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CD review ANNIHILATOR "Feast"

Veröffentlicht am 10. August 2013 von Markus W. in Annihilator, Thrash Metal, CD Review

August 23 is the release date for the new Annihilator album. The good thing with Annihilator nowadays is, that the line-up seems to be more stable than in the past which definitely contributes to good song writing. "Feast", that's the title of the record, will be number 13 of one of Canada's best thrash metal bands. And a feast is what your ears can expect.

"Feast" starts with "Deadlock" and "No way out" which are two typical Annihilator tracks. They have a lot of energy, are pretty fast and have the typical Annihilator vocal lines. With "Smear campaign" the band reduces their speed, which is good, since it makes the album more varied. The first surprise is "No surrender". I thought, that I was listening to a song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, since it starts with a bassline which is more typical for them than for Annihilator. But after a while the song has a break and the typical staccato riffs of Jeff Waters takes over. I like the experimenting parts of Annihilator, since they are still keeping their style. The next surprise is "Wrapped", because it has some punk elements. It fits good to the band since, as mentioned before, the band doesn't loose their roots. "Perfect angel eyes" is the ballad of the album. Not a revolutionary song, but nice to listen to. "Demon code" and "Fight for the world" are again typical Annihilator songs with heavy and fast guitars, riffs and breaks. "One falls, two rise" is the final track of the album. It starts slow with a good vocal melody and develops to a heavy midtempo rocker with a strong groove.

For me "Feast" is a really good album which makes fun to listen to. It makes fun, because the band shows a lot of variation which makes the album exciting. The production is good and strong, which gives the songs a good atmosphere. I can recommend the album. Well done guys.

And by the way, the bonus disc version comes with an extra CD with 15 best of... tracks of the band.



  1. Deadlock
  2. No way out
  3. Smear campaign
  4. No surrender
  5. Wrapped
  6. Perfect angel eyes
  7. Demon code
  8. Fight the world
  9. One falls, two rise

Bonus disc:

  1. Fun palace
  2. Alison hell
  3. King of the kill
  4. Never, neverland
  5. Set the world on fire
  6. Welcome to your death W.T.Y.D.
  7. Nozone
  8. Bloodbath
  9. 21
  10. Stonewall
  11. Ultra motion
  12. Time bomb
  13. Refresh the demon
  14. World salad
  15. Brain dance

Label: UDR

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review ANNIHILATOR "Feast"
CD review ANNIHILATOR "Feast"