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CD review WARMASTER "The end of humanity"

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Warmaster, Death Metal, CD Review

Dutch death metal. Not that unusal if with think e.g. about bands like Hail Of Bullet and so on. Warmaster is another Dutch death metal band. Maybe not hat poplar than the before mentioned but worth to listen to. Founded in 2004 the band releases their second full-length record with the title "The end of humanity". 

Warmaster doesn't focus on high speed and blast beat. Their songs are more mid-pace old school death metal in the tradition of bands like Bolt Thrower. I personally like this approach more, since I think that it makes the songs heavier.

"The end of humanity" begins with an Endzeit intro before "Nuclear warfare" blows out of the speakers. For a death metal album the songs are quite diverse. If you listen to "Barbarians" you find even some almost doomy parts, like e.g. in the beginning of the song. Of course the band doesn't only stick to pure mid-tempo. Songs like "Death factory" and "Poison dwarf" have also the fast parts which are combined with some breaks. That makes the songs interesting to listen to. Also a song with Dutch lyrics found it's way on the album. Would be good to understand what it is about. My Dutch is obviously not good enough ;o)

All in all a good death metal album which will be liked by fans from Bolt Thrower and Benediction.





  1. Massive kill capacity
  2. Nuclear warfare
  3. Deadly artillery
  4. Death factory
  5. The target
  6. Lies to deny
  7. Barbarians
  8. Poison dwarf
  9. Ancient anthem
  10. Medestrijders voor volk en vaderland
  11. Destroyers of worlds


Label: Dead Beat Media/Slaughterhouse Records

Genre: Death Metal


CD review WARMASTER "The end of humanity"