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Concert review SOUNDGARDEN Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall 11.9.13

Veröffentlicht am 12. September 2013 von Markus W. in Soundgarden, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Live Review

The last time I have seen Soundgarden was in 1994 in Ludwigsburg, Germany on the “Superunkown-tour”. I have this concert as one of the really good ones in mind and  I was not sure what I had to expect 19 years later from the band. The latest release “King animal” was not bad, but also not a real highlight. On the other hand the band the band has a lot of great older songs in their discography.

After Graveyard from Sweden played their opener show Soundgarden entered the stage at 21:00. Lights out- show time. The band started with immediately with a classic – “Searching with my good eye closed” from the Badmotorfinger album. The start was good even though the sound wasn’t perfect from the beginning. Then I started to doubt if it was the right decision to go to this show. One of my favorite songs “Jesus Christ pose”  was performed in such a bad way from that it was embarrassing. The vocals, esp. in the verse, was more screaming, without hitting any right tone. Very sad, since the song is really, really good.

After this bad experience it just could get better and happy enough it also got better. Hits like “Spoonman”, “Outshined” and “Superunkown” were good to hear again live and the sound got better. Also the new “Been away too long” fitted perfect between the old classics. In general the songs were mainly from the new album called “King animal” and their biggest success record “Superunkown”, combined with some “Badmotorfinger” highlights. Good choice. So there were not that many songs which I missed in the setlist, but it would have been great, if they would have played “Black hole sun” and “Ty Cobb”. A few less energetic tracks in the middle part took out the power of the show and it seemed that the band ‘awaked’ themselfs in the encore with e.g. “Rusty cage”. “Slaves & bulldozers” rounded off the show and the band members left the stage one by one – Matt Cameron, Chris Cornel, Ben Shepard and Kim Thayll – accompanied by infernal sound distortion.

Interesting, but not expected differently was the stage acting. It is still amazing, how the guys can stand on almost one spot for 2 hours. But again – not expected in a different way. Actually the whole stage was set-up very puristic. It was just the drum-kit and the amps. In the back a bigger video projection which was used from time to time. So very basic, but still it created an atmosphere which fitted the show.

So all in all I have to say that Soundgarden in 2013 was less good than Soundgarden in 1994. But it was still worth to go there and it was great that they played 2 hours, which unfortunately is not that usual anymore in these days. And please, never mess up qith “Jesus Christ pose” as you did  this tim.

I’m curious how it will continue with the band – the superunkown.

See some great photos of the show on the webpage from Paul Barendrecht. Thanks Paul. Just check-out the link.



Searching with my good eye closed

Jesus Christ pose


By crooked steps


Loud love

Non-state actor


New damage

Been away too long

My wave

Burden in my hand

A thousand days before

Fell on black days

Blow up the outside world

Nver the machine forever





Like suicide

Rusty cage

Slaves & bulldozers


Venue: Amsterdam – Heineken Music Hall

Date: 11.9.2013