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CD review FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Got your six"

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2015 von Markus W. in Five Finger Death Punch, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Time is flying. Eight years ago Fiver Finger Death Punch released their debut called "The way of the fist". Zoltan Bathory and his gang released in the meantime five records and "Got your six" is the six discography entry.

The new longplayer sounds big. This has to do with the sound of the record, but also the new songs. It was Kevin Churko 9Ozy Osbounre, Slash and Rob Zombie) that signed responsible for the production. The focus was on the live situation and the guys wanted to create and album that reflects this atmosphere and spreads the same power than what fans know for their shows.

Next to sound it's mainly the tunes itself that are harder again and more to the point. There are two tracks that are more mellow. "Diggin' My Own Grave" and "Wash It All Away" are their names. The last mentioned one is not even a soft one. it still comes with a brutal riff but has some very melodic parts embedded too. For the rest the album sounds like a mixture of Machine Head and Korn.

It's a murderous groove that builds the foundation most of the songs. On top of that there are mighty riffs and the aggressive shouts of frontman.
Highlights to mention are the midpace groover "Jekyll and Hyde". The slightly distorted vocals are damn cool and it sounds like Ivan Moody tells a story; what he basically also does. "My Nemesis" is another good modern metal track before "No Sudden Movement" isn't there to take prisoners.
"Boots and Blood" bridges over to modern thrash. Something that finds it's continuation in "You're Not My Kind".
Five Finger Death Punch didn't belong to my most favorite bands yet. "Got your six" might change this. I'm very positively surprised of the new longplayer. Now it's only the childish artwork that need to be worked on and here we go. At least the music is great and that's what counts.





  1. Got your six
  2. Jekyll and Hyde
  3. Wash it all away
  4. Ain't my last dance
  5. My Nemesis
  6. No sudden movement
  7. Quesion everything
  8. Hell to pay
  9. Diggin' my own grave
  10. Meet my maker
  11. Boots and blood


Label: Eleven Seven Music / Warner ADA

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: Septmber 4th, 2015

CD review FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Got your six"

CD review POP EVIL "Up!"

Veröffentlicht am 28. August 2015 von Markus W. in Pop Evil, Modern Metal, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) Ups. What happened to Pop Evil. Is this the band that released "Onyx" a few month ago? A look on thr cover confirms it. Yes, I'm listening to Pop Evil.

Reason for this astonishment is the fact that I miss the 'evil' while the 'pop' took over the scene. The predecessor was modern metal per excellence with some crunchy guitar riffs while "Up!" takes to pop road. "Lux" is a perfect example. There are a few mainstream riffs but the song is sweet as a pile of sugar.

With "Vendetta" the guys try to copy Metallica in the nineties and also during "Footsteps" one foot is on the break.

But next to the professional production there are fortunately some highlights like "Take it all". And also the dark and grunge-like "In disarray" sounds quite good. So, there is hope.

Pop Evil moved from modern metal to modern rock. This might be a part of constant development, but it's also a step towards another era where new fans start to discover the band. The ones who liked "Onyx" should listen to "Up!" first before taking a buying decision.





  1. Footsteps
  2. Core
  3. In disarray
  4. Take it all
  5. Ghost of Muskegon
  6. If only for now
  7. ...
  8. Ways to get high
  9. Lux
  10. Vendetta
  11. Dead in the water
  12. Seattle rain
  13. Til Kingdon come


Label: eOne

Genre: Modern Rock

Release Date EU: August 21st, 2015

CD review POP EVIL "Up!"

New video from TRIVIUM

Veröffentlicht am 21. August 2015 von Markus W. in Trivium, Thrash Metal, Modern Metal, News, Video, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal

And here comes another new video. The thrashers of Trivium published with "Leading the blind' a new song as video. It's an highly entertaining one and here comes the link:



Veröffentlicht am 14. August 2015 von Markus W. in Bullet For My Valentie, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Metalcore

(7/10) I never really understood why Bullet For My Valentine is still put into the metalcore box. Yes, sure, their beginning was based on metalcore but overtime the percentage of classic metal in their music increased. Clean vocals and the often melodic metal riffs, in context with a decrease of metalcore sections, became almost a trademark in itself.

