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Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

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Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

What a prefect day for a metal festival. Overcast, a few sunrays, a nice temperature, some good bands and a lot of metal - perfect conditions for a great day out. However, the first challenge was to get to Eindhoven. This has nothing to do with the DMF. It was more the vacation period that brought many people on the roads that Saturday, which led to some traffic jams and delays.

After a bit of a hassle on the highways I finally made it to Ijssportcentrum, unfortunately a bit to late for White Boy Wasted, a young local band from Eindhoven that got the chance to open this years edition of the DMF.


The first band I could witness was Vuur, the new band of singer Anneke van Giersbergen. The band is working right now on the debut which will be released via InsideOut on October 20th,2017 and after having heard the first single release “Days Go By – London” there was some curiosity when it comes to songs and live performance. Vuur are no rookies. There is a lot of experience in this band and therefore the show was done in a perfect balance between passion for the new and professionalism on the other hand. It was amazing how good the five-piece performed when it comes to tightness and harmony, esp. knowing that they haven’t had too many live shows together to date. Vuur created more appetite for the upcoming album and the long queue during the signing session showed clearly the status of Anneke van Giersbergen and band.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

Next to the two Dutch bands at the top of the batting order the DMF 17 was characterized by thrash metal; oldschool thrash metal to be precise. The billing included bands such as Testament, with New York City based Toxik being the first one to enter the stage. The band, that had two great releases at the end of the eighties, is back with full force. Josh Christian and band mates have been the first highlight that day. Going through material of the old days, but also songs from the recent EP "Breaking Class" created some first circle pits and it felt like Holland was intensively waiting for Toxik to return to Eindhoven RockCity. The four-piece band played an excellent show featuring furious guitar solos by main man Josh Christian. These guys are hungry and so are the fans.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

Let’s stay for another 50 minutes at the American East Coast. After Toxik created a lot of excitement it was up to New York City-based Prong to take things to a next level - and they did. Tommy Victor and Co. built the setlist around classics with only one new tune from the next album played that day (“Divide and Conquer”). The rest of the setlist was a kind of ‘Best of…', including anthems such as “Beg to Differ” and “Broken Peace”.  Prong set down an energetic show that was very well received by the crowd. The wall of sound these guys build as trio continuously astonishes me. Prong on stage is always an experience you shouldn't miss and today was for sure no exception.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

What we haven't heard so far was some death metal. Last year it was Swedish At The Gates that brought some growls to Eindhoven and this year it's their compatriots Entombed A.D. that nailed down a harsh and brutal show. After a quite long intro the quintet acted as a sonic wrecking ball. These five guys fired on all cylinders, leading to a lot of movement in the crowd. The beauty with the DMF is the billing. There is always some variety in the billing by still following a certain pattern of metal. Death metal, thrash metal and some more complex metal get together in a perfect manner; all combined to a running order that keeps the thrill alive. Dutch metal fans have enjoyed the ‘Vikings’ and therefore it wasn't very surprising that Entombed A.D. extended their show with a few minutes. Allt brå.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

As earlier mentioned, it was thrash metal that got a bit more attention this year. Exodus came to Holland, having a setlist in their bag that lead to pure excitement. Exodus is pure thrash metal without any frills or decoration. These guys don’t take any prisoners; they’re burning down the house. Also the five-piece from the Bay Area kept their set more oldschool with songs like “Piranha” and ”The Toxic Waltz” acting has highly appreciated icons, not to forget “Bonded By Blood”. As quite some other bands also Exodus has a long connection to Eindhoven and the Dynamo with having played their first show in Brabant 29 years ago and over all these years the quintet could keep the spirit alive. These guys are authentic, real, and heavy, being fully charged with metal energy that made Steve Souza already watch the shows of Toxik and Prong. Exodus was the real highlight on this year’s DFM and a true winner.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

Time for some more craziness? Of course. Devin Townsend stopped with his Devin Townsend Project at this year's DMF and spiced-up the metal feast at the ‘Ijsbaan’. The Canadian guitar wizard is a great entertainer with excellent guitar skills and a full bag of enthusiasm. The crowd might got a bit tired after already 6 hours of great metal, but Townsend would not be Townsend if he couldn’t gain the fans' attention in a minute. There's no way to escape from the energy that seems to be endless with Townsend. In addition it was a smart move to use the opportunity to also perform quite some songs together with Anneke van Giersbergen. It’s the beauty of a festival that these things can be more easily arranged than normal and metalheads in Eindhoven appreciated these 60 minutes a lot. The Devin Townsend Project music added another flavor to the DMF, leading to a big cheer for the British Columbia-based musician and his hard working band mates.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

