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Interview with Jim Mueller from KISSIN' DYNAMITE

Veröffentlicht am 6. September 2014 von Markus W. in Kissin' Dynamite, Hardcore, Sleaze Rock, Heavy Metal, News, Interview

The youngsters from Swabian metal band Kissin’ Dynamite has a new record out in the stores since a few days. It’s their fourth full-length record, which shows that the band from the south of Germany became more mature during all the years in the music business. „Megalomania“ combines the oldschool (sleaze) metal influences with the ‚experiments’ from their third album „Money, sex and power“.

The other day I had the chance to get more insights from the band directly. I was talking to Jim Mueller, one of the two guitarists of the band. Jim took some time for interview during his ‚other’ job, next to the band. Without going too much into depth I can say that the guy is really connected to metal. It was a nice chat between two Swabians.

Photo: AFM Records (Promo)

Photo: AFM Records (Promo)

Markus Heavy Music Blog:

Hej Jim, good to have you on the phone. How are you?

Jim Mueller:

Thanks. Good talking to you.



Jim, you guys have worked on a new album – „Megalomania“. How does it feel having the album ready to be released? (info: it's relesed in the meantime)


First of all it’s a big relief having the album finally done. It took us more effort this time than we expected.



Sounds interesting. Why was this the case?


It was due to the fact the decided in June 2013 to do a few things different this time. We reflected on the current status of the band and found quite some things, which worked very well, but there have been also a few things, which we thought could have been done better. One thing we actually said goodbye to have been the 80’s clothing. We are born in the beginning of the 90’s and we want to reflect this. We live in the 21st century and this is what we represent nowadays.



Sounds like a logical decision. Next to the more up-to-date outfits, what happened to the music?


We had the same approach when it is about the songs. We mixed the typical Kissin’ Dynamite sound with some new and fresh elements. To find the right way for doing this took some time and energy. As soon as we have decided this the rest of the work on the new album went on much easier.



I have to say that I like the new album, but also the first two records had their charm and had many rounds on my record player.


I can understand your remark regarding the first two albums. We are still proud of those releases too and we wouldn’t change anything with those albums. It was just the right time to focus on development and do something different. Our aim isn’t to do the same thing for the coming 20 years. We need the excitement of something new. Doing always the same thing would be quite annoying for us.


Photo: AFM Records (Promo)

Photo: AFM Records (Promo)


A look on the opener „DNA“ shows already those new elements you guys have used. The keyboard parts, which appear all of a sudden, could be from Rammstein.


Yes, indeed. The song is a good example for what I meant before. The structure of the song without keyboards would fit exactly into the „Money, sex and power“ area. But the keyboards add something extra to the sound. With „DNA“ we wanted to pick up the fans and take them with us on the journey through the modernized sound of Kissin’ Dynamite.



I have seen that you have performed the song live on several festivals like Rock Am Härtsfeldsee and the Bang Your Head open air. How would you describe the reactions of the fans?


We got very very good reactions. Actually even better than what we expected. And after we have got this feedback we knew that we have done the right thing. That’s a very good feeling. And do you know what’s the best thing. Going on tour again. To be in the studio is OK, but we want to play live. That’s my personal highlight.



I have seen that you are playing almost whole Europe this autumn. That must be an awesome moment, since I think it’s your first headliner tour.


Yes and it’s another step forward for Kissin’ Dynamite. The setlist is ready and we are starting the rehearsals. We said goodbye to a few old songs and the focus is of course on „Megalomania“. But we will also have some surprises in the meaning of songs we haven’t played for quite a while.



I hope that „Steel of Swabia“ will be still on the setlist.


This is something we don’t know yet.



OMG. Than you at least have to add it for the Holland shows :o) Jim, can you tell us something about the support act on your tour.


Of course. We have two friends of us joining. They named themselves UMC. It’s a guitarist and a drummer who take chart songs like „Happy“ and make a real metal version out of it. I have seen the guys the other day for the first time live. This becomes pure fun.



Going back „Megalomania“ for a second. It’s definitely a tongue twister. So where does the name come from.


