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CD review SAMMY HAGAR "Sammy Hagar & friends"

Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2013 von Markus W. in Sammy Hagar, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review

Sammy Hagar comes with a new album. The album is called "Sammy Hagar &friends" and that is also what you get. Guys like Taj Mahal, Neal Schon Ronnie Dunn,... supported Hagar to create a a good rock'n'roll album which can become the soundtrack for every good party. The album comes with a lot of diversity around the corner. It is not only hardrock songs or blues songs or... Each song reprensents a certain identity which is based on the guys who are performing it.

The opener "Winding down" has a classical blues characteristic. It sounds great and it could also have been on a Whitesnake album in the early eighties. The second song "Not going down" is written by Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons. It has a pounding beat and a heavy riff. The gospel choir rounds off a awesome song. The biggest surprise is the Depeche Mode cover of "Personal Jesus". It shows the quality of the song, that it can be performed in so many different variations. Hagar made a gospel version out of it, which sounds excellent.

Some Irish influences make "Father sun" standing out from the other songs of the album - without threatening the quality.

"Knockdown dragout" is another pretty heavy song. Sammy Hagar shares the lead vocals with Kid Rock. The song reminded me a little bit to "I can't drive 55", which is my favorite Hagar song.

Actually each song has it's own live and could be mentioned. It doesn't matter if we talk about the great duet with Nancy Wilson (Heart) in "All we need is an island" or the studio live recorded "Going down", where Hagar was supported by Neil Schon and the Chickenfoot gang. It 's just a pleasure to listen to each track.

"Sammy Hagar & friends" became an excellent hardrock album and for me it is: Thumbs up. I like it.



  1. Winding down
  2. Not going down
  3. Personal Jesus
  4. Father sun
  5. Knockdown dragout
  6. Ramblin' gamblin' man
  7. Bad on Fords and Chevrolets
  8. Margaritaville
  9. All we need is an island
  10. Going down

Label: Frontier Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review SAMMY HAGAR "Sammy Hagar & friends"