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Live review WHITESNAKE Tilburg 18.6.13

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2013 von mwie in Whitesnake, Live Review

It was the warmest day so far this year in The Netherlands. Sun all day long, around 30 degrees and still a lot of fans found their way to the 013 in Tilburg. Probabaly one reason why the 013 was not sold-out. But I can say that Whitesnake turned a warm day into a hot night.

It was 21:00 when Coverdale, Aldrich, Beach, Devin, Ruedy and Aldridge entered the stage. Eventhough the focus of this evening was on the “Forevermore” album (3 songs) the band opened with two classics from the past – “Give me all your love” and “Ready an’willing”. They had a good sound from the beginning and there was no discussion this time about David maybe not singing himself while holding the mic too far away. He was good, but had some smaller problems at the beginning of "Forevermore". Besides that I was an excellent rock show incl. the typical Coverdale posing. With “Don’t break my heart again” another important hit found it’s way on the setlist. Sweat was running all over and Coverdale just had to ask the question: “Tilburg - Why is it always so fucking hot?”.

“The gambler” from the “Slide it in” album was definitely a highlight since the song was dedicated to Jon Lord, Cozy Powell and Mel Galley, who all went away too early. “Love will set you free” contained also the solo parts of Doug and Reb. I was esp. surprised about the entertainment factor of Reb. While Doug was into his typical posing, Reb really played with guitar and audience. It was fun to see. Also both were still ‘plugged in’, meaning that they using cables to connect to the amp. This is something you don’t see that often in these days. Of course Tommy got his solo part as well and he played with sticks and his hand. This was great to see. But all in all the solo parts and the next song(s) like “Forevermore” took a little bit the energy out of the crowd – or maybe it was the temperature. The actually unique moment of the evening was the guest appearance of Adrian Vandenberg for the last songs of the show. Adrian was part of the very successful “1987” album and played in the band for 10 year. Having Whitesnake with three guitar players made the sound even stronger – even though it became a little bit tight on stage ;o) Adrian joined for “Fool for your loving” and stayed till the end of the show. A magical moment which hopefully will happen more often in future. It was great to see and listen to.

“Soldiers of fortune” and “Still of the night” rounded off a good Whitesnake show. Actually “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city”, which they also played in the Bratislava show was taken from the list. Probabaly due to the temperature in the 013. The outro released an exhausted but happy audience in to the still warm night in Tilburg.


Intro (My generation)

Give me all your love

Ready an’willing

Can you hear the wind blow

Don’t break my heart again

Is this love


Love will set you free

Pistols at dawn

Steal your heart away


Best years / Bad boys / Children of the night

Fool for your loving

Here I go again


Soldier of fortune

Still of the night

Outro (Wishing well)