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CD review EMERGENCY GATE "Infected"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2014 von Markus W. in Emergency Gate, Modern Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(5/10) What on earth is this? Emergency Gate from Bavaria, Germany released a new record called "Infected" and I wonder what I should say about it.

The band started in 1996 and has released already several records. "Infected" is already number of Valsi Doose, Udo Simon and friends and I doubt if this one leads to the big breakthrough. In total the five piece recorded 12 songs that are mainly a mix of melodic death metal and metalcore.

Let's have a look on the positive parts first. Emergency Gate transfers a lot of power with the tracks, but also the sound. The production supports the music in an excellent way. It feels that the guys really like what they do. They also have a pretty good sense for melodies which comes back in a few number of tracks.

The downers on the album are the songs itself. They don't sound new and fresh. Of course they haven't been released earlier, but Emergency Gate also doesn't really manage to give the tunes an own twist. It sounds like 'heard many times before'. There are a lot of bands out there that try to harvest from the same fields and the guys from Bavaria are just one of them.

Than there is the metalcore-rap hybrid "We wanna party". Maybe I missed the sense of humor, but this song is a total black-out. The middle part of the track is the worst I have heard since many month. If you want to listen to a good performance of such a compination listen to Obituary's "Bullituary"

And who had the idea to start a song like "The beginning" with this 80's dancefloor keyboards. And not that those are only present in this tune. They are coming back in several songs on the album. For me a bit too much. This strange crossover mix doesn't work for me. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.





  1. Sons of the second
  2. Going under
  3. Revelation
  4. Your last smile
  5. Crushing down
  6. We wanna party
  7. Infected nightmare
  8. Drowning in hate
  9. The beginning
  10. Pathetic me
  11. Loving hate
  12. Peace of mind


Label: Fastball

Genre" Metalcore


CD review EMERGENCY GATE "Infected"

CD review OBEY THE BRAVE "Salvation"

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2014 von Markus W. in Obey The Brave, Hardcore, Metalcore, CD Review, News

(8/10) Hardcore from Montreal, Québec - that's Obey The Brave. I have to admit that I haven't heard about the band before, but I must say that their latest release "Salvation" convinced me. "Salvation" is the second full-length album from the band and follows the 2012 disc "Young blood". 

The band was founded  in 2011 by singer Alex Erian, John Campell (g), Miguel Lepage (b), Greg Wood (g) and Steve Morotti (d). Eventhough some of the guys have a deathcore history Obey The Brave goes very much in to hardcore direction, with some metal influences.

The opener "Short fuse" comes in best Agnostic Front attitude. Heavy guitar riffs and an enormous groove dominate the song. I like with Obey The Brave that they don't play as fast as possible. The rhythm and the groove is what is in focus. What goes for the opener is present in tunes like the mighty "Next level" and the bouncer "Brave the fire". The galloping beat just hits you right into your face.

The faster tracks are present on "Salavation" as well. There is the speedy "Up in smoke" which reflects the punk roots. And "I am winter" is one of the uptempo numbers too. 

All those tracks gain by the slightly hoarse vocal from Alex Erian. This guy shouts out all his pissed-off attitude and by doing this he gives the song the characteristics.

The most melodic track on "Salvation" is probabaly "Lonewolf". It stands a bit out from the rest, but still fits on the album. It adds some variety to the entire sound of Obey The Brave. 

This is really heavy stuff. Thumbs up. "Salvation" is their strongest release and I like the album.





  1. Short fuse
  2. Raise your voice
  3. Up in smoke
  4. Into the storm
  5. Next level
  6. Back in the day
  7. I am winter
  8. Lonewolf
  9. C'est la vie
  10. Full circle
  11. North strong
  12. Brave the fire


Label: Epitaph

Genre: Hardcore

CD review OBEY THE BRAVE "Salvation"

OBEY THE BRAVE - hardcore from Quebec

Veröffentlicht am 15. August 2014 von Markus W. in Obey The Brave, Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk, News, Video, Agnostic Front

Obey The Brave are a hardcore band from Quebek, Canada and released a video for the song "Raise your voice". The track is quite cool and is part of the upcoming album "Salvation". Reminds me a bit to the mighty Agnostic Front. I'm looking forward to Septmeber 16th.


RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Ringworm, Tour, Hardcore, Metalcore, News

Clevelands metallic hardcore band Ringworm kicks off their European tour this week. Here are the dates:

RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

CD review DEADLOCK "The re-arrival"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Deadlock, Heaven Shall Burn, CD Review, News, Death Metal, Modern Metal, Metalcore

(8/10) I was following Deadlock from the "Manifesto" days on. In the beginning I had my issues with the band. For one or another reason I never really found my way into Deadlock's music. This changed during the last years. For me this has mainly to do with the fact, that Deadlock got more and more mature and developed their sound further. They did this without changing their trademarks. Deadlock fine tuned those and brought their sound to a next level. A good example for this was the latest studio release "The arsonist".

"The re-arrival" is now the next record from the German band. The name already gives you a hint about what to expect. "The arrival" was the title of the 2002 debut of the five musicians and the 're-' shows that it is a repetition. But "The re-arrival" is more than just another 'best of...' record. 

In total the album comes with 30 songs. This is really value for money. The record reflects the Lifeforce Records years of the band. The known tracks are re-arranged/re-produced and sound a bit better than the original version, eventhough the difference in my opinion is minor. An interesting fact is the cooperation with Markus Bischoff from Heaven Shall Burn for "Code of honor". His vocal contribution gives the track a real metalcore expression. Nice experiment.

But the album comes with even more. Three tracks are new ones. Deadlock uses those to also introduce their new drummer Werner Riedl. Already "An ocean's monument” shows that Riedl is integrated into the band. The tight drumming and the grooving rhythm section are a clear statement. The song itself is a heavy beast with great growls and even better vocals from singer Sabine Scherer. It's also her voice which kicks-off the second new track called "New era". The song is more melodic than the before mentioned one and the growls are a bit less used. A melodic and heavy song which I think is great. If it marks a 'new era' it will be a successful one too. Last but not least the seven minutes long "The arsenic river" brings again the death metal roots up to surface. It is amazing how easily the growls and the clean vocals harmonize after all these years. I would say ‘never change a winning team’. Beside all the vocals we shouldn't forget the guitars. The riff in this song is a very powerful one and you're facing a wall of guitars in this track. Again the guitars are more anchored in classical heavy metal which is also reflected in the various solo parts too. All in all three cool new tracks from the Germans.

The second CD comes with 15 rare tracks - some are from demo times, unrealeased (acoustic) recordings,... A nice add on for collectors.

"The re-arrival" is a perfect record for everybody who missed releases from the band so far. It gives a good overview on the discography and the history of the band. You can catch up easily. And due to the extras the album is also interesting for every fans and metalheads.





CD 1 (* new songs , ** re-recordings/-arrangements)

  1. An Ocean's Monument (*)
  2. Code Of Honor (feat. Marcus Bischoff / HEAVEN SHALL BURN) (**)
  3. Earthlings (**)
  4. The Brave / Agony Applause (**)
  5. Dark Cell (**)
  6. Virus Jones (**)
  7. A New Era (*)
  8. We Shall All Bleed (**)
  9. Renegade (**)
  10. Martyr To Science (**)
  11. Awakened By Sirens 2014 (**)
  12. To Where The Skies Are Blue (**)
  13. Htrae (**)
  14. End Begins (**)
  15. The Arsenic River (*)

CD 2:

