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CD review THE WINERY DOGS "The winery dogs"

Veröffentlicht am 2. September 2013 von Markus W. in The Winery Dogs, Hardrock, CD Review

The Winery Dogs is a new project by drum mastermind Mike Portnoy. I don’t want to use the name ‘supergroup’ in this context, since this name is used very inflationary in the last years. But The Winery Dogs is definitely a band with highly experienced and talented musicians. Next Mike it is also Billy Sheehan (bass) and Richie Kotzen (guitar and vocals) who are forming a powerful trio. Since Sheehan and Kotzen played already together in Mr. Big they have already a good understanding of each other, which contributes to the harmony in the songs. When it comes to Richie I was aware of his extraordinary guitar play, but I was surprised about him doing the vocals. That guy has a great voice which fits perfect to that kind of music.

Talking about the music - the songs are excellent hardrock songs written by experienced and passionate musicians. Even though you can hear their competence in each song it is always the song itself, which is in focus. It is not a summary of different egoistic solo parts, which are supposed to be a song. It’s the melody and the hooks which gets the most attention.  As said the songs are mainly hardrock song, but also with some blues influences and some AOR moments. It is due to the great musicians that the tracks never become cliché, but stay exciting and entertaining. I was party reminded to Mr. Big (not a surprise), Whitesnake and Aerosmith at certain moment.

There are good rockers on the album like e.g. the opener “Elevate” or the fast “The other side” which starts in a great way with drums, than the bass comes in before the guitar joins. Next to those songs there are pretty cool ‘groovers’ in the album like “We are one”. Also my favorite track “Six feet deeper” belongs to this category. Last but not least the album has also some slow songs. I consciously want to avoid the name ‘ballad’ here since for me it is more than that. “The dying” and “Regret” are two of those songs. Just great songs with a lot of feeling and dedication.

My hope is, that this is more, than a ‘supergroup’ or a project. I hope that those three guys will continue with The Winery Dogs, since it is a pleasure to listen to them.





  1. Elevate
  2. Desire
  3. We are one
  4. I’m no angel
  5. The other side
  6. You saved me
  7. Not hopeless
  8. One more time
  9. Damaged
  10. Six feet deeper
  11. Time machine
  12. The dying
  13. Regret


Label: Loud & Proud Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review THE WINERY DOGS "The winery dogs"