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CD review DGM "The Passage"

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2016 von Markus W. in DGM, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review, Evergrey

(8/10) DGM newest release "The Passage" is already the eighth one of the Italian five-piece. The guys started 20 years ago and what began with the self-released "Random Access Zone" finds its new climax in "The Passage".

The longplayer includes eleven new tracks that are dynamic, with a bombastic touch. Things are always heavy enough to not disappoint riff-oriented metalheads by also including a melodically component that makes them approachable for a wider target group too. In this perspective DGM walks on a thin line on which they manage to stay on.

Songs like the catchy "Animal" or the heavy title track are good stuff for your ears. The same goes for "Ghost of Insanity". The tune starts with a furious guitar before it enters more melodic territory. The fact that Evergrey singer Tom Englund contributes with some vocals makes the number even better. In the end it's the creative tweaks build into this song which makes it to an entertaining five minutes experience for the listener.

"The Passage" also includes another guest appearance. Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo supports on the mighty "Dogma". The tune belongs to the really heavy ones on the album. The pace is higher than in most of the other songs and the guitars are furious. However, the melodic elements are still embedded in the chorus by well-done vocal lines. For me, "Dogma" is one of the best, since most complete, tracks on "The Passage".

DGM shows that Italian metal has more to offer than 'just' bombastic, partly even overloaded, metal. "The Passage" focusses on the essence without forgetting about the details.





  1. The Secret Part 1
  2. The Secret Part 2
  3. Animal
  4. Ghost of Insanity
  5. Fallen
  6. The Passage
  7. Disguise
  8. Portrait
  9. Daydreamer
  10. Dogma
  11. In Sorrow


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2016


CD review DGM "The Passage"

CD review EVERGREY "The Storm Within"

Veröffentlicht am 24. August 2016 von Markus W. in Evergrey, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal, Symphonic Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) After 20 years in metal we can't say that Evergrey is the new kid on the block.The band can look band on a rich history that is documented in nine chapters. "The Storm Within" is the next one that will be released beginning of September.

Some piano notes open the next step of Evergrey. This relaxed beginning doesn't take too long since heavy guitars break the silence, marking the start of a powerful opener called "Distance". It's a more stately song that has a dark expression. It's almost like you can feel the misery coming closer if there wouldn't be some lighter vocal parts too. Compared to the opener "Passing Through" is a light-hearted track that still features a lot of intense riffs. A counterpart is "Disconnected" which belongs to the more dramatic numbers, coming with a lot of atmosphere.

Songs that include an additional layer are the ones with female vocal support. It's Nightwish's Floor Jansen who shares vocals with Tom S. Englund on "In Orbit". Just by doing this, Evergrey made these tune to one of the more thrilling ones, esp. since both voices go together very well. "The Paradox" is the second one that includes guest vocals. This time it's Englund's wife Carina who enriches this tune. It belongs to the more silent ones, at least for most of the time. I would describe it as a well-crafted power ballad that is touching.

The title track "The Storm Within" comes at the end. It's another six minutes tune with some soulful moments in the verse, before things get more forceful on the chorus. A kind of constant pattern throughout the entire track is the keyboards that reminded me of HIM.

All is all "The Storm Within" is a strong metal record that includes all Evergrey trademarks - power, heaviness, progressiveness and melancholy. Fans of the earlier Evergrey longplayers will move this one too. I would say: all done right.





  1. Distance
  2. Passing Through
  3. Someday
  4. Astray
  5. The Impossible
  6. My Allied Ocean
  7. In Orbit (feat. Fllor Jansen)
  8. The Lonely Monarch
  9. The paradox of the Flame (feat. Carina Englund)
  10. Disconnect
  11. The Storm Within


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2016

CD review EVERGREY "The Storm Within"

DELAIN tracklist, lyric video and tour dates for Europe

Veröffentlicht am 8. August 2016 von Markus W. in Delain, Evergrey, King And The Lotus, Symphonic Metal, Bomastic Metal, News, Video, Heavy Metal, Rock

Dutch symphonic rockers Delain will release their new album "Moonbathers" on August 26th via Napalm Records. It's the bands fifth studio album and the tracklist looks like this:

