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CD review FATES WARNING "Darkness in a different light"

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Fates Warning, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review

It’s interesting times in those days. The prog masters Dream Theater and Fates Warning released their new records. This is just great for every fan of this kind of music. But of course it also makes people comparing both discs. After listening to both records I have to say that Fates Warning even bypassed Dream Theater. While Dream Theater became a little predictable, Fates Warning managed to release a great and exciting record – from the beginning to the end.

Already the beginning shows, what to expect in the next 56 minutes. No warm up, not intro. But instead an immediate start with a heavy riff. Fates Warning became more metal again, which is great news. A perfect opener. “Firefly” was already as stream available and combines another magic riff with a lot of harmonies. It’s probably the most commercial song, without denying the Fates Warning trademarks. “Desire” has a unique atmosphere. The songs sounds pretty fragile with a dark basic riff and typical Fates Warning chorus. With “Falling the album also has its ballad. A beautiful acoustic songs, which pretty short but touching. When I listened to “I am” I was reminded to the “FWX” times. “Lighthouse” is another highlight. Acoustic start combined with the great voice of Ray Alder and a heavy ending. When you close your eyes by listening to that song you almost see the lighthouse. “Into the black” turns out the lights in the lighthouse immediately. It’s amazing how these guys produce great riffs. It’s a typical Fates Warning song with a catchy chorus. It reminded me to the “No exit” times. Further into the darkness. “Kneel and obey” is based on a riff that could have been also from the last Alice In Chains. It’s heavy and the song flows like lava down from the volcano. Step by step the song get hammered into your head. A real headbanger. “O chloroform” is much better than everything which is produced by a lot of other bands but maybe a little bit of a weaker song on the album. But again, weaker in the context of pearls around this song. Like with the latest Dream Theater the best comes in the end. The 14 minutes long epos “And yet it moves” is definitely a milestone in the long Fates Warning discography. It starts with a single acoustic guitar before a heavy guitar breaks the silence. The variety of elements makes this song so exciting and it contains probably more ideas than some other bands have for a complete album. When you think, that you got into the song it makes another twist and surprises you again.

“Darkness in a different light” is also supported by a strong and powerful production, which gives the songs the spirit which they need. I also would like to mention the cover which is perfectly chosen. I think it shows in a great way how simple complexity can look like.

The album is for me definitely one of the highlights this year and another milestone in the successful history of the band. A beautiful masterpiece of music. Thanks for that Fates Warning.



  1. One thousand fires
  2. Firefly
  3. Desire
  4. Falling
  5. I am
  6. Lighthouse
  7. Into the black
  8. Kneel and obey
  9. O chloroform
  10. And yet it moves

Label: InsideOut Records

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review FATES WARNING "Darkness in a different light"