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AIRBOURNE announces a new album and some tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Airbourne, Hardrock, Rock, News, Tour, ACDC, Volbeat

Australian hardrock powerhouse Airbourne annouced the name of their next album, which is their fourth: "Breakin' Outta Hell". The record will be released in autumn this year and it's the first Airbourne disc that comes via Spinefarm Records.

The quartet is also on tour, playing some headliner shows, some of the summer festivals and the guys from down under are on tour with Volbeat in autumn this year.


Here are the dates:

Summer festivals and Headliner shows:

11.07.2016 Zagreb (CRO) Tvornica Kulture

12.07.2016 Graz (AT) PPC

14.07.2016 Verona (IT) Villafranca Castle

15.07.2016 Dunaújváros (HU) Rockmaraton Festival

17.07.2016 Vizivice (CZ) Masters of Rock Festival

20.07.2016 St. Petersburg (RU) Zal Oxhidania

21.07.2016 Moscow (RU) Volta Club

23.07.2016 Lichtenvoorde (NL) Festivalterrein De Schans

24.07.2016 Maidstone (UK) Ramblin’ Man Fair

26.07.2016 Edinburgh (UK) Liquid Room

27.07.2016 Cardiff (UK) Y Plas

29.07.2016 Saarbruken (GER) Saarmageddon Festival

30.07.2016 Lucerne (CH) Blue Balls Festival

02.08.2016 Odense (DK) Posten

04.08.2016 Bergen (NO) USF Vertfet

06.08.2016 Rejmyre (SE) Skogsrojet Festival

12.08.2016 Leeuwarden (NL) Into The Grave Festival

13.08.2016 Kortrijk (NL) Alcatraz

15.08.2016 Posnan (PL) Eskulap

16.08.2016 Warzawa (PL) Prozima

17.08.2016 Katowice (PL) Mega Club

18.08.2016 Dinkelsbühl (GER) Summer Breeze Festival

19.08.2016 Leipzig (GER) HIghfield Festival

23.08.2016 Dublin (IR) The Academy

24.08.2016 Belfast (UK) The Limelight

26.08.2016 Schleswig (GER) Baltic Open Air Festival

27.08.2016 Sulingen (GER) Reload Festival


North Amrica Airbourne headliner shows

12.09.2016 San Diego, CA House of Blues

13.09.2016 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy Theatre

14.09.2016 San Francisco, CA Independent

16.09.2016 Seattle, WA  Tractor

17.09.2016 Vancouver, BC Commodore

20.09.2016 Victoria, BC  Sugar

22.09.2016 Kamloops, BC Cactus Jacks

23.09.2016 Calgary, AB Gateway

24.09.2016 Edmonton, AB Union Hall

25.09.2016 Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Events Center

28.09.2016 Winnipeg, MB Pyramid

29.09.2016 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock

30.09.2016 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

01.09.2016 Detroit, MI Smalls

04.09.2016 Waterloo, ON Maxwell's

05.10.2016 London, ON London Music Hall

07.10.2016 Toronto, ON Opera House

08.10.2016 Montreal, QC Corona Theatre

11.10.2016 Boston, MA The Middle East

12.10.2016 New York, NY Grammercy

14.10.2016 Baltimore, MD Soundstage


Airbourne as special guest of VOLBEAT

28.10.2016 Hamburg (GER) Barclaycard Arena

29.10.2016 Berlin (GER) Mercedes-Benz Arena

31.10.2016 Munich (DE) Olympiahalle

01.11.2016 Linz (AT) Tipps Arena

02.11.2016 Vienna (AT) Stadthalle

04.11.2016 Innsbruck (AT) Olympiahalle

05.11.2016 Geneva (CH) Arena

07.11.2016 Stuttgart (GER) Schlayerhalle

08.11.2016 Zurich (CH) Hallenstadion

09.11.2016 Cologne (GER) Lanxess Arena

10.11.2016 Frankfurt (GER) Festhalle

12.11.2016 Leipzig (GER) Arena

13.11.2016 Oberhausen (GER) Koenig-Pilsener Arena

14.11.2016 Brussels (BE) Forest National

15.11.2016 Amsterdam (NL) Ziggo Dome



AIRBOURNE announces a new album and some tour dates

CD review DEVINE ELECTRIC "Devine Electric"

Veröffentlicht am 14. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Devine Electric, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, ACDC

(6/10) Australia, homebase of bands like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne. But the fifth continent has more to offer. Devine Electric is one of these bands, coming from Down Under that play hardrock too, without being known very well outside of Australia.

The four-piece began their musical career in 2005 and their music is inspired by some of the mentioned bands, but also the sound of the Sunset Strip had an impact on Devine Electric's music.

