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CD review KING OF THE NORTH "Get Out of your World"

Veröffentlicht am 1. August 2016 von Markus W. in King Of The North, Stoner Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, News, CD Review

(8/10) Australia knows how to rock. Many bands have proven this statement. AC/DC is doubtless the spearhead but there is much more to discover in Australian's rock and metal scene. King Of The North is one of these bands that are from the fifth continent, not being known that well, playing rock music that has an alternative touch, combined with some heavily down-tuned guitars.

What sounds like a five-pieve band is actually two guys that creates this voluminous sound on "Get out of your World". Andrew Higgs takes care about guitars and vocals while his buddy Steve Tyssen hits the drums very hard, supporting with some background vocals too.

Higgs developed a special technique that allows him to do guitars and adding some bass sounds. This was the base for recording the album in one go and it also enables the duo to perform live.

I must admit that I was impressed by what I heard on "Get Out of your World". Guitars are dominating the scene on this longplayer that brings together some classic rock ala The Doors ("Burn"), a blues expression and a lot of stoner rock. It's the down-tuned and roaring guitars that gives the impression of Kyuss being partly an inspiration for the duo, something that isn't a too bad of a cross-reference.

That the guys aren't afraid of challenges shows the final track on their newest longplayer. Covering a Jimi Hendrix song isn't easy and can go substantially wrong. But I must say that King Of The North does it very well, even though it can't reach the level of the original. But I don't think that anybody expected this anyhow. What this cover version shows though is the passion and the capabilities of Higgs on the six-string, something that builds the red threat through each of the tracks on this album.

Good stuff from Down Under and I guess we will hear more from this duo.





  1. Rise
  2. Het Out of your World
  3. Love Like Fire
  4. Burn
  5. Hard Wired for Hard Times
  6. Ride Like You're Free
  7. Down to the Devil
  8. The Mountain
  9. Caught Between Two Worlds
  10. Hard Days are Done
  11. No Stoned Left Un turned
  12. Manic Depression


Label: Rodeostar

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review KING OF THE NORTH "Get Out of your World"