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CD review: Jorn "Traveller"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Juni 2013 von mwie in Jorn, Hardrock, CD Review

There are some singers who have a great voice and they are well known in the scene, but they can't set the final step to the top. Tipper Owens is one example and James Rivera is another one. I don't know what it is, but I think they are missing an own identity besides their voice. Don't get me wrong here; all the bands they were supporting gained from their performance, but the guys change the bands too often.

Also Nowegian singer Jorn belongs partly to this group. A lot of projects, Brazen Abbot, Masterplan, Allen/Lande and his own band. A lot of stuff. Now he released  his 10th (Solo-) album (not considering the tribute-, live- and compilation CDs) called "Traveller". 
"Traveller" shows again a lot of good hard rock songs, but Jorn is a little bit trapped in the 'I love Dio' approach. Songs like "The man who was king" or "Carry in black" are good tracks, but a little bit too much of Ronnie and a little bit too less Jorn - and nobody can reach the one and only Dio anyhow. Just songs like "Widow maker" stand out a little bit. The same goes for "Rev on". More of those please.
As a result "Traveller" is a typical Jorn album and the ones who loved all his former releases will be also happy with this one. For me personally I must say that there are too little surprises and own identity in most of the tracks. My preference goes to the new Masterplan CD, which is, surprisingly enough, without Jorn this time.
1. Overload
2. Cancer demon
3. Traveller
4. Widow maker
5. Make your engine scream
6. Legend man
7. Carry the black
8. Rev on
9. Monsoon
10. The man who was king
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard rock
Source: Frontier Records

Source: Frontier Records