True. As said in the beginning we have thought about how we see ourselves. By being a very grounded band on the one hand we are, in a positive sense, also megalomaniac. The reason for this is that we are still so young and we want to achieve quite a lot. And in order to do this you have to have high ambitions that could be seen as megalomaniac. We don’t want to limit yourselves by thinking in small scales. We want to think big by being grounded. In that sense the title fort he album fits perfect. But also songs like „Running free“ and „Ticket to paradise“ fit into this context.



Next to Kissin’ Dynamite, what do you have on your iPod playlist at the moment.


It’s a wide range of songs. It goes from Pantera to Dragonforce. I got their new album the other day and that’s the fave on the playlist right now.



Jim, something more for your side to the fans?


Sure. They all should not only go for the new album but also come to the shows (also in Holland). That’s where they party happens.



Jim, thanks for your time.


Thanks for having me.

Photo: AFM Records (Promo)

Photo: AFM Records (Promo)


CD review OBEY THE BRAVE "Salvation"

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2014 von Markus W. in Obey The Brave, Hardcore, Metalcore, CD Review, News

(8/10) Hardcore from Montreal, Québec - that's Obey The Brave. I have to admit that I haven't heard about the band before, but I must say that their latest release "Salvation" convinced me. "Salvation" is the second full-length album from the band and follows the 2012 disc "Young blood". 

The band was founded  in 2011 by singer Alex Erian, John Campell (g), Miguel Lepage (b), Greg Wood (g) and Steve Morotti (d). Eventhough some of the guys have a deathcore history Obey The Brave goes very much in to hardcore direction, with some metal influences.

The opener "Short fuse" comes in best Agnostic Front attitude. Heavy guitar riffs and an enormous groove dominate the song. I like with Obey The Brave that they don't play as fast as possible. The rhythm and the groove is what is in focus. What goes for the opener is present in tunes like the mighty "Next level" and the bouncer "Brave the fire". The galloping beat just hits you right into your face.

The faster tracks are present on "Salavation" as well. There is the speedy "Up in smoke" which reflects the punk roots. And "I am winter" is one of the uptempo numbers too. 

All those tracks gain by the slightly hoarse vocal from Alex Erian. This guy shouts out all his pissed-off attitude and by doing this he gives the song the characteristics.

The most melodic track on "Salvation" is probabaly "Lonewolf". It stands a bit out from the rest, but still fits on the album. It adds some variety to the entire sound of Obey The Brave. 

This is really heavy stuff. Thumbs up. "Salvation" is their strongest release and I like the album.





  1. Short fuse
  2. Raise your voice
  3. Up in smoke
  4. Into the storm
  5. Next level
  6. Back in the day
  7. I am winter
  8. Lonewolf
  9. C'est la vie
  10. Full circle
  11. North strong
  12. Brave the fire


Label: Epitaph

Genre: Hardcore

CD review OBEY THE BRAVE "Salvation"

Another new video from OBEY THE BRAVE from Canada

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2014 von Markus W. in Obey The Brave, Hardcore, Thrash Metal, Punk, Video, News

Another video from Obey The Brave. Another cool hardcore track, "Short fuse", from their album "Salvation" which will be released in September. Seems to become a mighty hardcore record.


OBEY THE BRAVE - hardcore from Quebec

Veröffentlicht am 15. August 2014 von Markus W. in Obey The Brave, Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk, News, Video, Agnostic Front

Obey The Brave are a hardcore band from Quebek, Canada and released a video for the song "Raise your voice". The track is quite cool and is part of the upcoming album "Salvation". Reminds me a bit to the mighty Agnostic Front. I'm looking forward to Septmeber 16th.


RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Ringworm, Tour, Hardcore, Metalcore, News

Clevelands metallic hardcore band Ringworm kicks off their European tour this week. Here are the dates:

RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

Tracklist & cover from the upcoming SICK OF IT ALL album

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Sick Of It All, Hardcore, News

Hardcore legend Sick Of It All revealed the cover and the tracklist from their coming album "The last act of defiance". Release date will be end of September this year. Stay tuned.



