bless you" follows the same pattern. Mean vocals, choral backgrounds and an irresistable riff characterize the song. Really heavy shit.

Light released a really good album, which surprised me. It stays exciting even after the fourth and fifth round on the turntable. I can recommend it. 





  1. No light
  2. Contrast
  3. Reflection
  4. Alpha omega
  5. Interference
  6. Light bless you
  7. Believe
  8. Miracles
  9. Cold
  10. Cult of light: Ceremony
  11. Cult of light: Ritual


Label: Self Released

Genre: Black Metal

CD review LIGHT "The cult of light"