The latest album of the Sydney-based band is simply named "Devine Electric" and features nine new songs. Eli Reskov, Ivor Radocaj, Paul Corben and Zoran Mrakic, the names behind Devine Electric, released an album that sounds interesting but also a bit scattered.

Let's have a look on the opening triple. "It Happens All the Time" is an AC/DC-based classic rocker with a pretty strong rhythm section. The riffing is kept rather simple, but the beat gives the tune the groove. L.A. Guns delivered the blueprint for "You're so Vicious", the number that comes next. And last but not least it's Guns'n'Roses that inspired the guys to write "Shy Love".

There is nothing wrong with these songs. It's just that they can't reach the level of the originals.

Sometimes things also sound a bit unfinished. Let's take "Don't Lie to Me" as one example. This half ballad actually contains some good ideas, but in the end the flow is missing. I had the feeling that there are different fragments that have been put together, without adding to the bigger picture. Besides that, it's singer Eli Reskov who gets to his limits with this number. As good as his piano play comes across, as big is the potential when it comes to the vocals.

But anyhow, since the guys are from Australia, they have a kind of exotic bonus and while listening to the album you can feel that they love what they're doing, probably the most important thing.





  1. It Happens All the Time
  2. You're so Vicious
  3. Shy Love
  4. One on One
  5. Don't Lie to Me
  6. Tears you Cry
  7. Good to See You Again
  8. I Wanna Change the World
  9. Don't Feel Like Home


Label: Independent

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date: April 1st, 2016


CD review DEVINE ELECTRIC "Devine Electric"

CD review DEVIL'S GUN "Dirty'n'Damned"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Devil's Gun, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, NWoBHM, Accept, ACDC

(7/10) Wohoo, this stuff is a real bad-ass tornado. If you want to be blown away already by the first song, then listen to Devil's Gun. I pressed the 'Play'-button in curious expectation of well done hardrock. But what I met was a three minutes speed train that is a true headbanger.

The label info talks about Joakim Hermansson sounding like a mix of Udo Dirkschneider and Brian Johnson, something that describes it pretty good. This means for the music itself, that they guys can be placed somewhere between traditional heavy metal and kick-ass hardrock.

The guys started in 2012 when Fredde Johansson and sixstringer Emil Holmström kicked things off. In almost no time they found brothers in crime when it comes to metal and "Dirty'n'Damned' is the first countable result.

Devil's Gun is based in Växjö, a smaller city in Småland. Actually the city isn't too big and entertainment possibilites are limited (I've been there several times). So, no surprise that young guys get together for playing music themselves. Bullet comes from this small town, followed now by Devil's Gun.

I mentioned already the fabulous opener, but the rest of the material isn't too bad either. The five-piece spreads a lot of raw metallic power which they captured in each of the track.

"Let em Ride" is another of these Accept-inspired speed tracks that sounds really good and "Wasted" belongs to this group of tunes too. But Devil's Gun has also some more midpaced songs in their offer. The closer "Sacrifice" is such a song. A bit less speedy as most of the others, but still with a lot of drive.

"Dirty'n'Damned" became an excellent rock/metal album that shows that Småland has more to offer than only lakes and woods. Växjö is becoming more and more a homebase for good traditional metal, something that gets proven by this album.





  1. Hot Rock City
  2. Spitfire
  3. Let 'em Ride
  4. Run Through the Night
  5. Dirty'n'Damned
  6. Radio Attack
  7. Wasted
  8. Break the Ice
  9. Born to Lose
  10. Midnight Crowd
  11. Sacrifice


Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2016

CD review DEVIL'S GUN "Dirty'n'Damned"

CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in '77, ACDC, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, Blues, Thin Lizzy

(7/10) You could make life easy for yourself and label '77 as the Spanish AC/DC. But this would be far too easy, even though the five-piece from Australia can be seen as a major inspiration for '77's sound. But the four-guys from Barcelona are more than just a copycat.

'77 at its best is what you get if you see them live. I still can remember their great performance when they opened for Audrey Horne a few months ago. Their show was fully based on power and energy, all combined with well-crafted hardrock songs that are made for a party.

The new album "Nothing's gonna stop us" has the gained self-confidence of the guys already in its name. The bands forth longplayer is a next step for '77 that takes them a bit away from AC/DC by adding some more Thin Lizzy and 70's Kiss to their sound. Traditional classic rock also gains momentum when it comes to those guys. This is something that I had to get used to, but after a few times listening to the album I have to say that it makes sense.

