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New BLACK SPACE RIDERS in January 2018

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2017 von Markus W. in Black Space Riders, Post Rock, Post Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Rock, News

New BLACK SPACE RIDERS in January 2018

German Riffonauts Black Space Riders are proud to announce the January 26th release of new album Amoretum Vol. 1.

The internationally acclaimed predecessor Refugeeum brought the band renown with its mixture of thoughtful, sensitive themes and hard, atmospheric rock. Two years have passed since then, two years in which the world has not necessarily become a better place in the eyes of most people.

War, terror, displacement, destruction, rejection and nationalism dominate the headlines. Or, as a wise little green fellow once said: "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

"All you need is love", countered the Beatles in 1967. The response of Black Space Riders in 2018 is Amoretum, a made-up word comprising "amor" and "arboretum" to symbolize a protective garden and a germ seed of love. And so the new song cycle of Black Space Riders is all about the conflict between fear-hate-rejection-darkness on the one hand, and love-empathy-care-light on the other.  For, how else should we overcome hate, if not with love?

Musically, this conflict is consistently put into practice by a band that beats its own path and is constantly developing. The electronic experiments of the Beyond Regugeeum EP of 2016 have been reduced sonically and cleverly integrated into the powerfully sounding songs. Between fat, dirty riffs and trippy delays, everything that sounds good is allowed; the album is interspersed with a flowing groove throughout and an ever-present atmosphere that embraces the listener. Heavy, sometimes proggy, often psychedelic, always engaging and almost catchy and danceable, Amoretum Vol. 1 takes us by the hand, shows us the dark side, and then wants to give us the hope back that we so often painfully miss.

The album flows from song to song as if from a single cast. The listener wonders after 45 minutes whether everything is really already over, and wants to go back to the beginning again immediately. 

But of course everything is not over after 45 minutes in the world of Black Space Riders. The band also announces a second chapter for 2018 ... Amoretum Vol. 2 is waiting for us, while we are looking forward to Amoretum Vol 1.


TOMBS reveal details for the upcoming album

Veröffentlicht am 14. April 2017 von Markus W. in Tombs, Black Metal, Post Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News, Metal Blade

On June 16th, Brooklyn's Tombs will release their fourth full-length, The Grand Annihilation, via Metal Blade Records. Produced once again by Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Soilent Green, Belphegor, Hate Eternal), The Grand Annihilation remains rooted in the blackened, post-metallic sound that the band has become known for since 2007's self-titled EP, while also being their most experimental record to-date.

Tombs front-man Mike Hill is not a man interested in appeasing his existing audience or modifying the music he makes in the hope of luring in a broader one. Letting the songs come as and when inspiration hits him is integral to Hill's process, and this accounts in part for The Grand Annihilation's diversity. The blasting, scathing yet melodic black metal savagery of opener "Black Sun Horizon" and "Way Of The Storm" are very much built to destroy, while wielding a poignancy that is undeniable - both of which stand in strong contrast to the uncomfortable post-punk squall of "Underneath" that showcases Hill's Nick Cave/Ian Curtis-esque singing voice, while the likes of the throbbing "Saturnalian" and unnerving tribal thunder of "Walk With Me In Nightmares" stand in categories all of their own. While every track on The Grand Annihilation stands separate from those around it, it is still a cohesive collection, and at no point do the stylistic twists and turns undermine its coherence. "If you've been following Tombs, you probably know to expect the unexpected, and I always strive to present a full range of emotion on everything with the band's name on it," Hill explains. "That said, this is a very dark and introspective record that digs deep into the common ideas of mortality, infinity and cosmic mysteries. The lyrics on the new record are a celebration of freedom through embracing the dark side. Once you realize that you follow the dark path - the path of the individual - there is a certain feeling of liberation that accompanies it."


