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CD review: MAT SINNER: "Back to the bullet (remastered)"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Juni 2013

It's almost impossible not to know Mat Sinner. Mat is a bassplayer, singer and producer from Stuttgart in Germany. He start with his own band called Sinner in 1982. But he is/was also involved in Primal Fear and Voodoo Circle.

In 1990 he released his only solo album called "Back to the bullet". Now AFM released a remastered version this year, which gave the album more drive. The album is of course very much influenced by the 80's. It's with Mat's typical rough voice and reminds often to bands like Steeler and Pretty Maids, two other famous bands from this period.

"Back to the bullet" is a straight opener which reflects typical German metal from that period. Also "Tear down the wall" and "Every second counts" are straight forward songs with a lot of drive and energy. They will find their way into your ears easily. This powerful start will be followed by "Call my name", the first ballad. A great song with a strong chorus. The album also contains a cover version. "Crazy horses" is a cover version written by The Osmonds and it fits good into the context of his own songs. "In the name of rock'n'roll" is worth it's name. You can start to sing the chorus already during the first time listening. "Wildest dreams" and "Down undercover" are a little bit the weaker songs on the album. But the quality level raises again with "Face to face". This songs could actually also be on a Ratt album of the eights. The final two songs are good ones as well and fit to the other songs.

"Back to the bullet" is a good album and it is good that their is in the meantime also a remastered version, since it got a better sound. Thos album is to recommend to everybody who enjoyed metal from the eighties.



Back to the bullet

Tear down the wall

Every second counts

Call my name

Crazy horses

In the name of rock'n'roll

Wildest dreams

Down undercover

Face to face

Crying in the wires

She's got the look


Label: AFM

Genre: German heavy metal

Source: AFM records

Source: AFM records