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CD review FLYLEAF "Beneath the stars"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Flyleaf, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) Flyleaf from Texas have a new record in the pipleline which is listening to the title "Beneath the stars". The band that was founded in 2002 can look back on a very successful history. Already their debut, simply called "Flyleaf", was sold more than million times and went platin.

Also the two following records have been quite successful eventhough they didn't reach the level of the debut.

The exciting thing with the new disc was the fact that Flyleaf singer and founding member Lacey Sturm was leaving the band and was replaced by Kirsten May. Eventhough Kirsten was to hear already on the EP "Who we are" I was curious how she influences the music of Flyleaf on a full-length record.

Next to that I think that the album could be also a milestone for the band since they had their biggest success with the debut and never could live up to this again. Will "Beneath the stars" bring back the band  to former strength?

First obvious thing - you get volume for money. 14 songs are taped on "Beneath the stars" plus four bonus add-ons.

So, how is the quality? Unfortunately the new album doesn't reach the level of the good debut. "Flyleaf" convinced with heavy sounds that have been a mix between alternative metal with some grunge elements. The dynamic which characterized the debut is missing on the current release.

There are some tracks that are quite OK. "Home" with the heavier riff in the verse is one of the better tracks on the album. And also the opener rocks very well. A songs that has a warm groove is "Platonic". It is very catchy but still entertaining.

On the other hand there are songs like "City kids" which are almost 'pop'. Also the loud section towards the end of the song can't change the impression of triviality. Nothing against 'pop', if it's well done. But here it's just boring. The same goes also for the following "Blue roses".

I also must say that I liked the vocals from Lancey Sturm better. Those have been a bit rougher and more rocking.

"Beneath the stars" is not the expected coup that brings the band back to where they have been. I think, a missed chance.





  1. Set me on fire
  2. Magnetic
  3. Traitor
  4. Platonic
  5. Head underwater
  6. Sober serenade
  7. Thread
  8. Marionette
  9. Well of lies
  10. City kid
  11. Blue roses
  12. Home
  13. Avalanche
  14. Ship of fools
  15. Tied to the broken (Demo)
  16. City kids (Live)
  17. The hunted (Bonus track)
  18. The wedding (Bonus track)


Label: Loud & Proud Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review FLYLEAF "Beneath the stars"