  1. Petition For Mercy  - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  2. Broken Mirror - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  3. What´s The Use - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  4. Face To Face - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  5. Ignorance - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  6. Deprivation  - Insist Demo Tape (1998)
  7. The One Who's Silent Seems To Consent - unreleased track from Deadlock 7" (1999)
  8. Picture - unreleased track from Deadlock 7" (1999) 
  9. A Song Full of Abhorrence in a World Without Feelings… - I'll Wake You When Spring Awakes (EP) (Winter Recordings 2000)
  10. With a Smile on My Face - The Arrival (Winter Recordings 2002)
  11. The End Of The World - Deadlock / Six Reasons to Kill Split (Winter Recordings 2003)
  12. 10.000 Generations In Blood - Earth.Revolt (2005) 
  13. When Time Runs Out (Running Wild Cover) - ReUnation Sampler- A Tribute To Running Wild (Remedy Records 2009)
  14. Awakened By Sirens - Unreleased Acoustic Version (2011)
  15. Earthlings - Bizarro World, Japanese Edition (2011)
CD review DEADLOCK "The re-arrival"

CD review ANNISOKAY " The lucid dream(er)"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Annisokay, Metalcore, Hardcore, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) Annisokay is a band from Halle, Germany, focussing on a mix between port-hardcore and alternative rock, spiced up with some metalcore elements. The name Annisokay looks very special. It needs to be spelled as 'Ann is okay' and than it makes more sense. According to an interview of the band with the Deafground Magazine the name is based on Michael Jacksons "Smooth criminal" where the main character Annie was attacked and the band wished an 'happy end' of the story. No idea if this is true or not, but at least this is what you hear via the grapevine.

The in 2007 founded band so far released only one album. It's the here mentioned "The lucid dream(er)". After two demos and one EP the band released their debut already in 2012. The band didn't have a label at that time and released the album under their own banner. In 2013 Radtone Music took care about the release of the album in Japan and in 2014 SPV ssigned Annisokay. That's also why the debut gets again a bit more in focus.

As said, the music is a mix out of post-hardcore, metalcore and rock. The production is good an powerful and the songs, 14 in total are OK impression. I have perceived the mix between the shouts and the clean vocals as something positive since it makes the record easier approachable. The more negative point is that the album doesn't really stand out. It's in gerenal nothing wrong with it, but the fourteen songs have something like 'heard before already'. In my point of view there are already many bands playing very similar music. So what's the reason for going for Annisokay? I couldn't really answer this question, but you might be able to do it. If so, please feel free to share it in the comments.

Solid music with a good production leads to six points. Let's keep an eye on the further development of the band.





  1. The final round
  2. Sky
  3. Anniversary
  4. Firewalk
  5. Monstercrazy
  6. Whi am I
  7. The believer
  8. Insanity
  9. Ghost of me
  10. By the time
  11. Where do I start
  12. Day to day tragedy
  13. Wasted & useful
  14. The final round (Remix)


Label: SPV

Genre: Metalcore

CD review ANNISOKAY " The lucid dream(er)"

CD review WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE "Salute the commander"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Januar 2014 von Markus W. in Wild Zombie Blast Beat, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, CD Review, News

(7/10) Normally I'm not the biggest fan of metalcore. There are highlights in the genre like e.g. Heaven Shall Burn. But in general I think that the music is sometimes too one dimensional (probabaly I messed it up now with all metalcore fans).

Wild Zombie Blast Guide is different, since the quintett from Wuerzburg, Germany (by the way: Wzbg is a nice playing with letters & words) combines different styles. This becomes understandable since the band consists out of members The New Black, Saltatio Mortis and ex-Cataract.

So I was curious what to expect when I got the album from Wild Zombie Blast Guide on my desk. Actually it sounds pretty good. The band mixes thrash metal with metalcore elements and some blast beat sections. I would name it thrashcore. The result are songs like the opener "Salute to the commander". The opener has some thrash metal soli, some metalcore shouting, but also a very cool grooving chorus. Wild Zombie Blast Guide isn't afraid to also include keyboards into their sound. They do this without losing the power. "Thrash it or trash it" is a good example for this. Keyboards kick-off the song, the guitar takes over and all that results in a melodic bridge with a real thrash chorus. The keys are coming back in "You've died before". The songs actually remind me a bit to In Flames.

"Damnation" adds another element to the range of Wild Zombie Blast Guide. The songs starts with a sample which also comes back during the song. The track itself is more grooving mid-pace based but has breaks, which helps to keep the tension in the song. All in all I can say that the album covers many different aspects and stays interesting from the first to the last song.  To broaden the spectrum even more "Birds of prey" reminds even a bit to hardcore, esp. the guitar riff in the beginning.

