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Rush concert review A'dam 2.6.13

Veröffentlicht am 9. Juni 2013 von mwie in Live Review, Rush

It was a Sunday which really deserved the name. The sun was shining and brought summerly temerature to the land of tulips. But this couldn't hold back Rush fans to enter the brand new Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. 


Was the band's focus three years ago in Rotterdam on the "Moving picture" album so was it this time their new album "Clockwork angels" combined with classics out of 45 years of Rush history and discography.


Point 20:00 Rush opened their show with the excellent "Subdivison". The sound was from the beginning perfect and the band performed excellent. Geddy, Alex and Neil had obviously fun and the crowd enjoyed their idols. Especially the three drum solos of Neil were a highlight of the show. On his 180 degrees turnable drumkit he proved why he is one of the best rock drummers in the world. "Far cry" rounded off the first part of the show after approximately 60 minutes.


After a 15 minutes break set 2 began. The focus was on the "Clockwork angels" album. The band was supported in the second part of the show by a 7 man/woman string orchestra, which made tha sound even more powerful. Songs like "Clockwork angels" and "The wrecker" became even more powerful. Band calssics like "Red sector A", "YYZ" and "The spirit of radio" rounded off the second part of the show. 


But of course the audiance haven't had enough and as an encore "Tom Sawyer" and three part out of the phantastic "2112" epos finalized a great evening with Rush.


Let's hope that Rush will come pretty soon back to Europe.



Set 1:


The big money

Force Ten

Grand design



The analog kid


Where's my thing (with drum solo)

Far cry


Set 2:


Clockwork angels

The anarchist


The wreckers

Headlong flight (with a short drum solo)

Halo effect

Seven cities of gold

The garden

Manhatten project

Drum solo

Red sector A


The spirit of radio



Tom Sawyer

2112 Part I: Overture

2112 Part II: The temple of Syrinx

2112 Part VII: Grand finale

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