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CD review AHAB "The boats of the Glen Carrig"

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2015 von Markus W. in Ahab, Doom, Funeral Doom, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) If you know Ahab than you also know what to expect. If you haven't heard of the band so far you might be on the wrong track by just looking on the colourful cover. The funeral doom, played by Ahab, includes far less colour than the cover pretends. And the packaging maybe gives you the ideas to have a new Masterdon record in hands. Wrong too.

Formed in 2004, Ahab released so far three full-length record which got pretty good feedback. Especially "The giant" was very well perceived by fans.

"The boat of the Glen Carrig" is the next strike of the four guys from Germany. Inspired by the novel of William Hope Hodgson from 1907, the album confronts the listener with quite some sonic and emotional extremes.

"The isle" is actually a quite smooth start into this emotional adventure. Kept acoustic with a certain bluesy touch you can't foresee the sonic inferno that's waiting for you. After three minutes the atmosphere changes drastically. Ahab releases the beast. Deep growls from Daniel Drost take over and mighty guitar riffs crush you. The joy of this track is the variability since the releaxed acoustic pattern comes back, just to prepare the ground for the next musical eruption.

The next tune, "The thing that made search", follows the same principle and intensifies the nightmerrish vibe.

The other three songs can easily keep the high level of songwriting. The 15 minutes long "The weedman" belongs actually to the highlights by transporting despair and emptiness.

If art, and especially music, are there to transport emotions, Ahab did an excellent job. This album is more than music. "The boat of the Glen Carrig" is an album that reflects the sphere of the novel very well. An album that gives you the shiver. It's hard to escape from this fascination.





  1. The isle
  2. The thing that made search
  3. Red foam (The great storm)
  4. The weedmen
  5. To mourn job


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release Date EU: August 28th, 2015

CD review AHAB "The boats of the Glen Carrig"

CD review LINIE "What we make our demons do"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in Linie, Postcore, Postrock, News, CD Review, Alternative Metal, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge

(8/10) Hamburg Rock City. Linie is another band that proves the truth of this statement. The five-piece from the Hansestadt in the Northern parts of Germany released an EP in 2014. The name of the disc was "Negative enthusiasm" which is followed now by the band's debut album "What we make our demons do". 

Linie is Jörn (v/g), Alex (g/v), Ralpg (b/v), Alex (d/v) and Iggi (keys). The sound of the five guys is tricky to describe and can't be put in a certain box. Linie mixes different styles. The guys themselve describes it as a melange of rock, desert and noise. However, I had to think about bands like Danzig, mainly when it comes to the vocals, Henry Rollins when it comes to the energy of Linie's sound (and the guitar sound) and also Warrior Soul when it comes to the raging expression of some tracks.

After a short intro with some distorted spoken words the first real song on the debut is called "Blood on your arms". The tune has a dark expression and crawls slowly out of your speaker. What is impressive from the first note onwards are the vocals of Jörn Wulff.  He puts a lot of feelings in his unique vocals which makes the songs very much alive.

This is just one example for quite some more cool tracks on "What we make our demons do". "Lake of fire" is another one. Being build on a stoner riff the song is kept slow and comes with spoken words. 

To compete the musical diversity on the album Linie recorded with "Bearing life"; a song full of desperation. Two third of this number is purely based on electro-parts and the despairing vocals. Towards the end a mighty riff kills this mood and adds the aggression to a track that can be seen as a highlight on the longplayer.

Linie created an own sound with their debut. But instead of being caught in their own trademarks the band manages to use those as a platform to further build on. This leads to a pretty cool debut album and I guess that this isn't the last time we hear from the band.

For all the ones who want to see them live, Linie celebrates a drelease party on July 31 in the Hafenklang in Hamburg.





  1. Intro
  2. Blood on your arms
  3. The city
  4. Inability
  5. Designate
  6. Lake of fire
  7. Chewing gum
  8. Bearing life
  9. No ideal
  10. Natural selecetion
  11. Outro


Label: Bad Kingdom Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release date EU: July 31, 2015

CD review LINIE "What we make our demons do"

PENTAGRAM was in the studio

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Pentagram, Doom, News, Heavy Metal

US doom dinosaurs Pentagram have been in the studio. This means that there is a new album in the pipline. "Curious volume" will be the name of the disc that will be released on 28.08.2015 via Peaceville Records. 

Here comes the tracklist:

  1. Lay down and die
  2. The tempter push
  3. Dead bury dead
  4. Earth flight
  5. Walk alone
  6. Curious volume
  7. Misunderstood
  8. Close the casket
  9. Sufferin'
  10. Devil's playground
  11. Because I made it
PENTAGRAM was in the studio

YOB are on tour in Europe

Veröffentlicht am 6. September 2014 von Markus W. in YOB, Doom, Heavy Metal, News, Tour

Doom metal trio YOB is one tour in Europe right now. Are they also close to you're hometown? Here are the dates:

9/03/2014 Tivoli de helling – Utrecht, NL

9/04/2014 The Fleece – Bristol, UK

9/05/2014 Roadhouse – Manchester, UK

9/06/2014 Audio- Glasgow, UK

9/07/2014 Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK

9/08/2014 The Underworld – London, UK

9/10/2014 FZW – Dortmund, DE

9/11/2014 Vera - Groningen, NL

9/12/2014 Atlas – Aarhus, DK

9/13/2014 Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, SE

9/14/2014 Hostsabbat @ Betong – Oslo, NO

9/16/2014 Tavastia – Helsinki, FI

9/17/2014 Slakthuset – Stockholm, SE

9/18/2014 Loppen – Copenhagen, DK

9/19/2014 Connewitz – Leipzig, DE

9/20/2014 Firlej – Wroclaw, PL

9/21/2014 Bi Nuu – Berlin, DE

9/23/2014 Klub 007 – Prague, CZ

9/24/2014 Arena – Vienna, AT

9/25/2014 PMK – Innsbruck, AT

9/26/2014 Gaswerk – Winterthur, CH

9/27/2014 Lo-fi Club - Milan, IT

9/29/2014 Le Romandie – Lausanne, CH

9/30/2014 Jubez - Karlsruhe, DE

10/01/2014 Black Ship - Montpellier, FR

10/02/2014 Razzmatazz3 – Barcelona, ES

10/03/2014 Villamanuela – Madrid, ES

10/04/2014 Amplifest – Porto, PT

10/05/2014 ES ESonora – Erandio, ES

10/06/2014 Le Dynamo- Toulouse, FR

10/07/2014 Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, FR

10/08/2014 Glazart - Paris, FR

10/10/2014 Kyttaro Club – Athens, GR

YOB are on tour in Europe