All this variations still fit into a bigger picture and doesn' feel actifically combined.

"Salute to the commander" became an interesting record with some cool songs. Give it a try.





  1. Salute the commander
  2. This is hell
  3. Under toxic skies
  4. Thrash it or trash it
  5. Mission complete
  6. Damnation
  7. Birds of prey
  8. End of prey
  9. End of your rope
  10. You've died before
  11. UTZA
  12. End of your rope (Funky horns mix)


Label: WZBG Records

Genre: Thrash Core

CD review WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE "Salute the commander"

A new lyric video from CALIBAN

Veröffentlicht am 27. Dezember 2013 von Markus W. in Caliban, News, Video, Metalcore

Caliban released a new song from the coming album "Ghost empire". The track is called "King".

A new lyric video from CALIBAN

CD review IMPENDING DOOM "Death will reign"

Veröffentlicht am 12. November 2013 von Markus W. in Impending Doom, Death Metal, Metalcore, CD Review, News

(6/10) It is difficult to describe the sound of Impending Doom. One thing is for sure. It has nothing to do with doom metal. The band from California plays a mix of death metal, thrash metal and metal core. So it's quite extreme. But the band still grooves very much. This shows that the band also has some roots in modern metal. The groove and the rhythm of some songs reminds me to Fear Factory and Slipknot, just with some growls. For me it's exactly that mix of styles which I don't really like. It seems that the band is still searching which direction they want to go.

To mention specific songs is not really fair. They all are OK, bit there is no real highlight on the album. And I also have to admit, that it was tough to listen through the entire album. Halfway I thought: I've heard it now.

I don't want to say that the album is bad. That would not be fair. But the album is also no highlight. For fans of the band a must, for metal core fans something to check out.



  1. Ravenous disease
  2. Death will reign
  3. Beyond the grave
  4. My own maker
  5. Doomsday
  6. Rip, tear and burn
  7. Hellhole
  8. My blood
  9. Endless
  10. Live or die
  11. The great divine

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Gerne: Metalcore

CD review IMPENDING DOOM "Death will reign"

CD review GLAMOUR OF THE KILL "Savages"

Veröffentlicht am 4. September 2013 von Markus W. in Glamour Of The Kill, CD Review, Metalcore

Glamour Of The Kill is maybe not that known yet, Eventhough the release with "Savages"  their second album. The four-piece UK band from York is active already since quite some years. They started in 2007 and their demo "Through the dark they march" was already pretty much recognised in the scene. Glamour Of The Kill are playing melodic metalcore which reminds to Bullet For A Valentin. The vocals have a lot of hamonies and the screams are partly integrated, but not that often. The opener "Break" is a good example for this. Harmonies in the verse and shouts in the chorus, but also a heavy riff gives the song a lot of power. In general I have to say that melodies and heavy, sometimes classical metal riffing goes hand in hand with a lot of the tracks. And actually it goes together pretty well. "Heartbreaker" is a good example for this. 
The band also dares to use some keyboard moment like in the beginning of "A freak like me". Since this songs has also the typical "ohoho" parts I could imagine that it becomes also a fixed track in their shows. "Leave it all behind" underlines that the band also got some influences from Iron Maiden. Already the beginning has a typical Maiden guitar part which comes back also in the solo. With "Tears of the sun" the album has also a half-ballad. The song starts very relaxed with acoustic guitar and vocals before it gains intensity along the way. 
"Savages" is a good album and can become a good soundtrack for the next party. But I also have to mention that you sometimes get the impression that you have heard some songs already earlier. Good second album with some space to improve.



  1. Break
  2. Second chance
  3. The only one
  4. Live for the weekend
  5. A freak like me
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Rescue me
  8. Leave it all behind
  9. A beautiful day to die
  10. Tears of the sun
  11. Welcome to hell

Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Genre: Melodic Metalcore


CD review GLAMOUR OF THE KILL "Savages"
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