'The Grand Annihilation' track-listing

  1. Black Sun Horizon
  2. Cold
  3. Old Wounds
  4. November Wolves
  5. Underneath
  6. Way of the Storm
  7. Shadows at the End of the World
  8. Walk with Me in Nightmares
  9. Saturnalian
  10. Temple of Mars
TOMBS reveal details for the upcoming album

CD review BLACK MAP "In Droves"

Veröffentlicht am 14. März 2017 von Markus W. in Black Map, Alternative Rock, Post Metal, Alternative Metal, News

(8/10) The Bay Area stands for more than just being the cradle of thrash metal. Also alternative rock/metal has a home in San Fransisco, California and one of the protagonists is Black Map. The trio has released first EP and the debut some years ago and followed by the sophomore „In Droves“ which will be released in March.

The album starts heavy. After a short intro named "Transit 1" it's the first single release "Run Rabbit Run" that also acts as a wake-up call on the longplayer. Next to the special title it's the alternation between loud and catchy that makes this tune to a cool one. It's almost like a harder version of Mando Diao that meets angry screams in the chorus, followed by another melodic part. This interaction keeps the suspense level pretty high and marks a great start. 

After getting out of the starting blocks so powerful it's 'Foxglove' that needs to prove consistency. Even though the outbreaks of the opener aren't there anymore it's the hypnotic rhythm that fascinates.  

To round off the starting triple means mentioning 'Ruin', a straight-forward rock song with a modern appeal. 

Things continue that way. Black Map has well-crafted songs in their portfolio and even the 'Transit' intro is picked-up again with a short interlude named 'Transit 2' and a closing chapter 'Transit 3'.  

Black Map puts out a longplayer that is full of cool alternative rock songs that are dynamic and up-to-date. Their music can reach mainstream without being mainstream which shows  a basic strength of the guys.  






  1. Transit I
  2. Run Rabbit Run
  3. Foxglove
  4. Ruin
  5. Heavy Waves
  6. Dead Ringer
  7. Octavia
  8. Transit II
  9. No Color
  10. Indoor Kid
  11. White Fence
  12. Just My Luck
  13. Cash For The Fears
  14. Transit III
  15. Coma Phase



Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: March 10th, 2017

CD review BLACK MAP "In Droves"

CD review THIRD ISLAND "Dusk" EP

Veröffentlicht am 13. August 2016 von Markus W. in Third Island, News, CD Review, Post Metal, Post Rock, Doom Metal, Grunge, Stoner Rock

(7/10) Third Island are three guys from Ireland with a passion for doom metal, which they combine with a lot of post-rock. The result of their work is a new EP called "Dusk". Liam O'Connor, John Quill and Seamus Quaid recorded three songs which are all extraordinary long.

The opener is called "Thawed My Skin" and starts slow and gloomy. The track is covered in acoustic shades of grey. There is a constant melancholy that builds the base for this eleven minutes long start into "Dusk". The trio kept this track almost monotonous with a lot of repetition. Fortunately this doesn't end up in boredom. It actually results more in a kind of hypnotic journey.

"Come Now" is next, a tune with nine minutes and a dark and oppressive vibe. Post rock dominates this number that includes some grunge cross references. It's especially Nirvana that came to my mind when I listened to the middle part of this intensive track.

The grunge parts are included in "It's Moving" too, which is another 11 minutes song. Third Island follows the same pattern used for the opener which makes also track number three to a pretty good tune.

My only concern is that the three songs are a kind of the same thing only different. What works for an EP could easily become too much for a full-length album. Third Island shows some potential and if the guys can get more variation into their songs, I could imagine a debut being not too far away from now.

Up till now, a good EP that is worth to be checked.





  1. Thawed MThird Islandy Skin
  2. Come Now
  3. It's Moving


Label: Self-released

Genre: Post Metal

Release Date EU: already released

CD review THIRD ISLAND "Dusk" EP


Veröffentlicht am 11. April 2016 von Markus W. in Cult Of Luna, Julie Christmas, Post Metal, Post Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Hardcore

(8/10) Cult Of Luna's new album comes with only five song, but these pack a punch. In the end this record provides you with 55 minutes of confusion, experiments, intensity and depth, unveiling a new approach to post-metal.