One of the bands many fans came for was Bay Area thrash legend Testament. The band was already announced during last year’s edition and the fact that they had their first show outside America at the Dynamo festival 30 years ago was a promising fact for a great show. Unfortunately things went slightly different. Changing the scenery on stage normally took between20 to 30 minutes, but after 45 minutes there was still no Testament on stage. In place of the band the stage crew did one microphone check after the other and you could sense already that there’s something going wrong. I think it would have been good, if someone had informed the patiently waiting crowd about what’s the situation. Finally, after one hour waiting time the band entered the stage with “Over the Wall”. In a split second everybody forgot the long wait since an oldschool set seemed to compensate for the late start. However, due to the technical problems the band lost half of their playing time. The planned schedule ruled with Testament finishing their gig after 30 minutes with “Disciples of the Watch”. Based on whatever reason, the show was good, but the missed playing time, a non-appearance at the scheduled signing session and no merchandise left a bit of a sour taste with fans discussing it even on their way home.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

After this stroke of fate quite some fans decided to start their way home. They missed though a brilliant show of French metal passionitas Gojira. The quartet could make use of a full light show and what you got to see was impressive. Light, smoke fountains and fire - all part of the show and used as a completion to their great music. This show was treat that for eyes and ears. I have to admit that I haven’t seen the band on stage till yesterday, but what I saw was a jaw-dropping good metal show of a band that had the best sound of the day. The setlist gave a good overview over all phases of the band's creation with a focus on the latest album “Magma”. Gojira is definitely a big player these days and the right headliner for the 2017 DMF. The quartet was the anticipated grand finale, rounding off an exciting metal day with a lot of good stuff and a downer.


This years DMF was the third edition and it was with 10,000 fans the biggest one to date. In general things have been arranged in a good way with some bottlenecks when it comes to the bar and the return of DMF coins. Prices for drinks and food have been fair even though the food offer could be bit wider next year with an also slightly increased quality. The burgers were really poor.


However, there are always things that can be improved and the mentioned will not take away a very positive impression of the DMF with the next year version being in the planning phase already. There’s a first act announced. Canadian metal icon Annihilator will come to Eindhoven and if I could have a wish the DMF team should continue with Canada by also bringing Voivod to Brabant. Let’s hope and see (or address it on the DMF FB site if you think the same).

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST 2017, 15.07.2017, Eindhoven

Location: Ijssportcentrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Date: June 15th, 2017

For Setlists click HERE

For some more Photos done by Paul Verhagen click HERE


Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

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Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: We are here at the Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven. When you hear these two words ‚Dynamo‘ and ‚Eindhoven‘, what comes to mind?

Toschie: There is a club here in Eindhoven called Dynamo and we played that club Of course, I have also heard about this festival way back.

Arve: I think it was much bigger in the past?


MHMB: True. It was much bigger and had a revival last year with this new location.

Arve: OK. So we heard about it in the past but today was the first time that we played this festival.


MHMB: Audrey Horne went on stage pretty early today as the second band. How was that?

Toschie: Yeah, it was special, but there were a lot of people that early. When we do bigger festivals, for example in France or Germany, we are sometimes early too and sometimes late on the billing list. Especially for the early shows we are always nervous in the sense of 'will there be anyone out there?'. But it's always really packed, also the early shows. If you would do this in Norway, being the second band on a festival, no one would be there. People often come for the last three to four bands and hang around on the festival camp for the rest of the day. You hear people say "show starts, let's go there".

Arve: I think that this is also one of the good things with a one-day festival. People show up and going for the whole festival. I mean, if you go for 3 or 4 days, people start to get tired and you might want to sleep longer.


MHMB: Today we have nine bands and the festival is, as you said Arve, a one-day event. I have the feeling that those huge festivals have become a kind of general entertainment event while a smaller festival like this one is more focused on the music. How do you see this as a band?

Arve: Let's say, for us it's different. As you said, this one is better for the music, because people are really focussed on the music. I haven't had a walk around here yet, but I guess there is not that much more to do here than listen to the music. And we like this focus on the music, which is definitely a good thing for us. But I also think that if the festival is for more than one day, people also need something else to entertain themselves than only music.