However, Bullet For My Valentine managed to be successful from the very beginning up till now. Already their debut was perceived very well and entered the charts. But instead of becoming arrogant and easy going, the four guys kept on working hard on their sound, which ended in an even better second album called "Scream, aim, fire".

2015 is the year of the bands fifth logplayer called "Venom"; a record that for sure will continue the commercial successtory of the band from Wales. The new disc comes with eleven songs, while the deluxe verson includes another four numbers.

Three songs you might have heard already since they have been released as singles during the three months. "No way out", the brutal "You want a battle? (Here is war)" and "Army of noise" are three typical Bullet For My Valentine numbers that reflect the current sound of the four-piece pretty well. The music is still quite aggressive but got also more complex and diverse. "No way out" is a good example herefore while "Army of noise" has a really good punch.

But there are also tunes on the album that give me a hard time. The title track is one of those. It is kept in mid-pace with mainly melodic vocals. The whole thing sounds more like Linkin Park than Bullet For My Valentine. I think that the song might attract new fans but the mainstream orientation might not be appreciated by everybody.

Also "Hell or high water" isn't belonging to the thrilling experiences on "Venom". It gives the feeling of 'heard before' and it comes a bit uninspired. Bullet For My Valentine had and has better numbers.

That "Venom" got good sound is almost a given, even though I have to say that I miss the bass a bit in the mix. Maybe it is due to my version, but I guess it's not. The 'booming factor' on "Venom" could be more intesive.

To sum up: Bullet For My Valtine continues their journey which brings them further away from their metalcore roots by becoming probabaly even more commercially successful. I like the new album but I could imagine that not every fan, esp. from the early days appreciate the development.





  1. V
  2. No way out
  3. Army of noise
  4. Worthless
  5. You want a battle? (Here is war)
  6. Broken
  7. Venom
  8. The harder the heart (The harder it breaks)
  9. Skin
  10. Hell or high water
  11. Pariah
  12. Playong God (Deluxe bonus)
  13. Run for your life (Deluxe bonus)
  14. In lovong memory (Demo version (Deluxe bonus)
  15. Raising hell (Deluxe bonus)


Label: RCA Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release date EU: August 14, 2015


LINIE streams their debut "What we make our demons do"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Linie, Alternative Metal, Doom Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Rock, News

Linie for Hamburg releases their debut called "What we make our demons do" . The sound of Linie is a mix of Henry Rollins and Danzig with quite some post rock. Check out the album. It's one of the best debuts so far this year.

LINIE streams their debut "What we make our demons do"

CD review 4BITTEN "Rewind and erase"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in 4Bitten, Melodic Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(6/10) In these crazy days there are a lot of serious and also bad news coming from Greece. But next to all this depressive stuff there is still a vital music scene in Greece which we shouldn't forget. A band that helps us in this is 4Bitten from Athens. 

The female fronted four-piece was started end of 2002 and has released two albums. The newest record, number three, was published a few days ago and got the name "Rewind & erase". The longplayer was recorded in the Soundflake and Signal Studio in Athens and was mastered by Alan Douche, who also worked already with bands like Masterdon and Killswitch Engage. 

The result is an eleven songs containing melodic metal record that lives very much from the powerful vocals from singer Fofi Roussos. Her voice transports a lot of energy and passion, which fits very well to 4Bitten's sound.

When it comes to the songwriting I think the band has some room for improvement. The tunes come with an ambicious approach, but they feel a kind of unfinished to me. Non of the eleven tracks is really standing out and non of tracks really sticks to your mind. It is more a kind of 48 minutes long flow that includes a lot of authentic dedication for what the guys are doing.

I don't know if 4Bitten's third strike will be the big break-thorugh for the Athens-based four-piece. Most probabaly not. Maybe this wasn't the main purpose of the album anyhow, but what you get with "Rewind and erase" is solid stuff. Not more, but also not less.





