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CD review MAD MAX "Interceptor"

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Mad Max, Hardrock, CD Review

Album number 10 for German melodic rock veterans Mad Max in the 31 years long history of the band. Seems almost like a revival from the 80’s this autumn. New records from Mad Max, Vengeance, Running Wild plus the Stormwitch show beginning of October in Giengen, Germany. Wow.

But OK, here it is about Mad Max only. The new disc is called “Interceptor” and contains ten hardrock tracks in the band typical style. According to the band it is an album with “full throttles from start to finish” with the conclusion “It rocks”. And yes, they are right. This album makes fun to listen to and I couldn’t find real boring moments on the record. It rocks.

“Save me” opens the scene for around 44 minutes of pure German metal. “Godzilla” and “Streets of Tokyo” both have a really good groove and are both influenced by Michael Voss’ Japan tour with the Michael Schenker band. “Sons of anarchy” is a cool rocker which would fit perfect into the soundtrack of the TV series with the same name. “Rock all your life” reminds in the beginning a little bit to “Rock bottom” from the last album and has in total a good drive before the dark “5 minutes warning” takes over. This song is the ballad on the album and was written together with American songwriter Van Preston. “Bring on the night” is an easy going rock song with a good chorus. It reminded me almost a little bit to Dokken in their good times. With “Show no mercy” an older song found the way on the album. The song is out of the “Night of passion” session and was updated and recorded. After the hard rockin’ almost a little bit sleazy “Revolution” the album comes closer to it’s end. The last track is the obligatory Sweet cover - this time it's “Turn it on”.

It’s not only that the songs are quite good. The whole package is also rounded off by a good cover. It refers to the Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson and is done by Thomas Ewerhard. It’s good to have the band still releasing new records.





  1. Save me
  2. Godzilla
  3. Sons of anarchy
  4. Rock all your life
  5. Five minute warning
  6. Bring on the night
  7. Streets of Tokyo
  8. Show no mercy
  9. Revolution
  10. Turn it on



Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review MAD MAX "Interceptor"