MHMB: The last time I saw Audrey Horne live was in the Baroeg in Rotterdam, which is a rather small venue. How is it to be on such a big stage like the one here at Dynamo?

Arve: I actually love both. On smaller stages you can get far more intimate with the audience and you can connect far better. The bigger stage instead provides more space to move. So, both have good things with it.

Toschie: They are two different things. I personally, I get more of a kick out of club shows. Festival shows are cool in the sense that you have a lot of room and you have the chance to play for a bigger audience, which is always beneficial. The first time we played Helfest made Audrey Horne more popular in France. So many people saw us, most of them for the first time, and we got a huge response from France which gave us the opportunity to play a club show tour in France. So, being on the main stage of a festival is like perfect marketing for a band.

Arve: Another thing is that at smaller venues you are creating the atmosphere and the energy together with the audience, while on bigger stages you more or less have to do it between ourselves. However, both are fun.


MHMB: If I look on the billing of today, you guys stand out a bit. Between all the power metal, death metal,... you guys are into classic rock with Audrey Horne.

Toschie: I love to be the dark horse. I remember when we first started to play metal festivals I felt sort of out of place. I felt almost like I don't belong here. But then, after I while, I noticed that fans are actually listening to us. In between all the brutal metal we serve something 'sexy' with our music and people like it. It's almost like sitting around a table of half empty beer bottles and somebody puts down a bottle of champagne - that's us. An interesting thing that I noticed in Europe in general is that most festivals are themed, like a traditional metal festival, a black metal festival and so on. In Norway things are different. There they take very different music which leads to billings that include Behemoth and R.E.M. playing at the same festival. That's something very normal in Norway. Just before I came here, I was in the more northern parts of Norway to visit family. They had a festival up there where they had bands doing German-like Schlager music following Danko Jones. That is also one of the reasons why people don't go to a show at the festival too early. It is more a happening where you go to have a drink with your buddies and maybe watch a show of a band later.


MHMB: Let's have a bit of a look into the future. You guys will play a few shows in Norway during the summer, but the main question is: when will there be a new Audrey Horne album?

Toschie: Yes, that's right. We will do some festivals in Norway and I think this is pretty much it, what we will do live this year.

Arve: The next Audrey Horne album is actually our biggest focus at the moment. Right now we are writing new songs.

Toschie: So we need some time at the moment. We will be in the rehearsal room and in Arve's studio for the pre-production. Hopefully in January/February 2017 we'll start recording the new album.



Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

MHMB: Can you tell us already a bit about how the new album will sound?

Arve: To be honest, we don't really know yet. We have been writing for a while and we have a bunch of ideas. Some are more like classic hard rock as on the last two albums while some other stuff is slightly different. We haven't put it together yet and it still can go in all directions.


MHMB: A totally different question. You guys are from Bergen which is probably the most important metal town in Norway. What is the secret of Bergen producing so many good rock and metal bands? It can't only be the rain, or?

Arve: I actually think that it has a lot to do with rain. You can't do many things outdoors due to the weather so you do indoor stuff, like playing music.

Toschie: I also think it has a lot to do with the size of the city. In Oslo you have, for example, the garage rock bands that stick to themselves and you have the black metal bands sticking to themselves and so on. Bergen instead isn't a big city nor is it a small village. So when we go out we hang around with musicians from the jazz scene, from the indie rock scene, from the black metal scene and so on. We have friends in all kind of genres which makes it easy for people to get influenced by each other. Based on that there are a lot of crossover things happening in Bergen, something that makes music far more interesting and innovative.


MHMB: That was all my questions. Thanks guys for spending some time with Markus’ Heavy Music Blog.

Arve and Toschie: Thanks for having us.

Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

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During this years Dynamo Metal Fest I had the chance to talk to Metal Church's Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe who recently returned to the mighty metal institution. The band came from Balingen, Germany where they performed at Bang Your Head, before coming over to The Netherlands. Everybody has been in a good mood, looking forward to a great show. Read here what Kurdt and Mike had to say about the new album, some pressure connected to success and the fact that both musicians are together on stage for the first time.

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

Markus' Heavy Music Blog: Hej guys, first of all thank you for finding a few minutes for Markus' Heavy Music Blog. You guys released your new album "XI" a few months ago and it has been a huge success. Did you expect all of this very positive feedback - for the album but also for Mike being back in the band?

