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CD review MARILYN MANSON "Heaven Upside Down"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Marilyn Manson, News, CD Review, Caroline International, Industrial, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal

CD review MARILYN MANSON "Heaven Upside Down"

(8/10) After having received the news of Manson’s stage accident a few days ago it’s time for more positive news from shock-rocker No.1 – the new album. I don’t think that I need to start with a long introduction because you wouldn’t read this review if you would have never heard about the iconic singer.

Marilyn Manson premiered in 1994 with “Portrait of an American Family”, an album that reached a gold status in the US. The sophomore “Antichrist Superstar” was a next step before “Mechanical Animals” cemented Manson's  position in modern industrial metal.

Over time the combination of industrial sounds, metal and shocking elements lost a bit of its fascination with the latest longplayers still being very successful while not reaching the highs of the earlier releases.

Two years after “The Pale Emperor” entertained fans, it is Marilyn Manson’s tenth strike that will get shipped to the record stores these days. “Heaven Upside Down” is the title of the new album, featuring ten songs in the typical Manson fashion. He chose an approach of going back in time, trying to re-vitalize the "Antichrist Superstar"-days on the new disc, what he mainly succeeded with.

“Revelation #12” starts with malicious samples before the lead guitar takes over and kicks-off a typical Marilyn Manson song. It’s a lot of ‘numbers’ involved in this song that’s build on a pounding beat and a strong industrial foundation.

The opener helps the album to get out of the boxes very well but unfortunately it’s “Tattooed in Reverse” that puts a break on things. Slow and more trivial the tunes doesn’t lead to a lot of excitement and nor it shocks. It comes a bit with the approach of ‘been there, done that’.

The good side is that things get slowly better again. “SAY10” is such a song that brings back the old Manson spirit. The dark and calmer sections are intense, leading to a chorus that’s a noisy peak. It's a creepy milestone on the album that has with “Saturnalia” another banging track, reminding of a heavy version of Visage's “Fade to Grey” in some parts. 

“KILL4ME” is a real hit on "Heaven Upside Down". The song has a more than proper groove, a gloomy verse and a catchy chorus. This number has quite some airplay potential and I could imagine that we will hear this song quiet often as being part of a Manson live show.  Last but not least there's the first single release "WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE" which belongs to the most pissed Marilyn Manson tracks I have heard for a long time. After a menacing start the tunes unveils a furious brutality in the chorus, all with an overarching hellish vibe.

To sum up: “Heaven Upside Down” is a good Marilyn Manson album. Not more and not less. The revolutionary days are over and the shocking moments became less over time. However, “Heaven Upside Down” is still good enough and an entertaining album that will be appreciated by Manson-fans.





  1. Revelation #12
  2. Tattooed in Reverse
  4. SAY10
  5. KILL4ME
  6. Saturnalia
  7. JE$U$ CRI$I$
  8. Blood Honey
  9. Heaven Upside Down
  10. Threats of Romans


Label: Caroline International

Genre: Industrial Metal

Release Date EU: October 6th, 2017


News about MARILYN MANSON's next studio album

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2017 von Markus W. in Marilyn Manson, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, Video, Loma Vista

Marilyn Manson will release the new studio album on October 6th via Loma Vista / Caroline International. The title of the 10th release is "Heaven Upside Down" and the single "We Know Where You Fucking Live" was unveiled today.

Next to the new video also the tracklist was revealed and here it is:

1. Revelation #12
2. Tattooed In Reverse
4. SAY10
6. Saturnalia
7. JE$U$ CRI$I$
8. Blood Honey
9. Heaven Upside Down
10. Threats of Romance


CD review MARILYN MANSON "The pale emperor"

Veröffentlicht am 21. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Marilyn Manson, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Dark Metal, Avangarde, CD Review, News, Rock

(8/10) I must say that I haven’t expected a lot from a new Marilyn Manson album. I liked what he did in the beginning of the career, but I haven’t perceived the last outputs as really thrilling. Therefore the level of excitement was limited when I got the new record on my desk.

But sometimes things are different than what you expect. “The pale emperor” is a good example therefor.

After having heard the new longplayer I also have to say that first of all the cover reflects the album very well. The songs are exactly spreading the same mood as the artwork: confusing, distorting and insane. And those words aren’t meant negative at all. "The pale emporer" is different. It's more gloomy and dark. There is even more despair captured in each track. Manson kept the industrial rock trademarks but also added new elements to his music. Especially the blues appears much more in the different songs and add a new dimension to the music. This might not be the most loved thing for everybody, but I like it.

“The pale emperor” starts with “Killing stranger” in a weird way. It is a five minutes song based on a constant rhythm that is combined with vocals that are almost spoken words. The electro-music segement in Manson’s music is very dominant in this track. Not my favorite song on the album, but things get better with “Deep six”. The band pushes-on and the track is a grooving rock song with a simple but efficient riff. One of those raw kicking-ass moment on “The pale emperor” that reminds very much to the earlier days of Manson.  

Another highlight on the album is "The mephistopheles of Los Angeles" - a five minutes long that is one of the best ones I have heard from Manson for many years. And a tune that becomes better every time you listen to it.

A real beast is the slow rolling “The devil beneath my feet” with the down-tuned guitars and the punchy drums.

"Cupid carries a gun" is maybe known by you already since it was the title track for the TV series "Salem". It was the last song that made it one the album, but it was the first one that was written.

What is really interesting is the end of the 'Deluxe version' of "The pale emporer". What can be heard already in the ten regular songs becomes even more intense in "Day 3", "Fated, faithful, fatal" and "Fall of the house of death". All three tunes are acoustic ones that reminds to "American recordings" from Johnny Cash. 

