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CD review QUEENSRYCHE: "Queensryche"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Juni 2013 von mwie in Queensryche, Heavy Metal, CD Review

As being a Queensryche fan from the first hour I was very curious about this album. How will it sound, how is it with Todd, is it not another disappointment? The answer is, that it has a great sound, that Todd is performing excellent and fits perfect to the band and the album is NO disappointment. It's great.

After the quite technical intro called "X2" which could also have been on the "Operation Mindcrime" album they open with the first 'real' song "Where dreams go to die". It starts slow and develops to a powerful song during time. A good start. "Spore" sounds good, but is a little bit more average compared to the opener. "In this light" has a similar structure as "Where dreams go to die" - slow start with a strong ending. It has great harmonies and Todd is simply great in this track.. "Redemption" was the first song of the album which was released. A really good song which reminds me to the "Empire" times - strong and heavy. After "Vindication" and the short in between track "Midnight lullaby" another powerful mid tempo song called "A world without" finds it's way into your brain. "Don't look back", together with "Redemption", is probably the heaviest track on the album and I'm tempted to say: yes, don't look back - at least not for the last ten years ;o) It's the future which counts. "Fallout" and "Open road" rounds of the album.

My conclusion is, that this is the best Queensryche album since years. It's not a new "Operation Mindcrime" but it is Queensryche like I know them from the beginning. The album grows which each time listening and Todd is for sure a great singer. He fits perfect. My only small remark is, that there are a little bit too much similar mid-tempo songs on the album and that 35 minutes are not really long. So put the album on an endless loop - it's worth it.

This is definitely Queensryche how we know them. Well done and see you on tour.




Where dreams go to die


In this light



Midnight lullaby

A world without

Don't look back


Open road

Source: Century Media Records

Source: Century Media Records