Kurdt: Well, we knew it was going be 'new' and we knew that people were going to be excited, but we didn't know it was going to be like this. It's pretty amazing.


MHMB: Did this positive resonance put any extra pressure on you.

Kurdt: I did the music and we were demoing the songs. Mike and myself, we sent the songs back and forth. The pressure was modest at that time and that was the great thing about it. All the response was after the record was done. So, we just knew that people would actually pay attention to what we did, but we didn't let it affect us this time. We were just happy to work together again and wanted to make the record that we were trying to make for a while.

Mike: We purposely started this project saying "we're not a band yet". We were just trying to write some new songs, do a record and take one step at a time, seeing how it goes. That was one way to keep the pressure off ourselves.

Kurdt: We did the announcement that was is back in the band when the record was basically written and we knew that we had a good one. He didn't even decide till we knew that we had a good record. So there was no pressure. But now it's the next record, OMG (laughing).


MHMB: Indeed, now expectations are pretty high.

Kurdt: True, now I'm doomed (laughing again).

Mike: But seriously, in the meantime we are old enough. We don't feel the pressure; we just do it for the fans and hopefully they like it.


MHMB: "XI" has a certain ease. It doesn't feel forced or like 'we have to it'. Is this because Mike is back or was there more?

Kurdt: It was definitely different for me, because the Mike Howe era of Metal Church was much more rock'n'roll and much more melodic than the David Wayne era, something that actually appeals to me much more. So, the prospect of Mike coming back allowed me to write songs that are much more in a vein, in a style, that is still heavy and 100% Metal Church, but leaning more towards rock'n'roll, which was very exciting for me. It was really great for me to write from this aspect.


MHMB: Mike, you have been out of the music business for many years. Actually since you left Metal Church in the 90s you haven't been part of any band. How is it to literally be back in the spotlight after all those years without being on stage?

Mike: It feels fantastic.


MHMB: That's great. Was it a big change for you or did it feel more like something natural?

Mike: It was surprisingly natural. It's like riding bike. You get back on and your memories, your muscle memories and all that comes back. You just feel like a kid again. That's also what we get back from the fans saying "You make us feel like we are 20 again", something that goes for us too.


MHMB: Looking at the setlist, you're focussing more on the earlier releases plus the new album.

Kurdt: Yes, we are focussing more on the Mike Howe era, that's right.

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH
Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

MHMB: Thinking about 'Dynamo' and 'Eindhoven', you guys had some good shows here. The 1991 concert was even released as a VHS video. How does it feel to be back?

Mike: It feels great. It's not the same place, that's the thing for me, but, playing music festivals in Eindhoven is a great thing. I'm ready and I'm very excited about it.


MHMB: Speaking of live recordings, there aren't that many live releases from Metal Church. Do you think that we can expect a live album / DVD in the near future?

Kurdt: That's right, there are no proper ones out there. It was more like fulfilling contract obligations and it wasn't like 'great'. I would love to do a proper double real live album and we talked about it. But the timing for that is very important and we have to make sure that the moment is right for such a release. Anyhow, I would love to do it and we'll know when it's the right moment.


MHMB: Kurdt and Mike, it's the first time that you're together on stage. In the first Mike Howe era, Kurdt you were more a crucial player behind the scenes.

Kurdt: That was actually another inspiration for us, because this time we made a record and we have to play these songs together on stage.

Mike: It feels great for you to recognise this question because most of the time we bring this up.


MHMB: One of the reasons I'm asking this is because I have the feeling that very often it is important to have a guitarist and singer on an equal level, something you guys represent too. Does this have such an important impact on a band and the music?

Mike: Yes, it's the chemistry that is important.

Kurdt: Yes, definitely. Of course we are a band and everybody puts their stamp on it, but maybe it affects the initial part of writing new songs when Mike and I are collaborating together.


MHMB: Kurdt, how about Vanderhoof? I liked the two albums you released, but is it frozen forever or are you thinking about another release?

Kurdt: No, it's not frozen at all. The Vanderhoof thing turned into Presto Ballet, which was a natural progression. That's my 70's rock ideas that I need to get out of my system and then it morphed into the prog-rock thing. Actually we are hoping to release a new Presto Ballet album this coming November.


MHMB: Kurdt and Mike, thanks again for spending some time with Markus' Heavy Music Blog and let's look forward to a great show tonight.

Kurdt & Mike: Thanks for having us.