  1. Hands Of Gold (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
  2. The Glory and the Scum
  3. Suckerpunch
  4. The Hurricane
  5. Chrysalis - The Last Breath
  6. Fire With Fire
  7. Pendulum
  8. Danse Macabre
  9. Scandal
  10. Turn the Lights Out
  11. The Monarch

Bonus CD

  1. Suckerpunch - Live In The Netherlands
  2. Turn The Lights Out - Live In The Netherlands
  3. The Glory And The Scum - Live In The Netherlands
  4. Don't Let Go - Live In The Netherlands
  5. The Glory And The Scum - Orchestra
  6. Hands Of Gold - Orchestra


The first songs from Delain's new album got a lyric video. "The Glory and the Scum" is online. HERE you go.


"Moonbathers" will also be promoted by a tour with Evergrey as special guests and King And The Lotus as support. Here are the dates:

14.10.2016 DE – Köln, Essigfabrik
15.10.2016 DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
16.10.2016 DE – Hamburg, Gruenspan
17.10.2016 DK – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
19.10.2016 DE – Berlin, Columbia-Theater
20.10.2016 PL – Cracov, Kwadrat
21.10.2016 PL – Warsaw, Progresja
22.10.2016 CZ – Zlin, Masters of Rock Club
25.10.2016 SK – Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
27.10.2016 AT – Vienna, Szene
28.10.2016 DE – Munich, Backstage
29.10.2016 DE – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
30.10.2016 CH – Pratteln, Z 7
31.10.2016 FR – Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
02.11.2016 ES – Madrid, Arena
03.11.2016 FR – Toulouse, Metronum
04.11.2016 FR – Paris, Elysee Montmartre
05.11.2016 FR – Lille, Le Splendid
06.11.2016 BE – Antwerp, Trix
08.11.2016 UK – Birmingham, Institute
09.11.2016 SCO – Glasgow, The Classic Grand
11.11.2016 IRE – Dublin, Button Factory
12.11.2016 UK – Manchester, The Ritz
13.11.2016 UK – London, Koko
15.11.2016 UK – Norwich, Waterfront
16.11.2016 UK – Southampton, Engine Rooms
17.11.2016 UK – Cardiff, Tramshed


DELAIN tracklist, lyric video and tour dates for Europe

DELAIN announces European tour for autumn

Veröffentlicht am 22. April 2016 von Markus W. in Delain, Evergrey, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Tour, News, Symphonic Metal

Delain announced some touring activities in Europe for fall this year. The Dutch symphonic metal band will be on the road with Evergey as special guest. The power pack will be completed by Kobra And The Lotus.

Here are the dates:

DELAIN announces European tour for autumn

And just in case you're living in the Benelux, don't forget the Delain show in Zoetermeer tomorrow, Saturday April 23rd.



CD review BOREALIS "Purgatory"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Borealis, Brainstorm, Evergrey, News, CD Review, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Kamelot

(8/10) Metal from Canada means Annihilator when it comes to thrash, Anvil when it comes to metal and Rush when we talk about prog. Power metal wasn't so far something Canada was famous for. This might change with "Purgatory", the newest release from Boeralis.

The tracklist of Purgatory" contains 12 new songs that are positioned somewhere between melodic metal and power metal. In case you haven't heard from the five-piece before you should think about bands like Evergrey, Kamelot and Brainstorm.

The Ontario-based guys surprised me with their new album. "Purgatory" is not really a musical revolution. They joy of the album is more the immese power, the forceful production and the love for detail. 

The cherry on the cake with Borealis is their singer Matt Marinelli. The guy has an awesome voice that covers a range from higher screams up to rougher vocals. It is this wide range that allows an emotional interpretation of the tunes.

It's hard to pick out some songs since the level is constantly high. But there are a few tracks I really like after havingheard them a couple of times. "The chosen one" is one of them. The tune has a progressive tough by still sticking to the melodic metal roots. It also comes with a great solo and vocal lines that are catchy. The keyboards might be a bit dominant in certain parts, but they support the song and add something to the totality instead of weakening the positive impression.

Next to those signs of power Borealis also manage the silent parts. "Rest my child" is a soulful ballad that builds up towards the end. Instead of drowning in cliche the tune is touching and a great moment on "Puragtory".