The guys from Cult Of Luna slightly changed their sound by adding the New York based singer Julie Christmas, known from the noise rock bands Battle Of Mice and Made Out Of Babies.

"A Greater Call" feels like the calm before the storm. With its speherful melodies it marks a peaceful beginning. But something in your head tells you, that this can't go on forever. And this silent voice insight your head is right. It's a ear-splitting scream that turns the atmosphere into almost the opposite. The song develops to a raging post metal track that includes pure despair. It's also the first time Julie Christmas appears. The singer from Brooklyn is cautiously adding her crystal clear vocal parts as a background. One thing gets clear already at this stage. Julie Christmas' contribution adds something to Cult Of Luna's sound that might lead to different reaction. In my opinion the singer makes Cult Of Luna's sound wider and offers new opportunities.

Christmas' part in the second song gets far more to the forefront. It seems like the band used the opener to slowly introduce Christams before she gets the full spotlight in "Chevron". The track is more confusing than the opener and it's especially Christmas' vocals that are hard to follow. Anyhow, after a first stage of confusion things get more thrilling each time you listen to the song and the album.

The nine minutes long middle part "The Wreck of S.S. Needle" is the masterpiece of "Mariner". It has a dark beginning with samples and Christmas' vocals. But like with the opener you can see/hear the evil coming closer. Christmas screams one's mind to the heavens which gives this more silent track a depth that is mind-blowing. Listening to her voice actually brought Dawn Crosby from Détente to my mind. Of course the Swedes from Umeå do not play thrash metal, but it's these intensive screams that are similar to Crosby's. "The Wreck of S.S. Needle" is an uncomfortable journey that ends up deep in the listeners soul to stay there for quite a while.

The counterpart to such an unsettling song is called "Approaching Transition". This sphereful track is keep silent with some attempts of being more heavy. But in the end it's a melancholic tune that has a greater level fragility.

The closer"Cygnus" is a mixture of all heard before. It features Christmas' special vocals, he typical Cult Of Luna screams, slow and intensive riffs and a brutal level of intensity.

"Mariner" is an album that demands something from its listeners. These five songs are laid-back music. You have to undertake an effort to dive into Cult Of Luna's new sound construct, but I can tell you that it's worth it since it is in the end rewarded by great songs that stretches boarders of metal.





  1. A Greater Call
  2. Chevron
  3. The Wreck of S.S. Needle
  4. Approaching Transition
  5. Cygnus


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Post Metal

Release Date EU: April 8th, 2016


New CULT OF LUNA song posted

Veröffentlicht am 11. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Cult Of Luna, Post Metal, Post Hardcore, Alternative Metal, News

Are you curious about new stuff from post-metal band Cult Of Luna? Here you go. "A Greater Call" is taken from the upcoming album and combines beautiful soundscapes with brutal noise explosions. 

New CULT OF LUNA song posted

CD review INTRONAUT "The Direction of Last Things"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Intronaut, Prog Metal, Post Metal, TrassNew, CD Review

(8/10) Intronaut from Los Angeles, California are an interesting band. The guys sound very progressive but they are not really a prog band. There are post metal eruptions embedded in their songs, but the guys aren't post metal either. In the end it's a melange of various styles that leads to Intronauts experimental music.

'Experimental' and 'progressive' might sound scary to some metalheads, but in the end, Intronaut combines all this stuff to something really mind-blowing; something you should have heard.

The seven tracks that made it on the album might be complex, but they aren't complicated for the listener. Intronaut builds their songs in a way that they stay exciting, even for non-musicians. This has mainly to do with the well done melodies that are in a constant interaction with the harsh sound section. Hard hitting guitars meet soulful harmonies in each of the song on "The Direction of Last Things". All this together makes the album highly diversified and entertaining. If you want to get an idea how this sounds, I can recommend the opener "Fast Worms". 

If you want to hear one of the more brutal tunes on the album, that I you should check-out "The Pleasant Surprise". This number is build on a dense wall of guitars which makes it to a real heavy monster. However, even with this song the melody doesn't diappear.

