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Interview: Zetro Souza from HATRIOT

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The interview as done on July 4 2013:


Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: Hej Zetro. Good to have you on the phone. How are you? You must feel great with this strong new record out on the market.

Zetro: Yes, we are very excited and we worked very hard on it. I’m very fortunate to be always surrounded by great musicians. And with Hatriot I have that as well.


MHMB: How does it feel for you having your two sons in the band? You must be a very proud father.

Zetro: Yes, I’m really happy to have both of them in the band and they did a great job as well. I’m now 30 years in the business and this is probably the coolest thing going on, because it’s not really a normal thing. Sometimes you have one son in the band but now I have even two sons in my band which hold on the rhythm section and they do it quite well. They were of course grown up with thrash metal since I was doing that for 30 years now. And they transfer this experience now to the band. So I’m glad it worked out so well for everyone.


MHMB: It seems to be a great combination – your experience and the energy of the youth.

Zetro: Yes, look at some other like e.g. Ozzy and Dio, who found other very good young musicians to work with very successful, but I didn’t went directly into copying that formula. My attitude was if it works for them so well, and those guys were pioneers in what they did, I should try it and see what happens. And I was fortunate to find Kosta ‘V’. He’s the one writing all the music and I take care about all the lyrics. I mean every riff and every change - it’s all Kosta’s. So I was very lucky to find a Gary Holt 2.0 or a Eric Petersson 2.0. So I was very fortunate again to find someone who writes very really good Bay Area thrash metal – and that’s what we are. Of course there are some breakdowns here and there since these guys are kids. And they all have their favorite bands like Job For A Cowboy and Black Daliah Murder, but they also listen to the more traditional band like Megadeth, Slayer, Death, Testament and Kreator.


MHMB: That sounds like my youth
Exactly. And it also sounds like my youth too.


MHMB: Where have you found Kosta? You normally don’t meet those talents not just by coincidence.

Zetro: Niklas was playing in a kind of garage band, you know. So I went to a show of them once since they invited me and that’s where I met Kosta who played there with his old band. We talked a while and I was in contact with him for three more weeks. I asked him all about heavy metal and he knew everything. So we decided to put a couple of songs together. And with those we went to Testament’s recording studio and we recorded two songs which were both on the demo. When we did that the guys from Testament were around as well and also Paul Bostaph. And when they heard it they asked “Is this the new Exodus”? That was two years ago. And now we are here with a full record and a tour to come.


MHMB: Do you have plans for a next album since the first record was quite succesful?

Zetro: We have almost written all the songs for our next record. We will go to the studio on September 1 to record the new album. We really haven’t been touring a lot so far, but instead of just sitting around ‘waiting for heroes’ we stayed in the studio and just kept on writing new songs. We have written already the whole next record. We not gonna waste any time. We want to keep the continuity and the momentum of the band. I didn’t want anybody feel like this is a project. We don’t put out a record and see what happens. We are a band and we will continue. The first album was our “Kill ‘em all” and the next one will be our “Ride the lightning”.


MHMB: What will be title of the new album?
The title will be “Dawn of the new centurion” and we are very excited.


MHMB: When do you think the new album will be released?

Zetro: We have planned to put out the new album in January, so there is only 12 month in between records. We keep the momentum going. So we are coming to Europe on tour with almost two albums.


MHMB: Talking about a tour; when will you come to Europe with Hatriot?

Zetro: As I said, we will come to Europe and we are very excited about it. We are most probably touring in November and December this year together with Toxik. We are supposed to tour all over Germany, Holland,... – in total 14 countries. And in fact Jason Bittner from Shadow Fall called me and said that he will play drums for Toxik on that tour, which is awesome, because he’s a good friend of mine. We most probably also play three festivals (in Germany, Holland and Czech Republic). The tour start should be on November 15 or 16. Right now we are just hitting some dates here in the US doing some shows like in Seattle, Denver, Dallas,... but the Europe thing will be probably 40 dates. And we are ready for to show the world what we can do. And if you love the album you will love the live show. We also will play a couple of Legacy songs and Exodus songs. Songs they never play anymore. So there is a couple of surprises in the set as well. We will play e.g. “Reign Of Terror”. And the band has rehearsed the songs really good and we got the response to do them at least as good as Testament and Exodus. We are also looking forward to summer next year to get on the big European festivals like Graspop, because Hatriot is definitely ready also for the big stage and the deal with Massacre Records should help as well.


MHMB: And of course your very typical voice also helps for being ready for the big stages.

Zetro: Sure, and I agree with that. I think the voice is always a big part of it. And I keep myself in shape and I stay hungry. I’m still very angry and pissed off and I still have a lot of stuff to say. That will be especially recognizable on the second record.


MHMB: Talking about Testament, how is it actually with the Dublin Death Patrol?

Zetro: There are no plans so far. We, as DDP, have released two albums within five years and that’s a big gap between both albums. Now Chuck is busy with Testament working on a new record and we put a record out every year with Hatriot.


MHMB: What do you listen to in those days?

Zetro: I went out to get the new Black Sabbath album. It was like if I was a little kid two weeks ago. I was even taking the digi-pack in order to get the button, the posters and all that crap. I felt like I was 13 years old. I never get old and that’s why I play heavy metal. I’m almost 50 years but I feel like 25.


MHMB: A really good statement in the end. Zetro, thanks for getting the chance talking to you and I’m looking forward to see you on tour in Europe.


Markus W.

Interview: Zetro Souza from HATRIOT