  1. Die in vain
  2. Broke
  3. Memory of me
  4. Save my soul
  5. Cause I can
  6. Pull me in
  7. Rewind & erase
  8. Redefine your fate
  9. Inside my head
  10. Out of time
  11. Comfort zone


Label: The Leaders Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release date EU: Already released

CD review 4BITTEN "Rewind and erase"

CD review BOBAFLEX "Anything that moves"

Veröffentlicht am 11. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Bobaflex, Hardrock, Nu Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(6/10) It was in 1988 when Shaun and Marty McCoy started Bobaflex. The two guys share the vocals and guitar with Dave Tipple, while Tommy Johnson (d) and Jymmy Tolland (b) complete the current line-up.

The five guys recorded Bobaflex's seventh album called "Anything that moves" that will be released as we speak via Eternal Sound. 

The album starts with a short intro that includes some radio samples before "Start a war" kicks off a metal riot. The heavy guitars set the tone of voice and give the song its personality. The vocallines are a bit more melodic which gives the tune a certain catchiness. A good start into the album.

And that wasn't the only cool song on "Anything that moves". "Mama (Don't take my drugs away")" is a rhythm based hardrock song that reminds to Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper's "Hey stupid". "Show me" is a grooving rock song while "Turn me on" brings the soft side of the tough guys up to the surface. The ballad is OK even though it might not be a real highlight on "Anything that moves". I would say: solid.

Next to those songs there are a some numbers that are more average. "You don't want to know" sounds like heard many times before and "Dry your eyes" isn't that thrilling either.

To sum up: Bobaflex adds an album to their discograpgy that has some good moments. It is well produced and it feels authentic. On the other hand there are moment where I was close to press the skip button. "Anyhting that moves" is a longplayer that is OK, but doesn't include real highlights.





  1. Burn them all
  2. Start a war
  3. Lose control
  4. Dry your eyes
  5. Mam (Don't take my drugs away)
  6. A spider in the dark
  7. Show me
  8. Objectified
  9. Turn me on
  10. You don't want to know
  11. Pray to the devil
  12. End of thw orld
  13. Forgiven
  14. Bad man (from "Charlatan's web")
  15. I'm glad you're dead (from "Charlatan's web")
  16. Never coming back (from "Charlatan's web")


Label: Eternal Sound

Genre: Modern Hardrock

Release date EU: July 17th, 2015

CD review BOBAFLEX "Anything that moves"
CD review BOBAFLEX "Anything that moves"

CD review DAGOBA "Tales from the black dawn"

Veröffentlicht am 8. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Dagoba, Machine Head, Soulfly, Groove Metal, Modern Metal, Thrash Metal, CD Review, News, Death Metal

(8/10) French groove institution Dagoba went into the studio to record their newest longplayer "Tales of the black dawn". I can tell you that it's quite heavy stuff that is told in the black dawn.

The new longplayer is already no.6 in the bands history. Two years after "Post mortem nihil est" the four-piece put ten new songs on the new disc that ignites a groove metal firework.

Things start very relaxed. The intro "Epilogue" is a classical piece that feels like a dark ouverture to evil. "The sunset curse" follows and confirms that your thoughts have been right. Brutal riffs and deep growls from Shawter are a statement about what to expect in the coming 41 minutes. 

That Daogba can also add a mighty groove to their songs is what the guys from Marseille prove with tunes like "Born twice" and the six minutes long closer "Morning light". Excellent stuff.

Next to the strong rhythm based music and the energetic vibe it's the more melodic vocallines that are embedded here and there. Those give some of the numbers a well placed break which makes the entire track even more exciting. The mentioned "The sunset curse" is one of those tracks.

"Tales of the black dawn" is a raw and brutal piece of music that should be checked-out by fans from Machine Head and Soulfly. Enjoy the "Tales from the black dawn".