"The Direction of Last Things" is already the fourth album of the four-piece and I have to admit that I missed the first three. However, after having heard the new longplayer I must say that I missed something. Intronaut has the silent/loud interplay down cold; combined with some tweaks and twist that you might not expect.

If you are searching for intelligent music that also has some headbanging moments - here you go. Not too bad.





  1. Fast Worms
  2. Digital Gerrymandering
  3. The Pleasant Surprise
  4. The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
  5. Sul Ponticello
  6. The Direction of Last Things
  7. City Hymnal


Label: Century Media

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: November 13th, 2015

CD review INTRONAUT "The Direction of Last Things"

CULT OF LUNA announced a few live dates

Veröffentlicht am 4. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Cult Of Luna, Post Metal, Post-Core, Alternative Metal, News, Tour

Cult Of Luna prepares themselves for some shows in Europe during spring next year. Here are the dates:

CULT OF LUNA announced a few live dates


Veröffentlicht am 4. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Fortress Black, News, CD Review, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Post Metal, Hardcore

(8/10) Des isch fai arg guad. That's what the concludion sounds like in the Swabian dialect when it comes to Fortress Black's new EP.

After a demo and a first EP the black metal horde from Stuttgart, Germany releases new stuff on "I.N.R.I.".

This EP comes with six devastating black metal tracks that include far more than just premature shrieking.

Fortress Black adds post-metal to their sound by also including an enormous punch in each of the tunes.

"Endzeit" is the opener. It's a heavy drum sound that's first, followed by a brutal riff. The number is kept midpace which transports an 'Endzeit' vibe.

Compared to this hate explosion the beginning of the disc, "Leave Me Alone" is almost a swinging one with a clear message.

The galloping rhythm of "Lost Soul" adds another component to Fortress Black's sound. The tune is a harsh post-metal rocker that is well crafted.

The silent start of "Now I Lay me Down" makes you think about a ballad. You can bury this thought after a minute when the first guitars destroy the harmony.

The title track is a raging composition with German lyrics that is filled with depair. Time for the closer. "The Poison Belt" is the fastest song on the EP with some intelligent breaks that are well placed. I think that this is, together with "Endzeit", the best tune on the EP.

Stuttgart gets black. Fortress Black reflects the dark side if the Swabian soul, embedded it in a really thrilling EP.

If you're already done with X-mas, than this is your record.





  1. Endzeit
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Lost Soul
  4. Now I Lay Me Down
  5. I.N.R.I.
  6. The Poison Belt


Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: December 4th, 2015


CD review STEAK NUMBER EIGHT "Kosmokoma"

Veröffentlicht am 29. November 2015 von Markus W. in Steak Number Eight, Rock, Post Metal, Modern Metal, Sludge, CD Review, News

(7/10) Belgium post-metal gang Steak Number Eight put a fresh piece of meat on the barbeque. It's called "Kosmokoma", it's their thrid release and contains eleven tracks.

When it comes to the sound of the new longplayer not that much changed for the Belgian four-piece. Brent Vannesta and his dudes wrote again wild tunes that are sometimes durious and crazy ("Return of Kolomon"), sometimes mighty slo-mo ("Gravity Giants") and sometimes spot-on ("Your Soul Deserves To Die Twice").

All this shows the diversity of the music Steak Number Eight delivers on their new longplayer. "Kosmokoma" is an album that isn't easy going. It takes some time to get into it, but after a while each songs reveals it's full beauty. 

In case you're looking for a party soundtrack or some headbanging stuff you should go for some other releases. "Kosmokoma" demands time, endurance and focus. It's worth to invest all this. The songs will reward you after a while.

Everything said.