The four guys from Spain don't reinvent rock'n'roll, but the enjoy it and they live rock'n'roll. '77's music makes fun, is entertaining and, again, works best in a live environment.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" is a cool 70's based hardrock album that gives you a good time. Check it out.





  1. It's Alright
  2. Tonight
  3. Come & Join Us
  4. Street Dogs
  5. Nothin' Gonna Stop Us Now
  6. GMDF
  7. Tightrope
  8. Still Waiting
  9. No One Like You
  10. She Makes Me
  11. Too Young to Go
  12. We Want More Rock and Roll


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015


CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

CD review 42 DECIBELS "Rolling in Town"

Veröffentlicht am 24. September 2015 von Markus W. in 42 Decibels, ACDC, News, CD Review, Rose Tattoo, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock

(7/10) If the world needs another AC/DC clone is a question you need to answer for yourself. Anyhow, 42 Decibel (the name is based on a line in AC/DC's "Let There be Rock") is more than inspired by the Australian hardrock dinosaur and even though you will find many cross-references to the rockers from Down Under 42 Decibels does a good job. But let's start at the beginning.

Buenos Aires, the hometwon of the four guys, is well-known for tango. This kind of music fits perfect to the melancholic vibe that enwraps the entire city. But the Argentinian capitol is more than that. The city is based on so many influences that brings a lot of different creative outsputs up to surface. And considering the fact that the heat during the summer period has something in common with the Australian desert, it's not a big surprise that blues-based hardrock found some roots in Buenos Aires too.

42 Decibels released their debut in 2013. "Hard Rock'n'Roll" is the well-chosen name and the four-piece has their second album up and running since a few days. "Rolling in town" is the second strike, containing 10 hardrock numbers that are packed with power.

The songs are somewhere between fast and puny like "Rude and Fast", groovy and bluesy ("Midnight Teaser") and slow and easy as on "Smooth Talker".

This album makes a lot of fun. Again, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo might be a bit too present here and there but in the end "Rolling in Town" is a well-crafted and passionate rock'n'roll album.





  1. Can't Keep Control
  2. Short Fused
  3. Ruade and Fast
  4. Drop of Booze
  5. Burning Down the Road
  6. Eye of the Hawk
  7. Down the Hatch
  8. Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)
  9. Cold Steel Rider
  10. Smooth Talker


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release date EU: September 18th, 2015

CD review 42 DECIBELS "Rolling in Town"

New video from '77

Veröffentlicht am 14. September 2015 von Markus W. in '77, News, Video, ACDC, Hardrock, Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

Spanish rock'n'rollers '77 posted a first new song from the upcoming new record "Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us". The 1st song is called "It's Alright" and it's just one click away...


CD review OHRENFEINDT "Motor an"

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2015 von Markus W. in Ohrenfeindt, ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

(7/10) After you have listened to "1910" you're able to go for a good guess about where the guys are coming from. The song is a hymn for the FC St. Pauli; one of the two bigger football clubs in Hamburg, Germany. 

So, the trio comes from there and they start the engine to their sixth album "Motor an!". The threesome stands for hardrock based on a passion for bands like AC/DC. Actually they mainly sound like the Australian legend, just with German lyrics.

Heavy guitar riffs, a bluesy groove and rough vocals - those are the main incrediences of Ohrenfeindt's sound. And they do it quite good.  

For the rest there isn't that much to tell about this longplayer. It's not a musical revolution, it's not progressive and the identity isn't based on their sound but more on their roots - but Ohrenfeindt's music is fun; pure fun.

"Motor an! is an excellent soundtrack for your party and it's great music to be heard live. It's music to listen to and less to write about.

Each of you who loves AC/DC and Rose Tattoo should give this album a chance.





  1. Zeit für Rock'n'Roll
  2. 1910
  3. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt
  4. Nimm dir die Kohle und renn
  5. Gib mir mein Problem zurück
  6. Früh oder später
  7. Motor an
  8. Aus
  9. Für Rock'n'Roll gebaut
  10. Reich würde schon reichen


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release date EU: Septmeber 18th, 2015

CD review OHRENFEINDT "Motor an"

AC/DC streams

Veröffentlicht am 3. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in ACDC, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, News

It took while, but now it became reality. AC/DC's discography is available for stream at Spotify, Apple Music,...

AC/DC streams

CD review GLORIA VOLT "Recharged

Veröffentlicht am 24. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Gloria Volt, ACDC, Kiss, News, Rock, CD Review, Hardrock, Heavy Metal

(7/10) If you take lot of AC/DC and you spice it up with some Kiss and some Aerosmith, than you will get the sound that you can enjoy on "Recharged" - the new album from Gloria Volt. The longplayer follows "The sign" from 2013 and comes with eight new songs. 

