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CD review END OF GREEN "The painstream"

Veröffentlicht am 18. August 2013 von Markus W. in Dark Metal, CD Review, End Of Green

End Of Green is already 21 years in business and comes originally from Stuttgart, Germany. They play dark metal and were already on tour together with e.g. Paradise Lost. A few days ago released their 8th album "The painstream" a few days ago. Since their latest album "High hopes in low places" entered with place 17 the German album charts, the expectations for the new album are quite high. And it can live up to the expectation. "The painstream" became a good album with some heavy riffs, dark lyrics and catchy melodies. Some songs have even a kind of 'pop tendency', without becoming pop of course.

The album starts actually pretty straight forward. "Hangman's joke" is surprisingly fast and has a quite positive attitude - expect of the lyrics. Furthermore the album contains the band typical slow and dark songs like "Holidays in hell", Death of a weakener" and "Miss misery". A song which is really to recommend is "Standalone" which is build on a heavy riff combined with a highly melodic and catchy chorus. The band can be lucky that they have with Michelle Darkness a great singer with a good voice. That adds to the quality of the songs a lot and makes them special.

"The painstream" became a typical End Of Green album. It combines the dark atmosphere with heavyness and melody. The band is for all who thought that Der Graf is too much pop, Sisters Of Mercy has too much sythesisers and Type O Negative is too heavy. Fans of the band can definitely go for the album. Listening to the album is no painstream, it's fun.

I'm looking forward to see them on tour in autumn.



  1. Hangman's joke
  2. Holidays in hell
  3. Standalone
  4. Final resistance
  5. De(ad)Generation
  6. Home on fire
  7. Death of the weakender
  8. Don't stop killing me
  9. Chasing ghosts
  10. Miss misery
  11. Painstreet
  12. Blackened eyes (Bonus track)
  13. Demons (Bonus track)
  14. Hurter (Bonus track)

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Dark Metal

CD review END OF GREEN "The painstream"