  1. Epilogue
  2. The sunset curse
  3. Half damn life
  4. Eclipsed
  5. Born twice
  6. The loss
  7. Sorcery
  8. O, inverted world
  9. The dawn
  10. Morning light


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Modern Metal

Release date EU: July 10th, 2015

CD review DAGOBA "Tales from the black dawn"

CD review KISSING CANDICE "Blind until we burn"

Veröffentlicht am 7. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Kissing Candice, Slipknot, Korn, Modern Metal, Nu Metal, Thrash Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Kissing Candice are from Long Island, NY. The five-piece was founded in 2012 and released their new album "Blind until we burn" as we speak.

A first view on the booklet gives the impression of Slipknot clones. But I wouldn't go that far. Besides the masks (I think this story is told) there are some parallels with the guys from Iowa, but Kissing Candice has enough own personality to make "Blind until we burn" to an exciting metal experience.

I would describe their music as modern metal, that is based on heavy riffs and a powerful groove that goes along with each song. The mentioned Slipknot comes to my mind when I heard the album, but also bands like Korn made an impression on Kissing Candice's sound.

Interesting tunes are the quite catchy "Misdirection" that come with some deep growls and with a clean vocal chorus that is quite melodic - a mixture that works well.

Than there is a tune called "Tusk" that reminds to 90's nu metal. Some times some more industrial sounds shine through, like in "Shop smart". 

"Roach motel" is another song I can recommend. It's a really heavy one with a brutal riff and raging vocals. Be careful with this tune because it might lead to severe neck problems due to headbanging.

The music on "Blind until we burn" is coll, even though not new. But the five-piece compensates this with passion. The only thing I would recommend is to stop with maks. The music is good enoug; this gimmick isn't need





  1. Unloaded
  2. My perfect hell
  3. Chart topper
  4. Tusk
  5. Misdirection
  6. Recycled LIE
  7. Put em up
  8. Shop smart
  9. Mistaken for manson
  10. Decomposer
  11. Roach motel
  12. KPM
  13. Slugworth


Label: Victory Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release date EU: Already released

CD review KISSING CANDICE "Blind until we burn"


Veröffentlicht am 28. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Bullet For My Valentine, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, News

"Venom" will be the new album from Bullet For My Valentine that will be released on August 14th. To shorten the waiting time the band published a new single called "You want a battle? Here is a war!". 

Talking about "Venom". Here is the tracklist:

  1. V
  2. No way out
  3. Army of noise
  4. Worthless
  5. You want a battle? Here is a war"
  6. Broken
  7. Venom
  8. Harder the heart
  9. Skin
  10. Hell or high water
  11. Pariah
  12. Playing God (Deluxe edition)
  13. Run for your life (Deluxe edition)
  14. In loving memory (Deluxe edition)
  15. Raising hell (Deluxe edition)

CD review BABYMETAL "Babymetal"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Babymetal, Techno, Pop, Thrash Metal, Modern Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Pantera

(5/10) OMG. This disc really feels like a curveball. For sure it isn't easy to say something about the new shooting starts from Japan. Maybe they aren't that popular in Europe and North America yet, but the three girls created a big hype in their home country already.

I have listened to the album a couple of times and I still don't know what I should think about it. So far, metal from Japan, for me, was closely connected to bands like Loudness. But this was the past and Babymetal is the here and now. 

Babymetal feels like a mixture of heavy metal and the manga hype. What makes really fun with the album are the sometimes heavy riffs that remind to thrash bands like Pantera and the early Metallica. If you listen to "Gimme chocolate!!" you immediately understand what I mean. So far so good.

Now comes the 'BUT'. Babymetal, what a name, mixes these might riffs with techno, J-pop and squeaking vocals. This feels, let's say it nicely, as something totally new. This combination of styles made the band being the support act for Lady Gaga as well as performing at the Sonicsphere.

I have a lot of respect for trying out new things. This means development which preempt stagnation in music and art. Bands like Babymetal keep the scene vital and the controversity is good.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to like the result of this. I think that Babymetal is a nice 'ricochet' for the metal community and the three girls should enjoy their moment of fame. I can't imagine that they accompany us for a longer period and for this shorter moment of time we should turn a blind eye/ear to "Babymetal".