Thanks to Eron Witzel for support...


Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

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Holland has quite some metal festivals and also many really good clubs and venues for music, but the unofficial capitol of metal in The Netherlands is and stays Eindhoven. The legendary Dynamo Open Airs are known all over the world and bands like Testament recorded live discs recorded during one of those shows.

The festival had some ups and downs over time. What started in 1986 in a smaller scale on the parking lot of the Dynamo Club became huge. In 1995 it has been more than 100.000 visitors that visited the Dynamo Open Air, a time when the famous Wacken festival was still in the early stages of development. What followed was trouble with locations, finding new ones and organizing the festival at new sites almost every year. In the meantime the official name is Dynamo Metal Fest and it came back to Eindhoven. As last year, when the Ijsbaan hosted the festival for the first time, it was again this great location that has been the scenary for this open air, with a metallic offer that was as diverse as we can expect it from such a one day show. From classic rock (Audrey Horne) to mean death metal a la Obituary, the DMF offered something for every fan's taste.

When I arrived at the location the first act left the stage already, but what I've heard was that Dutch Extremities did a pretty good job as being the first act on stage.

The second slot was reserved for Audrey Horne. These guys had to enter the stage quite early and it was frontman Toschie that welcomed everybody with a nice 'Good Morning'. However, time doesn't matter if the show is good. I can tell you, that Audrey Horne delivered. Norway is hot and this has nothing to do with global warming. Ice Dahl and band mates delivered a show that was outstanding and full of positive energy. In case of not having been awake yet, Audrey Horne definitely rouse you with their music. And that also a big stage can't keep Toschie away from jumping into the audience is also pretty clear from now on. OK, he climbed off the stage, crossed the fence and for all of a sudden performing in the middle of enthusiastic fans. This was an amazing moment and a great start into the day.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

Dutch Textures have been next. It was kind of home game for the guys from Tilburg, which is a few kilometers away from Eindhoven. The sextet delivered a kind of counterpart to Audrey Horne. Their progressive metalcore that switches between shouts and clean vocals earned a lot of positive feedback from the crowd. Texture put the new album "Phenotyp" into focus and prepared the Dynamo Metal Fest crowd for the next highlights.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

One of those great moments was, when oldschool Florida death metal filled the stadium. Obituary took over the stage and they didn't came to take any prisoners. The Florida-five piece stepped in for Life Of Agony (see earlier posts) and smashed down everything. Their extremely down-tuned guitar sound and their grooving death metal anthems have been one of the highlight today and each note was celebrated by fans. From the opener "Redneck Stomp" to the closer "Slowly we Rot" Obituary delivered a metal feast that put a spell on many fans that day. Even though I like Life Of Agony I wonder if they would have gotten the same overwhelming resonance from the audience. This death metal machine is still on fire.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

So, we had classic rock, prog metalcore and death metal so far. How about some power metal? That's what everybody thought. But to the bigger surprise it wasn't Powerwolf celeberating a metal mass. It was actually Sacred Reich who entered the stage and served a thrash menu that was outstanding. I have to admit that it was the first time that I have seen them live. I know, it's a shame since I do have their records, however, Phil Rind and his gang ignited a thrash firework that brought back the good old eighties. Awesome classics with a good sound, that's what festival needs and that is what Sacred Reich brought on stage. "Ignorance“, „Surf Nicaragua“ and the Sabbath cover of „War Pigs“ are true winners that guarantee severe neck problems due to intensive headbanging.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

Sunday came closer and now it was the right timing for the metal mass, celebrated by German Powerwolf. Their melodic songs with these sing-a-long parts are just made for bigger crowds. People liked what they got to hear and the six-piece band brought over the fans to their side from the first played note - and that some fans purely came for the ‚wolf pack‘ was pretty obvious, seeing some white and black masked faces in the crowd. Powerwolf's sound has a common denominator that brings everybody into a good party mood. Songs like "Blessed and Possessed" and "Amen & Attack" are made for the stage - the bigger the better. Funny sidenote though, the mass happened during daylight which felt like Dracula seeing sunlight, anyhow even this couldn't stop the great performance of Powerwolf that belonged to the winners of this day.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

