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European tour dates from PEARL JAM

Veröffentlicht am 13. Dezember 2013 von Markus W. in Pearl Jam, Tour, Alternative Rock, Grunge, News

Pearl Jam announced European tour dates for 2014. The band will play some indoor events as well as bigger festivals. They will come with a three hour show. Here are the dates:


16.06.14 Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, NL

20.06.14 San Siro Stadium, Milan, IT

22.06.14 Nereo Rocco Stadium, Trieste, IT

25.06.14 Stadthalle, Vienna, AT

26.06.14 Wuhlheide, Berlin, GER

28.06.14 Friends Arena, Stockholm, SWE

29.06.14 Telenor Arena, Oslo, NO

03.07.14 Open'er Festival, Gdynia, PL

05.05.14 Rock Wechter Festival, Wechter, BE

08.07.14 First Distrcit Arena, Leeds, UK

11.07.14 Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK



Photo: Danny Clinch

Photo: Danny Clinch


Tour dates from LONG DISTANCE CALLING in 2014

Veröffentlicht am 13. Dezember 2013 von Markus W. in Long Distance Calling, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, News, Tour

Beginning of January there are three special show taking place, with extra long sets:


03.01.14 (CH) Bern @ ISC (EXCLUSIVE "AN EVENING WITH LONG DISTANCE CALLING" show with an extra long set)

04.01.14 (NL) Tilburg @ 013 (EXCLUSIVE AN EVENING WITH LONG DISTANCE CALLING" show with an extra long set)

05.01.14 (D) Frankfurt @ Batschkapp (EXCLUSIVE "AN EVENING WITH LONG DISTANCE CALLING" show with an extra long set)



In february follows part 2 of the "The Flood Inside" tour and here are the dates:



Wolves Like Us

06.02.14 (NL) Zoetermeer / Boederij

07.02.14 (D) Dortmund / FZW

08.02.14 (UK) London / Barfly

09.02.14 (F) Paris / Glazart 

11.02.14 (E) Madrid / Shoko 

12.02.14 (E) Barcelona / Apolo 2

13.02.14 (CH) Zürich / Komplex

14.02.14 (A) Wien / Szene

15.02.14 (A) Innsbruck / Weekender

16.02.14 (D) Stuttgart / Wagenhallen

17.02.14 (D) München / Backstage

18.02.14 (D) Berlin / Lido 

19.02.14 (D) Dresden / Beatpol

20.02.14 (LUX) Esch-sur-Alzette / Rockhal



Tour dates from LONG DISTANCE CALLING in 2014

CD review EAT THE GUN "Stripped to the bone"

Veröffentlicht am 23. November 2013 von Markus W. in Eat The Gun, Hardrock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Eat The Gun was founded already in 2002 and released in the meantime four records. I wonder why I missed all of them :os

But that changed now with the bands latest release. "Stripped to the bone" found its way in my CD player and I have to say that I like(d) what I heard. Eat The Gun plays cool rock which is partly influenced by bands like the Backyard Babies with a bit of Die Toten Hosen and the Foo Fighters here and there plus some H-Blockx. That sound melange feels really good and should be check out by each of you. The album sounds young and fresh. It is full of energy and you can't stand still by listening to these songs. All of them have a high entertainment factor and I could imagine that it is even better to see the band live (Unfortunately I haven't had that experience so far). Since there aren't any fillers on the album it's also hard to pick some highlights.

But one of them is the first single release called "Loner". The driving beat and the powerful chorus are great. For sure a good choice to use this song for the single. The bluesy "Apocalyptic blues" is another song which is worth to mention. I like how the song is structured and also the melody of the song. " Bad memories" has bit more punk attitude and "Made of stone" is a straight rock'n'roller. But again all songs are good.

Eat The Gun is one of the bigger positive surprises for me this ear. I like them.



  1. At the end of the day
  2. Loner
  3. Wake me up
  4. Additction
  5. Apocalyptic blues
  6. Bad memories
  7. Made if stone
  8. Won't let you down
  9. Hot blood
  10. Small dose of death

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Alternative rock

CD review EAT THE GUN "Stripped to the bone"

ALICE IN CHAINS announces UK tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 14. Oktober 2013 von mwie in Alice In Chains, Tour, Grunge, Alternative Rock

Alice In Chains announced today a few shows in the UK in November this year. Would be great if they can make it to NL too.

Here are the UK dates

Nov 9 - London Alexandra Palace - London, UK
Nov 10 - Leeds 02 Academy - Leeds, UK
Nov 11 - Manchester Academy - Manchester, UK
Nov 13 - Birmingham 02 Academy - Birmingham, UK
Nov 14 - Glasgow 02 Academy - Glasgow, UK
Nov 15 - Newport Centre - Newport, UK

Photo: Universal Records

Photo: Universal Records


CD review PEARL JAM "Lightning bolt"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in Pearl Jam, CD Review, Alternative Rock, Rock

(8/10) What happened to Pearl Jam? They released their new album "Lightning bolt" and I think it is the best till "Ten". I love "Ten" and also "Vs.", but than it started that I got bored by the next albums. So my expectation were not really high when I heard about the new record. But I have to admit that I was positivly surprised. It almost feels as Pearl Jam would have fallen in the fountain of youth. "Lighting bolt" transports so much energy that it is amazing. Again, best since "Ten".

Already the opener, a straight rock song called "Getaway" has a great melody and grooves a lot. Than they have with "Mind your matters" the best song on the record already at place number two on the track list. A straight forward song with a punk attitude. This is energy pure. Great. Please more of those songs. "My father's son" comes with a darker atmosphere before it gets acoustic with "Sirens". I doesn't reach "Alive" but it comes close to it. The song has an catching melody and a lot of feeling. In the middle/end there are e two songs ("Pendulum" and "Yellow moon") which can't live up to the other songs and take away the energy a bit. But at least these songs are surrended by tracks like "Swallowed whole" with a typical Peral Jam harmony line and "Let the records play" which grooves like hell. The song has a great rhythm.

So all in all "Lighting bolt" became a great Pearl Jam album and for me they are back (even though they were not really away). It would be an awesome package, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains together on tour. But that probably stays a dream.



  1. Getaway
  2. Mind your matters
  3. My father's son
  4. Sirens
  5. Lighting bolt
  6. Infallible
  7. Pendulum
  8. Swallowed whole
  9. Let the records play
  10. Sleeping by myself
  11. Yellow moon
  12. Future days

Label: Republic (Universal)

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review PEARL JAM "Lightning bolt"

New ALTER BRIDGE video "Addicted to pain"

Veröffentlicht am 12. August 2013 von Markus W. in Alter Bridge, News, Hardrock, Alternative Rock

A new Alter Bridge lyric video is posted on YouTube for the song "Addicted to pain"

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