  1. Babymetal death
  2. Megitsune
  3. Gimme chocolate!!
  4. line!
  5. Akatsuki
  6. Doki Doki - morning
  7. Onedari daisakusen
  8. Song 4
  9. Uki uki - midnight
  10. Catch me if you can
  11. Rondo of nightmare
  12. Head bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
  13. Ijime, fame, zettai
  14. Road of resistance
  15. Gimme chocolade!! (Live)


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Techno Metal

Releasedate: Already released



CD review BABYMETAL "Babymetal"

Cover and tracklist from FIVE FINGER DETH PUNCH

Veröffentlicht am 25. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Five Finger Death Punch, News, Modern Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Thrash Metal

Here comes the tracklist from "Got your six":

  1. Got your six
  2. Jekyll and Hyde
  3. Wash it all away
  4. Ain't my last dance
  5. My nemesis
  6. No sudden movement
  7. Question everything
  8. Hell tp pay
  9. Digging my own grave
  10. Meet the maker
  11. Boots and blood
  12. You're not my kid (Bonus)
  13. This is my war (Bonus)
  14. A apologize (Bonus)
Cover and tracklist from FIVE FINGER DETH PUNCH

News from HUNTRESS

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Huntress, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, News

California metallers HUNTRESS have completed their third studio album titled Static to be released via Napalm Records on September 25, 2015. The highly-anticipated record was produced by Paul Fig (Grammy nominated engineer, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Trivium, Ghost BC) and Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry, Executive Producer Sonic Highways series, Producer Sound City Movie), Engineered and Mixed by Paul Fig.


Vance Kelly (Slayer, Alice In Chains, Evanescence, Ghost BC) has once again delivered stunning album artwork for HUNTRESS. The band’s creative unity with Vance Kelly remains strong, having also created album covers for Spell Eater and Starbound Beast.




  1. Sorrow
  2. Flesh
  3. Brian
  4. I Want To Wanna Wake Up
  5. Mania
  6. Four Blood Moons
  7. Static
  8. Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
  9. Noble Savage
  10. Fire In My Heart
  11. Bonus track: Black Tongue
  12. Bonus track: Vultures Can Wait (7” vinyl exclusive)
News from HUNTRESS

New album and tour dates from SKINDRED

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Skindred, News, Tour, Crossover, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal

SKINDRED are currently putting the finishing touches on their 6th studio album, entitled ‘Volume’, which will be the bands first release on Napalm Records and is set to see the light of day on October 30th 2015!


SKINDRED have also just announced a full UK headline tour in November 2015. After a sold out arena run with Steel Panther, a remarkable Camden Rocks performance, two sold out Hit The Deck headline slots and a host of European festival shows (including Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in Germany with Foo Fighters and Slipknot) already in 2015, Skindred will be hitting the road for a UK headline tour in November 2015 with Crossfaith, Yashin  & HED PE as support. 


Dates read as follows:

04.11. - Southampton Guildhall

05.11. - Norwich UEA

06.11. - Nottingham Rock City

07.11. - Manchester Academy

08.11. - Newcastle Academy

10.11. - Glasgow ABC

11.11. - Leeds Stylus

12.11. - Bristol Academy 

13.11. - Birmingham Institute

14.11. - London Brixton Academy 


To shorten your wait, SKINDRED performs live at the following summer & festival shows: 

25.06. - Bravalla Festival, SWE

27.06. - Rock on The Rock Club, Gibraltar 

05.07. - I Am The Rocker Festival, Romania 

16.07. - Deichbrand Festival, GER 

17.07. - 2Days A Week Festival, AT 

18.07. - Resurrection Fest, Spain 

19.07. - Budapest Park, HU 

21.07. - Metaldays, SLO 

29.07. - Effenaar, Eindhoven NL w/ Rob Zombie 

31.07. - Trebur Open Air, GER 

01.08. - Wacken Open Air, GER 

02.08. - Lokerse Festival, BE 

07.08. - Kubana, Kaliningrad - Russian Federation 

15.08. - Serengeti Festival, GER 

22.08. - Studio 24, Edinburgh UK 

New album and tour dates from SKINDRED
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