OK, the metal mass was read but what would a mass be without Metal Church. Kurdt Vanderhoof and gang have been next on the billing and Metal Church was one of the bands I was most curious about. Regained strength, an excellent new album called "XI" and a singer being back in the band, that belongs to one of the best metal sirens in the world. The announcement of Mike Howe returning to Metal Church was the moment when the metal world went crazy. The frontman that had three great albums with the band focussed on his private life for many years, being totally out of music business. This was a loss for many years, but now he's back. Metal Church returned to Eindhoven to celebrate a 60 minutes metal feast and they for sure belonged to the to 3 three bands that day. Focussing on the three albums of the 'Howe era' as well as on stuff from the new record made each metalhead to a happy person. "Badlands" and "Fake Healer", man, these songs are classics, enriched by some highlights from the first two Metal Church longplayers. "Beyond the Black" was loudly sung by half of the crowd, a moment that was a real musical blast. Metal Church are back and they came to stay. The reunion with Howe gave each band member an extra push, energy that you can hear on the latest longplayer and feel during live shows. Horns up.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

Sometimes heaven and hell are just 30 minutes away. After having had the mass and the church we are moving further towards the South of heaven. Swedish death metal was something we haven't had today and we got it now. Cult growlers At The Gates had the second last slot before Anthrax was supposed to round of this fantastic metal day. So far there have just good shows, something that continued with the Swedish five-piece from Gothenburg. At The Gates enflamed a 60 minutes inferno that squeezed out some more energy of the fans. Circle pits started, Tompa was growling himself hthrought the entire set, running from left to right, from front to back. No doubt, these guys know how it works. Smashers such as "Nausea" plus songs from the letest album "At War With Reality" have been hammered into the crowd and they got many horns and banging heads back. I was impressed by the intesity of their show. Having a couple of good releases is one thing, bringing it with such an immense power on stage is another ballgame. Homerun for At The Gates.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

Talking about baseball, the Yankees don't have their best season this years, but for another New York based bunch of guys it’s the next Indian summer. Anthrax got the role as being the headiner for this years Dynamo Metal Fest. They hit a few more homeruns that night and brought it home. Having had a playing time of 75 minutes and excellent new songs plus the old smashers meant, that nothing could go wrong. Eindhoven was covered in dusk when the NY-quintet entered the stage, something that gave Anthrax the benefit of having a full lightshow turned on. Scott Ian and band mates start with a new song. „You Gotta Believe“ marked the beginning of an energetic headliner show that pulled out the last energy of the crowd. Anthrax was in a great mood and shape. It felt like the guys being totally re-vitalized. They powered through the entire set and as we know from Scott and the guys, standing still is not what they want and is not what you get. The stage couldn’t be wide enough, the guys have been everywhere, constantly on motion and headbanging as crazy. It’s amazing, but not a surprise, that these guys could keep on going for the last three decades. Especially when they played the old stuff like „Indians“ and „Caught in a Mosh“ it felt like time stood still while „Madhouse“ turned Eindhoven into suchlike. It was great to see Anthrax being back at the Dynamo after 23 years (note: it was in 1993 when the played the Dynamo in Eindhoven the last time) and they have been more than a worthy headliner of metallic day out in Eindhoven.

Live review DYNAMO METAL FEST, 16.07.2016, Eindhoven

I liked this years Dynamo Metal Fest since it focussed on music. It's nine bands compared to 100+ bands on other huge open airs, each of the nine groups was great, the mix of genres was well chosen, the billing felt hand-picked and last but not least the weather God had mercy with the Dynamo team too. 24 degrees and overcast, no sun, no rain - what else could you ask for. I'm already looking forward to next year's fest when Testament returns to Eindhoven, 30 years after having played the festival for the first time, captured on the "Live at Eindhoven" EP. Horns up, good night and till 2017.



Date: June 16, 2016

Location: Ijssportcentrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann


Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016

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The Dynamo Open Air has a long history. Years before the famous Wacken Open Air opened the gates for the first time, it was the Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Holland that brought thousands of metalheads to Noord Brabant. Many influencial thrash bands like Testament, Anthrax, Laaz Rocket... made the festival to a real highlight in metal, with a peak of more than 100.000 visitors in 1995.

20 years later, in 2015, new life was blown into this iconic festival, followed now by the new 2016 edition. The line-up for this one-day festival is oustanding. Bands like Anthrax are coming back to Eindhoven but also Life Of Agony and Sacred Reich are part of the line-up. A highlight is for sure the show of the re-energised Metal Church with their new/old frontman Mike Howe. So, there is no reason for not going to Eindhoven on July 16th this year.


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Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016