1. Sound the Alarm
2. 2061
3. Road Less Traveled
4. Get Bronx
5. Part of History
6. Losing War
7. Never Back Down
8. Facing the Abyss
9. Act Your Rage
10. Disconnect Your Flesh
11. Beltway Getaway
12. Sidelined
13. Outgunned
14. DNC

Tracklist & cover from the upcoming SICK OF IT ALL album

CD review MADBALL "Hardcore lives"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Madball, Agnostic Front, Hardcore, News, CD Review

(8/10) One of the most important representative of NYHC are Madball. The quartet started already in 1988 and they are, together with the mighty Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All, one of the biggest influencers for hardcore along the east coast.

The new album, which is number eight, got the title "Harcore lives". The name says it all. Listening to the songs on the album it is more than obvious that hardcore is alive.

The amazing thing is, that Madball still transferes the same energy and rage as 22 years ago. Of course they got older too, but in this case it's more gaining experience by keeping the spirit of the early days. And they still have the same passion and dedication.

The 16 songs (actually 15 tracks + 1 intro) on the new album reflect all the typical trademarks of the band. They are straight-forward and right to the point. 'No gimmicks, just pure music' seems to be the motto again. Guitars are screaming, the shouts from Freddy Cricien are as good and powerful as always and the rhythm section creates a groove which is irresistable.

This time Madball also invited guests to perform some tunes together with them. There is e.g. "Born strong" which is an heavy and vital track feat. Candance from Walls Of Jericho. Simple and brutal the song blows your speaker. In my point of view the song has the potential to become a live classic for the band.

Madball also wrote/writes always relevant lyrics. Words are not only 'decoration' for the music. They are a relevant factor. The earlier mentioned "Born strong" is one example. It's about the fact that everybody has it's strength, regardless waht strength it is. And if you combine those with friends and family it can become even stronger. Or listen carefully to "For the judged".  It's a strong statement against judging and prejudging people based on gender, skin, habits,...

Conclusion: Madball released a great new album with hardcore anthems which are vital, energetic and without any compromise. A really cool album which should be checked by everybody.





  1. Intro
  2. HC lives
  3. The balance
  4. Doc Marten stomp
  5. DNA
  6. True school (feat. Scoot Vogel from Terror)
  7. The here and now
  8. My Armor (feat. Toby Morse from H2O)
  9. Beacon of light
  10. Born strong (feat. Candance Puopolo from Wall Of Jericho)
  11. Spirit
  12. Mi palabra
  13. NBNC
  14. The beast
  15. For the judged
  16. Spirit on your grave


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hardcore

CD review MADBALL "Hardcore lives"

CD review ANNISOKAY " The lucid dream(er)"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Annisokay, Metalcore, Hardcore, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) Annisokay is a band from Halle, Germany, focussing on a mix between port-hardcore and alternative rock, spiced up with some metalcore elements. The name Annisokay looks very special. It needs to be spelled as 'Ann is okay' and than it makes more sense. According to an interview of the band with the Deafground Magazine the name is based on Michael Jacksons "Smooth criminal" where the main character Annie was attacked and the band wished an 'happy end' of the story. No idea if this is true or not, but at least this is what you hear via the grapevine.

The in 2007 founded band so far released only one album. It's the here mentioned "The lucid dream(er)". After two demos and one EP the band released their debut already in 2012. The band didn't have a label at that time and released the album under their own banner. In 2013 Radtone Music took care about the release of the album in Japan and in 2014 SPV ssigned Annisokay. That's also why the debut gets again a bit more in focus.

As said, the music is a mix out of post-hardcore, metalcore and rock. The production is good an powerful and the songs, 14 in total are OK impression. I have perceived the mix between the shouts and the clean vocals as something positive since it makes the record easier approachable. The more negative point is that the album doesn't really stand out. It's in gerenal nothing wrong with it, but the fourteen songs have something like 'heard before already'. In my point of view there are already many bands playing very similar music. So what's the reason for going for Annisokay? I couldn't really answer this question, but you might be able to do it. If so, please feel free to share it in the comments.

Solid music with a good production leads to six points. Let's keep an eye on the further development of the band.





