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CD review GODSMACK "When Legends Rise"

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2018 von Markus W. in Godsmack, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, News, Spinefarm, When Legends Rise, Rock, Hardrock

CD review GODSMACK "When Legends Rise"

(9/10) Godsmack isn't a band having a massproduction approach when it comes to producing longplayers. The band started in the second half of the famous 90's with a self-titled debut that hit the scene in 1998. From then till now five additional records followed in a kind of four year frequency. 

Knowing that "1000hp" was unveiled in 2014 nurtured expectations for a next longplayer in 2018 and Godsmack sticks to their release pattern and delivers. "When Legends Rise" is Godsmack's seventh longplayer and it's a blast. Sully Erna and band mates crafted eleven new songs that ended up on the new longplayer.

The quartet stays true to their sound, bringing riff-oriented alternative metal to your place. 'Melody' is no stranger too when it comes to the newest strike of the Boston-based powerhouse and it's this mixture of elements that characterises Godsmack. It's not that the four-piece band is the only outfit that counts on such a formula for success. It's more the ease and authenticity that makes the band's sound special and attractive for all kind of rock and metal fans. Influences from bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica makes the band to an interesting one for metalheads while some grunge references act as springboard for the alternative rock scene. Last but not least it's the catchy hooks that opens doors for chart-oriented rock fans.

"When Legends Rise" includes all these trademarks and it would not be a suprise if also the seventh album will enter top chart positions. 

"Bulletproof" was the first song revealed from the new album, supported by a highly entertaining video clip. But also lasering in on music shows the entire potential of this band. We are talking about a catchy rock songs that stick immediately and still have enough potential being spun many times. "Bulletproof" is framed by the short and crispy opener "When Legends Rise" which deserves to be the title track for the new album. The song has a strong drive and an irresistible chorus, standing for a great start into the album. "Unforgettable" follows "Bulletproof" and is a mid-paced rock song that reminded me partly of Volbeat, just better.

Godsmack focusses on the essence when it comes to songs that ended up on their seventh delivery. None of the tunes can be seen as lengthy or epic. Most of the tracks have a three minutes of length setup. Even the powerful half-ballad "Under Your Scars" tells the story in less than four minutes. Still, or maybe because of this focus, this hymn belongs to the best ones I've heard since quite a while.

"When Legends Rise" gets out of the boxes very well and the guys manage to keep a quality throughout. Also the second half of the album keeps a good level of excitement. Tunes such as the darker "Just One More Time" and the easy going "Let It Out" are vital rock songs and a treat for your ears.

Godsmack's new offer is a strong delivery that showcases the band being highly creative, rocking and heavy. Alternative metal can't sound much better and more professional than what you get with "When Legends Rise". You need to decide for yourself if Godsmack are the 'legends' the album title refers to. However, the album is an excellent one that I definitely can recommend.





  1. When Legends Rise
  2. Bulletproof
  3. Unforgettable
  4. Every Part of Me
  5. Take it to the Edge
  6. Under Your Scars
  7. Someday
  8. Just One More Time
  9. Say My Name
  10. Let it Out
  11. Eye of the Storm


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: April 27th, 2018





CD review RICHARDS/CRANE "Richards/Crane"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in RichardsCrane, Ugly Kid Joe, Godsmack, News, Acoustic, Rock, Blues, Grunge, CD Review

(7/10) Hmmmm. What to write about this album? Not easy and even after quite some rounds of listening I'm not hundred percent sure when it comes to "Richards/Crane".

Richards/Crane is the first album out of a cooperation of Godsmack's Lee Richards and Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane. Both guys benefit from a lot of experience with their bands, something that actually should be a good base for such a cooperation.

So, how does it sound when these to guys collaborate? The ten songs on the album neither reflect one of the two 'mother bands'. Richards and Crane release an acoustic album that focusses on silent moments, nice melodies and a lot of feel. Sometimes I was reminded of music played while sitting around a campfire while other moments sound like the MTV unplugged session of grunge icons Alice In Chains ("Someday").

All this is actually quite positive and the fact that the duo get's support by Myles Kennedy on "Black & White" gives the album even an extra. However, you can feel already the 'but' that's coming. The fact that each of the songs in itself sounds good doesn't mean that the totality is great as well. After a while I had the idea that I hear the same thing only different. The album doesn't contain any peaks or breakouts. Each of the ten numbers follow a kind of the same scheme which leads to a certain state of boredom halfway. Richards and Crane forgot to release the hand break which means that the album stays in the same gear all the time.

Anyhow, good songs, good idea and next time please a bit more variation and peperoni.





  1. Homeward
  2. Everyone
  3. Here in the Light
  4. Black & White
  5. Someday
  6. Lost
  7. Waiting for a Prayer
  8. Rainy Day
  9. Don't Cry for me
  10. World Stand Still


Label: Metalville

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: May 27, 2016



CD review RICHARDS/CRANE "Richards/Crane"

CD review GODSMACK "1000 hp"

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2014 von Markus W. in Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Six records in 16 years is not a lot. Some bands would maybe not even survive such a little amount of releases, since nobody could remember them anymore.

This is different with Godsmack. It's their track record it's fortunatley not the amount of records, but the success of the different releasesn which makes the difference. It was in the beginning of the new century when Godsmack had the peak in their career. The debut "Godsmack" and the second release "Awake", incl. their best song called "Vampire", have been real highlights. Since than the band was a constant factor in alternative metal. They combined the Metallica sound from the 90's with some post grunge elements and by doing this, they created something slighty new.

The newest release got with "1000hp" a name that creates high expectations. Did they manage to transfer the 1000hp on the album? This was my thought before I started to listen to the album. 

The opener "1000hp" took all my doubts away. The title track sounds already like the engine of a Mustang. The name for the track couldn't have been chosen better. The raw power goes actually, with some smaller exceptions, for the entire album. This more than a song, it's a statement.

Next to the title track it is the slower "Something different" which is fascinating. It's the beginning of the track with the guitar and vocals only which sounds awesome. The song explodes in the chorus before it falls back to the more silent parts. The pattern continues throughout the entire track. Combined with the catchy hookline it becomes for me a highlight on the "1000hp".

If you want to know, why I was talking about Metallica in the beginning you should listen to "Locked & loaded". The riff sounds like one from the leaders of the 'Big 4' during the "Load" phase (just better); and it fits better to Godsmack than it does to the newer Metallica.

Someone said to me once that every rock/metal album needs a ballad. Godsmack shows that this statement isn't 100% right. "1000hp" comes without a real ballad. There are some more silent/slow pace songs on the album like "Generation day".  But I wouldn't consider even one of them as a typical ballad. The mentioned "Generation day" is not more than a damn cool rock song, but also not less. The six minutes are just flying due to the variations in the tune. Silent parts go hand in hand with riff-oriented power section. The result speaks for itself. A song which follows a similar pattern is "Turning to stone" - with five minutes another one of the longer tunes on the album.

Godsmack delivered an album which will be loved by the fans of the band. Godsmack trademarks are integrated in cool songs This is what you get with "1000hp". Start the engine.





  1. 1000hp
  2. FML
  3. Something different
  4. What's next
  5. Generation day
  6. Locked & loaded
  7. Living in the gray
  8. I don't belong
  9. Nothing comes easy
  10. Turning to stone
  11. Life is good


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Modern Metal

CD review GODSMACK "1000 hp"