Last but not least, the title track. I think that the number is well chosen for being the name giver for the longplayer. It combines all what Borealis stands for - power, crunchy riffs, big sounds, catchy melodies, heaviness and a skosh of prog.

The only thing that doesn't really gives me the shivers is the cover. But who cares...

"Purgatory" became a very 'European' power metal album, performed by a band from Canada. It's an excellent longplayer for intensive headbanging and I hope we will see th guys in Europe pretty soon. One of the best power metal records in 2015.





  1. Past the veil
  2. From the ashes
  3. The chosen one
  4. Destiny
  5. Darkest sin
  6. My peace
  7. Place of darkness
  8. Welcome to eternity
  9. Sacrifice
  10. Rest my child
  11. Purgatory
  12. Revelation


Label: AFM 

Genre: Power Metal

Release date: Already released 

CD review BOREALIS "Purgatory"

CD review EVERGREY "Hymns for the broken"

Veröffentlicht am 25. September 2014 von Markus W. in Evergrey, Power Metal, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Progressive power metal news from Sweden. It is Evergrey from Gothenmburg, who is back with a new album called "Hymns for the broken". The band, that is active already since 1995 has released so far eight albums with number nine waiting to be released.

The constant factor in the band is singer Tom Englund who's vocals are closely connected to the sound of Evergey and he is the only one in the current line-up, who is part of the five-piece from the beginning. But the band went also through some changes when it comes to the line-up. First fact. Guitarist Henrik Danhage is back. He was part of the band already between 2000 and 2010. But also Johan Niemann, the drummer, reunited with Evergrey.

So, having mentioned the change - what is the effect? I must say that I always had the band on my radar and like their mix of power metal with a progressive touch. And with the newest album Evergrey delivered another great metal record.

Of course an album like this can't start with just a song. Evergrey always creates atmospheres as well. Listening to their albums creates pictures in your mind. Therefore the intro "The awakening" is a good beginning. It seamless continues with "King of errors", a song that reminds me very much to Queensryche when it comes to the guitars. "A new dawn" with the dark heavy riffing and the melancholic "Wake a change" complete the great starting triple.

"Archaic rage" is probabaly the most intense song on the album. It's a more than six minutes long track with heavy guitars, pianos, a powerful groove and Tom Englund's vocals as the cherry on the cake.

What I have as a remark is that the songs might include a few too mainy gimmicks. There are the spoken words in the intro, the children choir on "The fire", spoken words (make and female) again in the fulminanate "The grand collapse",...  For me it's too much eventhough I have to say that it is at no point annoying. It just takes away a bit the attention from the great songs.

The most soulful number on the album comes towards the end. "Missing you" is a purely piano instrumented tune together with the vcoals Of Englund. An anthem that shows the capabilities of the the man behind the mic.

Like the other albums of the band as well the songs are powerful but also demanding. It's not just an easy listeing record. If you want to experience the full joy of "Hymns for the broken" you have to invest the time to listen to the entire album - with earphones. It's well spend time.





  1. The awakening
  2. Kings of errors
  3. A new dawn
  4. Wake a change
  5. Archaic rage
  6. Barricades
  7. Black undertow
  8. The fire
  9. Hymns fro the broken
  10. Missing you
  11. The grand collapse
  12. The aftermath


Label: AFM

Genre: Power Metal

CD review EVERGREY "Hymns for the broken"


Veröffentlicht am 19. September 2014 von Markus W. in Avatarium, Candlemass, Evergrey, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, News

Swedish retro doom band Avatarium is coming back with a new EP soon. A special moment is the fact that percussionist Michael Blair joined the band for "All I want". Blair worked already together with Tom Waits and Lou Reed. 

Here is the track list and the cover:

  1. All I Want
  2. Deep Well
  3. Pandora’s Egg (live)
  4. Tides Of Telepathy (live)
  5. Bird Of Prey (live)

Brand new video from EVERGREY

Veröffentlicht am 15. August 2014 von Markus W. in Evergrey, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, Video, News

Are you interested in the new video from Evergrey. The Swedish prig metal guys worked on a new album called "Hymns for the broken". The first video is called "King of errors" and sounds awesome.