  1. Return of the Kolomon
  2. Your Soul Deserves to Die Twice
  3. Principal Features of the Cult
  4. Gravity Giants
  5. Charades
  6. Knows Sees Tells All
  7. Claw it in Your Eyes
  8. It Might be The Lights
  9. Cheating the Gallows
  10. Future Sky Batteries
  11. Space Punch


Label: Indie Recording

Genre: Post Metal

Release Date EU: November 20th, 2015

CD review STEAK NUMBER EIGHT "Kosmokoma"

CD review CODE "mut"

Veröffentlicht am 11. März 2015 von Markus W. in Code, Tool, Post Rock, Post Metal, Black Metal, Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) What a twist when it comes to Code. Being known as a black metal band from London, UK the band released with 'mut' an album that wasn't expected - at least not from my side. The black metal roots are more or less gone and the new sound is settled somewhere between post-rock and avantgarde. Funny side note is the fact that 'mut' in German stands for courage. And this is what the band shows by releasing such a record.

It almost feels that the guys have heard too much Tool over the last few months. It's especially the melancholic vocal lines  and the  phrasing the reminds to Maynard Keenan and band mates.

After having digested this major change in their sound I tried to get more into the new musical approach of Code. A few rounds in the CD player and blending out Code's history makes "mut" to a quite interesting experience. The post rock from the UK-based band can't really reach the mighty Tool, but they do a pretty good job on the new album.

Meloncholy and desperation are the basic mood on the new album. It is a longplayer that comes with distressed soundscapes that build the base for the songs on 'mut'. Everybody who thinks that spring is too colorful the album will be an excellent counterpart. It will bring you a sort of acoustic November into home.

What I like with the album is the intesity of the songs and the mental depth which is reflected in each tune. I personally like the second half of the disc a bit better than the beginning. Some parts in the beginning are in my opinion a bit scatty while the second part feels like a better flow where sound elements fit together very well.

However, nine great songs that, I guess, will lead to some controversial discussion. Code will find some new fans with this release but also disappoint some old fans - a risk you can't avoid by developing. But if you get the 'old' Code out of your system for a while you can enjoy a good and complex album with a lot of intensity. And as said 'mut' in German means 'courage'...





  1. on blinding larks
  2. undertone
  3. dialogue
  4. affliction
  5. contours
  6. inland sea
  7. cocoon
  8. numb, an author
  9. the bloom in the blast


Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Post Rock

CD review CODE "mut"

CD review TOMBS "Savage gold"

Veröffentlicht am 9. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Tombs, Post Metal, Black Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) There are from time to time records where obviously nothing is wrong with and still it's hard to get into the songs. I had this feeling when I was listening to the new album from Tombs. "Savage gold" is the name of the latest creative output from the New York based band. Coming from a post-metal history the band added more and more black metal elements to their sound. This led to ten (black) metal tracks, which are all good.

What I think is very interesting is the fact, that the band has a different background. Not being anchored in the scandinavian myths and history Tombs put other things in focus. They are more in the 'here and now' and focus on the human soul and the abysmal depths of humanity. This doesn't make the songs less intensive. I even think this adds some more real emotions to the tunes. The non scandivian black metal approach becomes visualised by the fact, that the don't use corpse paint. Also this fits pretty well.

Remarkable tunes are the slow and threatening "Deathtripper" with its hypnotic rhythm and vocals - a reminiscence to their own history. Next to this highlight there are more songs which are worth to be mentioned. "Echoes" is one of them. Also kept slower the song sticks out with it's repeating riff and the rougher vocals. That's actually really cool. The same goes for "Severed lives" which reminded me to Neurosis. Another story are songs like the opener. "Thanatos" is different from the before mentioned tunes. It's a pitch black metal track with a heavy screaming guitar and double bass part. Also "Seance" fits into this pattern.

Next to all this positive stuff I still have some issues with the album too. I can't really say what it is. It's more a feeling. Eventhough all the songs are good, none of them really put me under a spell. Esp. the black metal tracks didn't leave a permanent impression - at least to me. I would prefer more the post-metal Neurosis inspired tracks. But that's my opinion.

I think you should give this album a chance. Listen to it and decide for yourself. It worth it.





  1. Thanatos
  2. Portraits
  3. Seance
  4. Echoes
  5. Deathripper
  6. Edge of darkness
  7. Ashes
  8. Legancy
  9. Severed lives
  10. Spiral


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Black Metal

CD review TOMBS "Savage gold"