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Interview with SCARSIGN - a promising newcomer

Veröffentlicht am 18. September 2013 von Markus W. in Scarsign, Heavy Metal, News, Interview

Scarsign is a newcomer in the scene. They are a German metal band which released their first song "24/7" the other day and put a video on YouTube (see link below).  I had the possibility to get some more insights about Scarsign by asking a few questions to Elias, one of the two guitar players of the band. It stays exciting to follow the development of the band.


Markus' Heavy Music Blog: Hej Elias, how are you?

Elias: I'm good. I hope you're fine as well.


MHMB: Elias, first question to begin with: Where are you from?

Elias: We are from a small town in southern Germany.


MHMB: It was a few days ago that I heard from you guys. Since when does SCARSIGN exist and how did you guys meet?

Elias: The first time we met was on the 12th of july 2012. Four of us were already starting a new band and needed a singer. Through coincidence a tattooer of the band suggested GrIngo and the rest is history.


MHMB: Did you already know each other before?

Elias: Myself, Moe, Phil, (who are brothers) and Rob already had a band before. To our surprise and despite the fact we are all from the same surrounding and the four of us didn´t know GrIngo until 2012.


MHMB: Did you play in other bands before SCARSIGN?

Elias: Yes, most notably EAR-SHOT and INK.


MHMB: Who are the members of SCARSIGN?

Elias: Rob: guitar, myself: guitar, Moe: drums, Phil: bass and GrIngo: vocals


MHMB: Who writes the songs? Is there a main songwriter in the band or do you write the songs together?

Elias: Most of the time I'm coming up with the basic riffs and song ideas, brings them to the rehersal room where the whole band developes the final arrangements.


MHMB: Who writes the lyrics?

Elias: GrIngo!


MHMB: Talking about the lyrics, how important are the lyrics for Scarsign? And how do you come up with the ideas? When I listen to 24/7 I realized that good lyrics are important for you?

Gringo: Lyrics are very important to us. I don´t really search for themes or things to write about. I see myself more as a photographer that just takes pictures of all the shit I´m surrounded by in everyday life. I avoid aesthetic writing - I´m more of a purist. If you take 24/7 for instance and just take off the chorus and other repeating elements it is basicly just a poem. I find it much more effective to write apart from music and then adapt them like a screenplay writer adapting a novel to a movie. Otherwise I would run the risk of writing within boundaries. SCARSIGN is not about aesthetics! We are like surgeons that cut out the unnecessary in music as in words.


MHMB: What are your influences?

Elias: Barry White!!!! (Dude we are fucking serious! ;-)


MHMB: 24/7 is a fucking a awesome song. So you already have other songs done yet? If yes, can you say something about the titles and characteristics of these songs?

Elias: Thanks man, we're glad you like it! Yeah, we got about 12 songs finished that we are fine-tuning right now. We don't want to reveal too much at that moment but we can assure you, we got a crazy mix that is far from current metal streams.


MHMB: What about your debut album?

Elias: We don't want to rush things at the moment. Yes the focus is on finishing the debut, but it is very important to us that we test songs live before we finish them in the studio.


MHMB: Where will you guys record and who will produce it?

Elias: We will record our debut album with Roger Grüninger in the 141-Studios.


MHMB: Are you planning to play live?

Elias: Dude, playing live is the reason why we do this. We already have serveral dates for this year and more coming in. For details check out our Facebooksite.


MHMB: Do you have any final words which you want to share?

Elias: Destroy what destroys you!


MHMB: Wise words.Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you playing live in Holland soon!

Elias: Thank you for the interview and the support, brother! We'd love to - if holland is ready for us we will be there.

Photo: Scarsign (Promo)

Photo: Scarsign (Promo)