  1. The final round
  2. Sky
  3. Anniversary
  4. Firewalk
  5. Monstercrazy
  6. Whi am I
  7. The believer
  8. Insanity
  9. Ghost of me
  10. By the time
  11. Where do I start
  12. Day to day tragedy
  13. Wasted & useful
  14. The final round (Remix)


Label: SPV

Genre: Metalcore

CD review ANNISOKAY " The lucid dream(er)"

CD review RYKER'S "Hard to the core"

Veröffentlicht am 25. April 2014 von Markus W. in Ryker's, Hardcore, CD Review, News

(8/10) German hardcore legend Ryker's are back. Founded in 1992 in Kassel, Germany the band released with records like "Ground zero" some great hardcore discs. It has been those records which lead to a lot of enthusiastic feedback. The Ryker's have been grown to one of the really influential acts in the 90's. Therefore it was a sad moment when the band disbanded in 2000.

After few try-outs in the last years the band decided to produce a new album. "Hard to the core" is the result of this fruitful work and will be released in May this year. It became the expected killer.
In total nine songs hit you like a hammer. All of them are straight-forward hardcore anthems between 2 and 3 minutes. This leads me immediately to my critisism. The running time is with 24 minutes far too short. Why are there not more songs on the album?

But if we take it from the stand point 'quality before quantity' we can life with the short playing time. The highlight of the album is the title track "Hard to the core". A very fast beginning of the tune leads to a quite grooving middle part which couldn't have been done better by Agnostic Front. A heavy and damn cool track which reminds a bit to "Haunting season" from the earlier mentioned "Ground zero" album. Also the following "Can't kill a dream" is an awesome song and belongs to my faves on the album. What I like most with this track is the almost hypnotic repetition of "You can't kill a dream" towards the end. Well done. The closer "Sound of broken bottles" is actually not more than an outro. The title says it all - sound of broken bottles. That's what you hear. So we can conclude that it's eight great hardcore tracks on the album which clearly state that Ryker's are back.

Great album, which makes great fun to listen too. Just a bit too short - but we had that already. Welcome back Ryker's.



  1. The world as I see it today
  2. Hard to the core
  3. Can't kill a dream
  4. Time heals...
  5. Divided by colours
  6. Born to fly
  7. Slave cruel world
  8. World wide trap
  9. The beautiful sound of broken bottles

Label: BDHW
Genre: Hardcore

CD review RYKER'S "Hard to the core"

SICK OF IT ALL tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 31. März 2014 von Markus W. in Sick Of It All, Hardcore, Tour, News

Hardcore legend Sick Of It All is on tour in Europe this summer. Here are the dates:

18.07.14 (D) Dieburg - Traffic Jam Open Air 
19.07.14 (B) Dour - Dour Festival 
20.07.14 (B) Cuxhaven - Deichbrand Festival
22.07.14 (H) Budapest - Budapest Park 
23.07.14 (A) Graz - P.P.C. 
25.07.14 (D) Essen - Nord Open Air 
26.07.14 (D) Bausendorf - Riez Open Air 
27.07.14 (D) Paaren - Greenville Festival 
29.07.14 (F) Bartenheim - Caf'Conc des 3 Fronti貥s
01.08.14 (E) Viveiro - Resurrection Fest 
02.08.14 (F) Biarritz - Atabal
03.08.14 (F) Albi - Xtreme Fest 
05.08.14 (I) La Spezia - Spazio Boss 
06.08.14 (SLO) Tolmin - Punk Rock Holiday
07.08.14 (D) Munich - Free & Easy 
08.08.14 (D) Torgau - Endless Summer Open Air 
09.08.14 (CZ) Jaromer - Brutal Assault Festival


SICK OF IT ALL tour dates

RYKER'S are back

Veröffentlicht am 17. März 2014 von Markus W. in Ryker's, Hardcore, News

German hardcore institution Ryker's are back. They even work on a new album called "Hard to the core" which will be released via BDHW Records on May 2nd. Welcome back guys.

