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Live report DEEP PURPLE, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 02.06.2017

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Live report DEEP PURPLE,  Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 02.06.2017

The title of Deep Purple’s fantastic new album “inFinite” leaves quite some space for speculation and interpretation, especially considering the capital ‘F’ as part of the album name. Does this mean that the iconic pioneers in rock will come closer to an end? Or will they go on forever?

What is a fact though, “inFinite” is a brilliant album that presents the best what you can expect of a band that’s in business since almost 50 years. To support this longplayer the band embarked on a long tour, covering many parts of this planet. One stop on this trip was Amsterdam with playing a show at Ziggo Dome, on of the biggest concert venue in the Netherlands.

After Canadian hardrockers Monster Truck played a solid support slot it was time for Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey to enter the stage. The setlist was built on two main components. As not expected differently the new album played an important role that night and in combination with the old evergreens, the night in Amsterdam became an impressive journey through five decades of classic rock.

It was the opener of the new longplayer that also acted as kick-start for the show. “Time of Bedlam” is a great rock song, which includes some mechanical vocal parts in beginning and end, and it has been the In Gillan’s robot-like moves that visually supported those very well. What made the set to a thrilling one was the constant jump between new and old. Instead of funneling the new songs in the beginning, Deep Purple played old and new in a constant alternation, which means that with “Fireball” and “Bloodsucker” two classics followed the opener. The awesome “Strange Kind of Woman”, also from the “Fireball” album, was the bridge to some new songs. Three songs from the latest release showcased again the newer Deep Purple before the real classics filled the venue with pure rock'n'roll magic.

As soon as the first tones of “Perfect Strangers” left the speakers the audience shifted gears from ‘enthusiastic’ to ‘madhouse’, ending in a more than 10.000 people choir singing the iconic chorus of “Smoke on the Water”. This moment gave everybody in the hall the shivers and showed again that this song is THE hymn when it comes to rock music. It was a furious closure of the regular set, followed by a few minutes break in which the quintet left the stage.

Two more ‘musts’ have been part of the encore. “Hush”, the Joe South cover, was a swinging first part of the encore, before Roger Glover demonstrated the power and groove of the four-string guitar if handled with experience and competence. Excellent work. Maybe another song, taken from the rich Deep Purple discography, would have been better. However, the solo was a nice bridge to the closer of this night in rock. An impressive version of “Black Night” rounded of a concert that showed again, why Deep Purple belonged and belongs to the heavy influencers in rock. These guy are the spearhead when it come to hardrock and it’s awesome with what kind of energy the guys can easily handle an almost two hour show. Rock’n’Roll obviously keeps you young and vital – no doubt after having seen this show tonight.

Next to the well-chosen setlist it goes without saying that the sound was excellently done from the first to last song and also the band itself seemed to enjoy every single minute of this show. Each of the five band members added with their field of expertise the necessary puzzle pieces to the whole to make this night to a celebration in rock. Deep Purple stood there as a unit that had fun and pleasure of what they are doing – entertaining fans of which most of the ones being at the Amsterdam show probably accompanied the band from their very beginning. My personal conclusion after this impressive night is very clear. Hopefully the ‘infinite’ part is much more leading than the ‘finite’. This band can’t stop, especially not when releasing this kind of  excellent longplayers followed by jaw-dropping good live show. Keep on rocking.


Live report DEEP PURPLE,  Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 02.06.2017


  1. Time for Bedlam
  2. Fireball
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Strange Kind of Woman
  5. Johnny's Band
  6. Uncommon Man
  7. The Surprising
  8. Lazy
  9. Birds of Prey
  10. Hell to Pay
  11. Keyboard Solo
  12. Perfect Strangers
  13. Space Truckin'
  14. Smoke on the Water
  15. Haush (Encore)
  16. Bass Solo (Encore)
  17. Black Night (Encore)


Location: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: June 2nd, 2017


CD review DEEP PURPLE "inFinite"

Veröffentlicht am 5. April 2017 von Markus W. in Deep Purple, News, CD Review, earMusic, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice

(9/10) I think that there's no one who doesn’t know Deep Purple. And even the ones that lived under a rock for the last 4 decades of rock at least heard a classic rock song called “Smoke on the Water”. Ian Gillan and Co. are belonging to the generation of bands that has been, and still are, main influencers when it comes to rock and metal music. Having released their debut back in 1968, followed by many highlights in rock history, showcases the level of experience and importance that Deep Purple had over all these 49 years with hopefully no end in sight.

A few years ago the living legend rock released with “NOW What?” an excellent studio album that’s now topped by the highly anticipated 20th longplayer. “inFinite” hits the shelves on April 7th and comes via earMUSIC, featuring ten new songs of the British rock legend.

“Time for Bedlam” starts in an unusual way. The song, that’s also the first single, beginss with Ian Gillan’s voice that’s slightly distorted by a voice effect. After a few notes the track evolves to a grooving Deep Purple that reflects the more temporary Deep Purple.  

Don Airey’s keyboards and the typical Deep Purple guitar lines are the foundation of the rocking “Hip Boots” while the soulful start of “All I got is You” acts almost like a well placed counterpart to the rocking swing of “Hip Boots”. Gillan shows again why he belongs to best singers in rock and hardrock. OK, the high pitch screams might not be present anymore, but the charismatic frontman has still so much feel in his voice that became a trademark of the band over all these years. Accompanied by Steven Morse singing guitar and Airey keyboards “All I got is You” belongs to the best tunes I’ve heard from the band over the last years.

