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CD review PILGRIM "Void worship"

Veröffentlicht am 29. März 2014 von Markus W. in Pilgrim, Doom Metal, News, Black Sabbath, CD Review

(6/10) Doom metal from the US. Rhode Island based Pilgrim released their new album "Void worship" which is their second release. 

The album opens with an intro before the first real songs starts. Slow riffs are the base for this 10 minutes long epical track. The tune is kept on a very slow pace and has an almost hypnotic beat. The "repetitive hypnosis-including dirges" (statement from the band) are planned but for me the song is a bit too long . Or in other words, there are too little surprises. It's a tough thing to pay attention to "Master chamber" all ten minutes long. Happy enough the speed increases with "The paladin". Down tuned guitars blow out of the speakers and remind to the earlier Sabbath days. For me the best song on "Void worship". There are two other pretty long songs on the record. The title track and the closing "Away from here" are tranferring 9 minutes full of sadness and depression. From the structure the songs are similar to "Master chamber". Heavy doom guitars are the base for both songs. But also hear a bit more varation and surprises would have been good in order to break the pattern of the song. 

"Void worship" is not a bad record. The production is powerful and the songs OK. For me the weak point of this album is, that I constantly had the feeling that I have heard all that stuff already earlier. What are the typical trademark of Pilgrim and how do they differ from bands like e.g. Pentagram? I haven't found the answer on this album. Maybe next time.


Photo: Metal Blade Records  (Promo)

Photo: Metal Blade Records (Promo)


  1. Intro
  2. Master chamber
  3. The paladin
  4. Arcane sanctum
  5. In the presence of evil
  6. Void worship
  7. Dwarven march
  8. Away from here


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Doom Metal

CD review PILGRIM "Void worship"