Photo: Band Promotion

Photo: Band Promotion


HATEBREED on tour in April and June/July

Veröffentlicht am 2. März 2014 von Markus W. in Hatebreed, Hardcore, Tour, News

Hatebreed are coming to Europe. Here are the dates:

28.02. Umea - House of Metal Festival (Sweden) + NAPALM DEATH 
11.04. Copenhagen - Lille vega (Denmark) 
12.04. Aarhus - Voxhall (Denmark) 
13.04. Gothenburg - Brewhouse (Sweden) 
14.04. Malmö - KB (Sweden) 
15.04. Stockholm - Tyrol (Sweden) 
17.04. Helsinki - Nosturi (Finland) 
18.04. Oslo - Inferno Festival (Norway) 
19.04. Leipzig - Impericon Fest (Germany) 
20.04. Schijndel - Paaspop (The Netherlands) 
21.06. Clisson - Hellfest (France) 
27.06. Spalene Porici - Basinfire Fest (Czech Republic) 
28.06. Montabaur - Mair1 Festival (Germany) 
29.06. Desselt - Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium)
04.07.-06.07. Roitzschjora - With Full Force (Germany) 
05.07. Münster - Vainstream Rockfest (Germany) 
02.08. Wacken - Wacken Open Air (Germany)

Photo: Randy Johnson

Photo: Randy Johnson


CD review PRO-PAIN "The final revolution"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Pro-Pain, Hardcore, CD Review

Pro-Pain is coming with their new album "The final revolution" around the corner in autumn this year. This time Gary Meskil wrote all the song himself, which is the first time since the 90's. "The final revolution" is album number 13 in the bands discography. Does the 13 stand for bad luck? Not in the case of Pro-Pain. Actually I guess Meskil was quite pissed-off when he wrote the tracks. At least the energy level in the songs leads me to this assumption.

The new album goes back to the roots. The reason for this could be that, as earlier mentioned, Meskil wrote the songs and the lyrics himself. The songs are all build on a strong groove, sometimes combined with some almost death metal elements. Already the opener "Deathwish" shows this with the riff and growl in the beginning. A good start. Another favorite of mine is "Problem-reaction-solution". The song hits you right into the face and can become with the chorus a real live classic. Also the title song "The final revolution" belongs to the group of my favorite. It comes with a galloping rhythm and a thrash attitude. Another track which needs to be named is the dark "Want some?". The song is kept in mid-tempo, has a dark riffing and convinces with a great groove in the chorus. "Southbound" is a song which has quite some personal lyrics and describes Mesik's trek south.

Actually all songs on the album are enjoyable to listen to. The only small disadvantage is, that the album in its totality would have benefited from a little bit more variety. After the eighth to ninth song I had the feeling, that I've heard it now. But again, good songs.



  1. Deathwish
  2. One shot one klll
  3. Southbound
  4. Problem reaction solution
  5. The final revolution
  6. Can't stop the pain
  7. All systems fail
  8. Want some?
  9. Fall from grace
  10. Emerge
  11. Mass extinction
  12. Under the gun

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardcore

CD review PRO-PAIN "The final revolution"


Veröffentlicht am 14. August 2013 von Markus W. in Hotrod Mayhem, CD Review, Thrash Metal, Hardcore

This EP is not new. It was released in 2011, but it hardly haven't got any attention. I got this record a few weeks ago and I have to say that I was impressed. Hotrod Mayhem is actually a side project of Michael from Dryrot and Joschi from Undertow. The 5 songs are all pretty heavy and are thrash and hardcore influenced.

The opener "Slaves" is the best song. The zrack has a great groove combined with heavyness and a great chrous. Listened once, never forgotten. You just can't stand still by listening to that song. The other 4 songs are great as well even though they can't keep the level of the opener. But they are also above average.

i just wonder what happened to the band and if we can expect more. Would be great.




Contamination overdose

Black rain

Catch me if you can

Where do you go

Label: Own pruduction

Genre: Thrash / Hardcore


Markus Walcz (v)

Michael Gerstlauer (g)

Joachim Baschin (g)

Andreas Hund (b)

Oliver Rieger (d)

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