Two spot-on tracks follow this more epical sound experience. “One Night in Vegas” focusses on the essence without being puristic. The track includes this warm and organic vibe that’s very much supported by the embedded piano sounds. Deep Purple shows with “inFinite” that rock’n’roll isn’t a matter of age. It’s about passion and dedication for what you’re doing and if this falls together with skills and creativity record like “inFinite” are the logical consequence.  “Get me Outta Here” is one of ten proofs, a song that gets out of the gates by powerful drum beats of Ian Paice. The tune itself is a grooving mid-tempo one at full strength.

Keyboards, reminding of an outer space experience, kicks off “The Surprising”, a song that belongs to the balladic milestones on this longplayer. It’s beautiful number that spans over a length of six minutes including a great guitar solo, reminding of the earlier days. There is a bit of a gloomy undertone weaved into this quiet and harmonic track which feels like an extra spice.

After such a more epical journey it’s time for some more rocking stuff. You want it, you get it. “Johnny’s Band” is a catchy four minute track that feels light-hearted and immediately sticks to your mind . It's a typical Deep Purple mid-pace song, “On the Top of the World” blends into “Birds of Prey”. The band reduces the speed and adds some complexity which gives the track a prog expression. This song is a bit different and that's the beauty of it.

The grand finale is bringing the blues to the forefront with one legend covering a classic from another legend. “Roadhouse Blues”, originally by the The Doors, is an extremely cool song with an embedded blues vibe which makes this tune to a real treat for fans of rock and rolling music. Deep Purple’s interpretation is a glorious ending of an album that show the five gentlemen at their best.

Deep Purple’s newest masterpiece is another shining pearl in the bands discography. Deep Purple was and is Deep Purple - a 100%. These guys developed their sound over many many years and it’s amazing how many small twists and tweaks they added in order to keep the level of excitement high; from the first to the final note. Considering the album title “inFinite” and the tour header “The Long Goodbye Tour” can be interpreted in various ways, but one thing is for certain: Deep Purple in such a shape and form needs to stay in rock.





  1. Time Fro Bedlam
  2. Hip Boots
  3. All I Got is You
  4. One Night in Vegas
  5. Get Me Outta Here
  6. The Surprising
  7. Johnny's Band
  8. On the Top of the World
  9. Birds of Prey
  10. Roadhouse Blues


Label: earMusic

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 7th, 2017

CD review DEEP PURPLE "inFinite"

CD review IAN PAICE'S SUNFLOWER SUPERJAM "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Ian Paice, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Queen, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(9/10) It was in 2012 when drum legend Ian Paice arranged a concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London. He called it the "Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam". It was actually meant to be a private charity event that the iconic drummer organised together with his wife Jacky. The couple managed to bring together a bunch of excellent and well-kown musicians that supported them that night. The result was an outstanding evening with some of the most important heores in rock.

Luckily this event didn't stay just a private one. The concert was recorded and filmed and we all can join in via CD or DVD/BluRay.

The guys who performed the songs sound like the 'who is who' of rock. Names like Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Uli Jon Roth, Brian May, John Paul Jones and Ian Paice are a guarantee for excellent live music. Bruce Dickinson sings "Black night" from Deep Purple and does a great Gillan-like scream in the beginning - introduced by a "You now what comes next". He does a great job and having Brian May on the six string makes this version evem more special. Alice Cooper is performing "Elected" and the Cooper-hit "School's out". The first track supported by Uli Jon Roth on guitar while Brian May plays the axe on "School's out". Very cool stuff.

With "Pictued within" also Jon Lord (R.I.P.) was honored that night. The soulful intepretation of Steve Balsamo is awesome and gets under your skin. Uli Jon Roth added an old Scorpions song, "The sails of Charon" from the "Taken by force" album, to the show and also "Since you've been gone", with Brian May in the lead, is just a treat for your ears.

"Ian Paice's Sunflower Jam" is an impressive document of an extraordinary evening. Each rock fan should call this record his own. This is music history in all meanings of the words.





  1. Ain't no telling
  2. This wheel's on fire
  3. The sails of Charon
  4. Rock and roll
  5. Pictures within
  6. Something about you
  7. Lessons in love
  8. Emerald
  9. Behind blue eyes
  10. Black night
  11. Since you've been gone
  12. Elected
  13. School's out
  14. Smoke on the water


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review IAN PAICE'S SUNFLOWER SUPERJAM "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"


Veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Ian Paice, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Rock, Classic Rock, Hardrock, News, Video

Drum legend Ian Paice is releasing a spectecular live document on CD and DVD end of February this year. It contains the 2012 "Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam - Live at the Royal Albert Hall". The event was meant to be a private charity show, organised by Paice and his wife. 

End of February everybody has the chance to join in via the CD or the DVD. The concert features some of the best musicians in rock, like Bruce Dickinsin, Uli Jon Roth, Alice Cooper, Brian May plus some more. Here comes a short appetizer from this unique show...

Photo: Gabrielle McMillan

Photo: Gabrielle McMillan