"The pale emporer" became an album that might poleax some people; also fans of the band. But isn't that what Manson is known for? In total there could have been a few more of the faster songs on the album. A bit more of "Deep six" would have been good for getting a better flow. However, I like the new album even though it can't reach the untouchable "Mechanical animals" and "Antichrist superstar".





  1. Killing stranngers
  2. Deep six
  3. Third day of a seven day binge
  4. The mephistopheles of Los Angeles
  5. Warship my wreck
  6. Slave only dreams to be king
  7. The devil beneath my feet
  8. Birds of hell awaiting
  9. Curpid carries a gun
  10. Odds of even
  11. Day 3
  12. Fated, faithful, fatal
  13. Fall of the house of death


Label: Vertigo Berlin

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review MARILYN MANSON "The pale emperor"

CD review EMIGRATE "Silent so long"

Veröffentlicht am 14. November 2014 von Markus W. in Emigrate, Rammstein, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, CD Review, News, Marilyn Manson, Motorhead

(8/10) The new album from Emigrate is called "Silent so long" and is the second solo release of Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe. The album is a really interesting one and it could be more diverse than what you get with those eleven songs.

While the opener reminds in general very much to the debut of Emigrate the album takes an unexpected twist with the second track. “Get down” is definitely different from what the band has done before. The tune has almost no guitars and is very much based on electro/indie music. The synthesizer samples have a touch from Anne Clarks’ “Our darkness” as well as the weird solo half way. A tune that is somewhere between genius and insanity. Towards the end the guitars break through the electro wall and give the song the Emigrate identity back. This pattern comes partly back in “Happy times”.

Track number three is a remarkable one too. Nobody else than Lemmy from Motoerhead is singing in this very fast track. ”Rock city” is by far the best song on a good record and Lemmy’s smoky vocals are a perfect fit.

Another song, another twist. Marilyn Manson is singing on “Hypothetical”. It’s a slow and mean rock song that reminds to Manson’s stuff – not only due to the vocals. And the riff is also not totally unknown. “Kashmir” from Led Zeppelin was, I guess, very present in the songwriting process.

And with Jonathan Davis from Korn there is another well known singer supporting with vocals. “Silent so long”, the title track, is sang by the Korn frontman. It’s an alternative metal track that doesn’t have that much to do with the nu metal band from the US; except maybe the melancholy that accompanies the track.

“Silent so long” breaks the silence and brings Emigrate back to your CD player. I personally like the mix of indie, metal and electro. A cool album that sounds very fresh. It gives Kruspe the chance to escape from the Rammstein framework in order to unleash his creativity fully. Good stuff.





  1. Eat you alive
  2. Get down
  3. Rock city
  4. Hypothetical
  5. Rainbow
  6. Born on my own
  7. Giving up
  8. My pleasure
  9. Happy times
  10. Faust
  11. Silent so long 


Label: Vertigo / Universal Music

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review EMIGRATE "Silent so long"

MARILYN MANSON plays a role in Sons Of Anarchy season 6

Veröffentlicht am 12. September 2014 von Markus W. in Marilyn Manson, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, Industrial, News

Entertainment Weekly released a photo of Marilyn Manson being part of Sons Of Anarachy season 6. Other guys who had already guest appearences in the series was e.g. Henry Rollins and Stephen King. Check the link.

Photo: Agata Alexander

Photo: Agata Alexander


Live review MARILYN MANSON, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, 06.08.14

Veröffentlicht am 13. August 2014 von Caroline Kube in Marilyn Manson, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Industrial, Live Review, News

From spitting, squirting, rolling around on stage to walking on stilts Marilyn Manson yet again put on a show that gets under your skin with aww. His vocals and energy were back in full force tonight.

From the start he set expectations high with a brutal powerful intro of shadows and sounds behind the curtain and breaking into ”Angel with the scabbed wings”. Having two guitarists brought even more power to the show. Songs, which screamed and entertained the audience with theatrics, included Eurythmic’s “Sweet dreams” and “Personal Jesus”. As well as “Get your Gunn" and “Mister superstar”.

On occasion he had mic issues, probably due to throwing them at the end of songs.

“Little horn” had a restart as Marilyn stopped it. As he put it “you shall not play this song like this” getting a member of the crew to come and tell him off for it being played like shit. Excusing himself from audience. Marilyn’s aim tonight seemed to be to deliver to his audience. Which he did.

Though he seemed to think his audience were “Amsterdammers” and that he was in Amsterdam. Telling the pit crowd to shout to the balcony audience to “praise Amsterdam”. After a few attempts they managed though probably confused as we were Utrecht (30 minutes from Amsterdam).

Theatrics came in the form of various costumes, hats and masks and a bible which were either thrown into the audience or abandoned on stage. All of which added to his contrived theatrics – paradoxical – the ultimate honesty one can expect from the rock star. First encore put on show the dictatorship-inspired pulpit where he lay on top and sang “Antichrist Superstar”. Next was “The Beautiful People” on stilts and crutches. The second encore and finalizing the powerful show, and demonstrating the energetoc Marilyn was “The Reflecting God”.


Set list

New Intro

Angel With the Scabbed Wings

Disposable Teens

No Reflection

Hey, Cruel World...

Little Horn

Get Your Gunn

Personal Jesus


The Dope Show

Rock Is Dead

Mister Superstar

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)


This Is the New Shit

Irresponsible Hate Anthem


Antichrist Superstar

The Beautiful People

Encore 2:

The Reflecting Go



Location: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: 06.08.2014


PS: Don't forget to check some videos on Caroline YouTube account

by Caroline Kube

Photos: Caroline Kube
Photos: Caroline Kube
Photos: Caroline Kube
Photos: Caroline Kube

Photos: Caroline Kube