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“Those were the days my friend” – that was my thought when I heard the re-recorded version of those classic Sinner songs. Those songs come from the glorious times in the 80’s when German bands like Steeler (the German band), Stormwitch, Tyrant Pace and Sinner had their best time. We were young, we had fun, we shared the metal spirit, we had some parties, Mofas (mopeds) were famous and those mentioned bands contributed with the perfect soundtrack for those days. Actually today it’s the same just that we got older ;o)

I think it was a great idea of Mat Sinner to re-record those old songs with the new line-up. Tracks like “Comin’ out fighting”, Born to rock” and “Germany rocks” are just fun to listen to. Also the fast “Lost in a minute” just let your head bang. Of course the songs are not at the high-end when it comes to songwriting. They are kept on a more simple structure, but they transport a lot of spirit out of this time. They stick in our ears from the very first moment and you don’t get them out again. They have a great groove and good harmonies, which makes it easy to sing/shout the chorus immediately. It’s pure rock’n’roll feeling.

What I also like in the new version is, that a few details are added, which comes automatically by having the current line-up playing those songs.

The cover of the album is the cherry on the pie. It just fits and makes the release complete.

Sinner - thanks for this album and the travel in time. I hope that there are a few more bands (Steeler, Stormwitch,.. how is it?) who will follow this idea.


  1. Tracklist:
  2. Born to rock
  3. Comin’ out fighting
  4. Bad girl
  5. Knife in my heart
  6. Concrete jungle
  7. Don’t believe a word
  8. Shout
  9. Germany rocks
  10. Danger zone
  11. Emerald
  12. Blood on the sand
  13. Lost in a minute
  14. Masquerade
  15. Heat of the city

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review SINNER "Touch of sin 2"
Tag(s) : #Sinner, #Heavy Metal, #CD Review

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