And here we have already a weak spot. Eight songs and 33 minutes is far below the standard in these days. The album is more a kind of longer EP than a full-length album.

However, we also could say that at least the eight tracks are all OK. So why adding two more fillers just to reach the 45 minutes. Tracks like the opener "Need a kick" definitely gives you the kick and the grooving "Screaming for Hollywood" reminds more to California than to Switzerland.

What is a bit strange is the cover of the album. It doesn't really support the music and the drawing feels more like being the result of the first three sessions of a painting training.

So what, the music counts which means that next to the tunes also the production needs to be OK. And that's the case. The eight numbers are powerful produced by not overdoing it. It fits.

Gloria Volt doesn't re-define hardrock. But the might 'recharge' it with their passion for AC/DC & Co.. This kind of music works on every party. 





  1. Need a kick
  2. Flyin' and rollin'
  3. Screaming for Hollywood
  4. All I want
  5. Gonna roll
  6. Down by the highway
  7. Get ready
  8. This way in


Label: LuxNoise

Genre: Hardrock

CD review GLORIA VOLT "Recharged

CD review MANDOWAR "Hellboys from cow"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Mandowar, Metallica, Dio, ACDC, Pink Floyd, News, CD Review, Rock, Folk

(3/10) Tom, Nailz and Joe, better known as Mandowar, have a new album in the starting box. "Hellboys from cow" is the title and it is number three already. So far so good.

If you have missed Mandowar so far, don't worry; you haven't missed a lot. What the trio does is to take hardrock-/metal songs and put those in new dresses. It's a kind of folk and polka mix, based on guitar, mandoline and bass. The result is something that was hard to stand for me. 

The first thing is, that such an idea isn't something new. My first reaction was, that this is a The Bosshoss clone, since those two guys also started with covering songs in a country syle way too. However, maybe the music is good. No, it isn't. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and "You shook me all night long" ended up in a version that is renamed into "Alexander Strack" and is awful. I guess Angus would never come back to Germany if he would hear this. The same goes for the mighty "Master of puppets" from Metallica. "Engel" that starts with Kindergarten-like recorder isn't much better either. And I'm very happy that Dio doesn't have to hear the "Holy diver" version.  

Where it works best is with Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" and "(Ghost) Riders in the sky" from Stan Jones, very well known in Johnny Cash's version.

I'm aware that this album should be seen as a fun interpretation. The bad things with humor is, that everybody has a different one. I couldn't smile in these 39 minutes and was happy when the last note was played.

2 points for being brave to do something like this and 1 point for "Wish you were here" - means 3 points in total. There is better stuff to spend the hard-erned money for.





  1. Alexander Strack
  2. Engel
  3. (Ghost) riders in the sky
  4. Hellboys from cow
  5. Holy diver
  6. Kashmir
  7. Master of puppets
  8. Radar love
  9. Wish you were here


Label: Singalongsongs

Genre: Folk Rock

CD review MANDOWAR "Hellboys from cow"

Seen in Pamplona - the city of bulls

Veröffentlicht am 30. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in Angus, ACDC, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann


Live review AC/DC, Munich, 19.05.2015

Veröffentlicht am 21. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in ACDC, Live Review, News, Hardrock, Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

Already during the day it was very obvious who is in town. The amount of AC/DC shirt was much higher than average. Almost more shirts than Lederhosen.

The show on Tuesday in the Olympiastadion in Munich was the first of two gigs in the Bavarian capitol and the weather God wasn't on the side of band and fans. Eventhough the weather during the day was quite OK the big rain started right in time for the show. Bad, but "Ahahahahaha Thunder".

The last time I have seen the guys from down under was a few years ago in Oberhausen, Germany during the European leg of the "Black ice" tour. I still can remember that the show was a very good one. Therefore I was curiously looking forward to this evening, esp. since the newest album wasn't a real highlight in the career of Angus and Co.

As mentioned, the rain started right in time for the show. However, band and fans couldn't care less. The Olympiastadion was more or less sold out and after the support, blues rockers of Vintage Trouble, did their best to get some energy into the crowd it was time for pure rock'n'roll entertainment.

And this was what happen for almost 2 hours. AC/DC proved the rock isn't a matter of age. It is about attitude and passion. And both was absolutly present in those 120 minutes.

The setlist contained next to the AC/DC classics also the one or the other new song, like "Play ball". But I have to say that the quality of the new material can't reach the level of AC/DC's hits. You could hear it during the show and you could see it in the reaction of the fans.

