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CD review KINGBATHMAT "Overcoming the monster"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juni 2013 von mwie in KingBathmat, Prog Rock

KingBathmat (who came up with this name?) is a progressive rock band from the UK. They are coming from Hastings and had released already 6 albums. So I can't say that they are newcomers. "Overcoming the monster" is their seventh album which will be released in July this year. Their style is difficult to describe. I was reminded from time to time to Threshold, Gypsy Kyss, Eloy and Kasabian.

"Sentinal" starts with a strong heavy riff which goes over into a more relaxed part. But the riff comes back during the song, which I like a lot. A good beginning of the album. "Parasomnia" is following the same pattern with a strong straight forward middle part. The title song is difficult to digest and needs maybe more times of listening. "Superfluous" has a great swing and I think it would be stronger as an instrumental song. The vocals are a little monotonous to me, but again - great swing in the song. "Reality mining" and "Kubrick moon" are the last two songs on the album. "Kubrick moon" is more than 11 minutes long and starts very relaxed and spreads a peaceful atmosphere. But it becomes more powerful along the way and after 6:00 it start really to becomes really heavy.

I think that some songs would have been even better without vocals and would have been more fascinating as instrumental songs. I like the opener "Sentinel" and "Kurbick moon" the most.

This is music for prog fans and musicians. It takes time and it's not an easy listing album. Check it and try if it fits you.



1. Sentinel

2. Parasomnia

3. Overcoming the monster

4. Superflouous

5. Reality mining

6. Kubrick moon

Label: Stereorecords

Genre: Prog Rock

Source: Stereorecords
Source: Stereorecords

Source: Stereorecords