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CD review HATRIOT "Heroes of origin"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juni 2013 von mwie in Hatriot, Exodus, Thrash Metal, Testament

After he released some milestones albums with Exodus Steve 'Zetro' Souza almost disappeared from the metal scene. After joining Tenet for a while he is now starting through with the new band called Hatriot, which is almost a family business, since also his two sons play in the band. The debut album is called "Heroes of origin" and is real thrash metal from the Bay Area.

Already the superb opener "Suicide run" convinces with a lot of power. It is great to hear Zetro's typical and unique voice again. I think that we missed it for too long. Kosta and Migual play great riffs. Especially Kosta, who was responsible for all the music on the album, does a fantastic job. Of course they aren't the famous Exodus duo, but the are really good and very close to them. The entire album doesn't give you any moment to lay back and relax. All songs are also built on a tight and fast playing rhythm section, which is consisting out of Cody and Nick, the sons of Zetro. Songs like "Weapons of class destruction", Globicidal" and also the title track are great songs. They sound mean, dirty and threatening. "And your children to be damned" comes with a great mid-tempo mosh part in the middle. Well done. "Shadow of the buried" takes out the speed in some parts in the beginning develops to a straight thrasher before it also takes down the speed in the end.

"Heroes of origin" is revitalizing the old Bay Area sound and is to recommend to all thrash metal fans. This album is definitely a thrash highlight of the year 2013 and I hope we can see them soon in Europe on stage. Imagine a tour of Testament together with Hatriot....



1. Suicide run

2. Weapons of class destruction

3. Murder American style

4. Blood stained wings

5. The violent time of my dark passenger

6. Globicidal

7. And your children to be damned

8. The machanics of annihilation

9. Shadows of the buried

10. Heroes of origin

Label: Massacre records

Genre: Thrash metal

CD review HATRIOT "Heroes of origin"