A definite highlight of the evening was Angus long solo part at the end of "Let there be rock". This guitar maniac couldn't get enough. Standing in the pouring rain he performed a guitar solo that was breath-taking and something you must have seen. And when you thought 'he's done', the guitar wizard appeared behind the drum kit and just continued. Excellent.

What more to say? The sound was fantastic. From the first note on the acoustic in the Olympiastadion was perfect, the sound was clear and diverse and had a punch that you could escape from. The lightshow was a very professional one too. It wasn't overdone but well-done. Of course 'Rosie' appeard during the song, the cannons fired and the bell was tolling. Everything was in place what needs to be part of a good AC/DC show.

It was a great evening in Munich and if AC/DC can keep this high level of performance it would be great if they at least continue going on tour.



  1. Rock or bust
  2. Shoot to thrill
  3. Hell ain't a bad place to be
  4. Back in black
  5. Play ball
  6. Dirty deeds
  7. Thunderstruck
  8. High voltage
  9. Rock'n'roll train
  10. Hells bells
  11. Baptism by fire
  12. You shook me all night long
  13. Sin city
  14. Have a drink on me
  15. Shot down the in flames
  16. T.N.T.
  17. Whole lotta Rosie
  18. Let there be rock
  19. Highway to hell (Encore)
  20. For those abut to rock (Encore)


Date: 19.05.2015

Location: Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany


Photo: Markus Wiedenmann

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann


AC/DC live in Arnhem on May 5

Veröffentlicht am 12. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in ACDC, Hardrock, Tour, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, News

Mojo concerts announced on their Facebook side that the legendary AC/DC will play a show in the Gelredome in Arnhem. The Ziggodome in Amsterdam would have been probabaly better from a sound point of view, but that's what it is.


CD review AC/DC "Rock or bust"

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2014 von Markus W. in ACDC, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(8/10) To be honest, I haven't thought that we will ever get a new album from the Australian hardrock legend. Especially after the news was out that founding member Malcolm Young had to stop with AC/DC due to dementia I had the idea that this was it. Maybe another tour, maybe a few other shows, but a new album?

But things went differently, Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young and with "Rock or bust" the band worked on their 15th studio record. In a few days the album will see the light of day and it will contain eleven new hardrock anthems.

I guess that all of you have a clear expectation when it comes to the sound of the new album. And I can tell you already that those most probabaly will be met. No doubt, AC/DC have their sound since 1973 and stick to it till today. All the bands trademarks are present on "Rock or bust". There are the crispy guitar riffs from Angus Young, that howling vocals from Brian Johnson and a powering rhythm section that makes your head banging.

The album starts with a double package that includes the two best tracks on the album. "Rock or bust" deserves the privilege to be the eponym for the album. The tune comes with an awesome rock hook that sticks from the very first note on. Great stuff and a typical AC/DC riff rocker. The song has a huge live potential.

Also the first single is worth mentioning. With not even three minutes the track isn't too long, but it transports a lot of energy. It's not a surprise that "Play ball" was revealed during the World Series 2014 and I can imagine hearing the song much more often in the coming baseball season all over the world.

A song I like as well is the slower "Dogs of war". It has a darker vibe and grooves like hell, esp. in the chorus. The bluesy side of AC/DC gets more obvious with the brilliant "Hard times" and also in "Rock the house". You just can't stand still by listening to those tracks.

Another tune with a huge drive is called "Baptism by fire". It's one of the faster tracks on "Rock or bust" and is pounding AC/DC anthem.

Two songs which I think can't keep the high level of the other ones is "Miss adventure" and "Emission control". At least I had some trouble to find my way into the songs.

Something that sticks out is the quite short running time. The longest track is 3:41 minutes and there are quite some with less than three minutes. According to Angus this was done by purpose to keep the songs as tight as possible in order to maximise the excitement. And I must say that it worked.

The sound of the album is perfect - as we're used to from the Australian rock dinosaurs. It was Bredan O'Brien, who produced "Rock or bust". O'Brien was also responsible for the production of the last album "Black ice" and did again a great job in giving AC/DC the warm and organic rock sound they need.

"Rock or bust" is another good album from a band that belongs to the icons in rock. AC/DC stick to their sound during the last 40 years and also the new release reflects all their trademarks. "Rock or bust" is a very entertaining record with great and distinctive rock songs that 'shake you all night long'. A proof that rock'n'roll isn't a matter of age.





  1. Rock or bust
  2. Play ball
  3. Rock the blues away
  4. Miss adventure
  5. Dogs of wat
  6. Got some rock & roll thunder
  7. Hardr times
  8. Baptism by fire
  9. Rock the house
  10. Sweet candy
  11. Emission control


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Hardrock

CD review AC/DC "Rock or bust"
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