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CD review GLAMOUR OF THE KILL "Savages"

Veröffentlicht am 4. September 2013 von Markus W. in Glamour Of The Kill, CD Review, Metalcore

Glamour Of The Kill is maybe not that known yet, Eventhough the release with "Savages"  their second album. The four-piece UK band from York is active already since quite some years. They started in 2007 and their demo "Through the dark they march" was already pretty much recognised in the scene. Glamour Of The Kill are playing melodic metalcore which reminds to Bullet For A Valentin. The vocals have a lot of hamonies and the screams are partly integrated, but not that often. The opener "Break" is a good example for this. Harmonies in the verse and shouts in the chorus, but also a heavy riff gives the song a lot of power. In general I have to say that melodies and heavy, sometimes classical metal riffing goes hand in hand with a lot of the tracks. And actually it goes together pretty well. "Heartbreaker" is a good example for this. 
The band also dares to use some keyboard moment like in the beginning of "A freak like me". Since this songs has also the typical "ohoho" parts I could imagine that it becomes also a fixed track in their shows. "Leave it all behind" underlines that the band also got some influences from Iron Maiden. Already the beginning has a typical Maiden guitar part which comes back also in the solo. With "Tears of the sun" the album has also a half-ballad. The song starts very relaxed with acoustic guitar and vocals before it gains intensity along the way. 
"Savages" is a good album and can become a good soundtrack for the next party. But I also have to mention that you sometimes get the impression that you have heard some songs already earlier. Good second album with some space to improve.



  1. Break
  2. Second chance
  3. The only one
  4. Live for the weekend
  5. A freak like me
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Rescue me
  8. Leave it all behind
  9. A beautiful day to die
  10. Tears of the sun
  11. Welcome to hell

Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Genre: Melodic Metalcore


CD review GLAMOUR OF THE KILL "Savages"