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CD review: Black Sabbath "13"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Juni 2013 von mwie in Black Sabbath, CD review, Heavy Metal

It was in 1978 when Black Sabbath released their latest studio album with Ozzy Osbourne. Now in 2013 they come out with a new album in the almost classical line up (Iommi, Osbourne, Butler) and Brad Wilk (Rage Aganst The Machine) behind the drum kit.  I didn’t know what I should expect from the first album after 35 years esp. since Heaven & Hell released a really good album a few years ago.


But after listening to „13“ all my doubts were blown away. The songs are real Black Sabbath songs and Rick Rubin gave the album an excellent sound.


„End of the beginning“ opens with a typical Black Sabbath riff. It is literally heavy as hell. It even reminds me in the beginning to „Black Sabbath“ and the first record.  A great start. „God is dead“, the first single, follows. A great songs which develops even more with each time listening to it. „Loner“ comes straight forward out of the speakers, followed by „Zeitgeist“, an accoustic song. This is the ballad of the album with some Honky Tonk moments and gives you some moment of rest before „Age of reason“, „Live forever“ and „Damage soul“ come around with the riffs you want to hear. Midtempo songs with an excellent Iommi and a tight rhythm section. I like especially the solo in „Live forever“. The last song of the album is called „Dear father“ and is a riff monster. It feels like lava moving down hot and slow from the vulcano. Great.


The Deluxe Version comes with three bonus tracks: „Methademic“, „Peace of mind“ and „Pariah“. All of them a good songs, while „Peace of minds“ stands out with a slower start and a tempo change in the middle.


I think „13“ is a great album, which maybe doesn’t reach the level of the very early days, but it is for sure better than the last three solo albums from the Prince Of Darkness.





  1. End of the beginning
  2. Go dis dead?
  3. Loner
  4. Zeitgeist
  5. Age of reason
  6. Live forever
  7. Damage soul
  8. Dear father


Bonus tracks:

  1. Methademic
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Pariah


Label: Vertigo

Genre: Heavy metal

CD review: Black Sabbath "13"