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CD review LYNX "Caught in the trap" re-release

Veröffentlicht am 1. März 2015 von Markus W. in Lynx, Europe, Rainbow, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Deep Purple, News, CD Review, Melodic Metal, Ro

(8/10) If you google 'Lynx band' you will find many many results. But it's just a small amount links that brings you to Lynx from Sweden. This has to do with the fact that the band existed in the 80's (pre-internet times) and released only one album. "Caught in the trap" came out in 1985 and was the only album from the five-piece band.

Lynx is Mats Eriksson (v), Per Larsson (g), Mats Hermasson (key), Kauno Vaattovaara (b) and Carl Moser (d) - all of them having a faible for good melodic metal that is based on Rainbow and the early Europe. But also Loverboy and TNT could be cross references for the sound of Lynx.

The result of their work is/was suprisingly good and nothing sounds like rip-offs from the before mentioned bands. Lynx has their own sound that combines melodies with a certain heaviness. The keyboards build a strong foundation for many songs ("Win or loose" or "Don't fool me") but the guitars riffs are never pushed too much into the back. Just listen to the excellent "Fingers crossed". Dokken have not written better songs even in their "Under lock and keys" days. "Fingers crossed" is a thrilling hardrock anthem that has an irresistable hookline and a power that puts a spell on you. For me the best tune on the album.

Another song that's worth to be mentioned is "Final race". The organ reminds to Deep Purple's releases in the eighties and the drums are merciless pushing this song. And also "Nightwaker" with its mystic touch has a lot of identity. 

I could continue this way since there is no single filler on the album. It's great that No Remorse re-released this pearl of melodic metal. I wonder how I could miss this album in the 80's since it contains great music and will be loved by fans from the above mentioned bands. Melodic metal can't be played much better.





  1. My own way
  2. Win or loose
  3. Fingers crossed
  4. Man without a face
  5. Don't fool me
  6. Final race
  7. Nothing in return
  8. Master of evil
  9. Nightwalker
  10. In the night
  11. Race to hell
  12. Keep on giving me love porta (Bonus)


Label: No Remorse

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review LYNX "Caught in the trap" re-release

CD review DONOTS "Karacho"

Veröffentlicht am 1. März 2015 von Markus W. in Donots, Rock, Punkrock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) German rockers from Donots have already 21 years of band history they can look back to. They have played concerts in Germany, Europe and even overseas like in Japan and the US. They also supported band like Billy Talent and Die Toten Hosen. That means that we can conclude that we don't talk about rookies here. The Donots combine experience with passion without becoming boring or tired in more than two decades.

The new album they have now up and running is called "Karacho", which means something like 'speed' or 'fast'. Nomen et omen. The album is a blast.

And what is reflected already in the title is also the big change compared to the former releases. "Karacho" is the first album the band does in German language.

This wasn't something that was planned from the beginning. It happened over time and it obviously felt good for the guys. And I got the impression that the change of languages also brought some extra freshness into the music. No worries, we are still talking about 100% Donots here, but it feels like the guys had even more fun by working on "Karacho". It feels like 'full speed ahead'. "Karacho" in the best meaning of the word.

The album starts with the "Ohohoh' sing-a-long part before the tune turns into a heavy rocker with crunchy guitars and rough vocals from singer Ingo Klnollmann. This is a great start into the album that is full of self-cofidence.

The groove takes over in "Dann ohne mich" before "Junger Mann zum Leiden gesucht", an ironic hymn about self-pity, takes over. "Problem kein Problem" has a cool ska approach and "Du darfst niemals glücklich sein" is a powerful rock song that can become a great live track. 

"Kaputt" is one of the heaviest numbers on "Kamikaze". The tune has an angry punk attitude that shows the band in a real 'pissed-off' mode. 2 minutes right to the point. Good thing that with "Weiter" an half acoustic song comes next. It's those changes that makes the album so entertaining.

Via the optimistic "Kopf bleibt oben" the listener gets to "Hier also weg". The last mentioned one was one of the first tracks in German and made it on the album. Good decision. It's one of the best pieces that blows you away. This song can activate the last energy reserves after a long festival day.

"Strassenköter" is a good song that is a bit more average compared to the other ones. "Das Ende der Welt ist längst vorbei" comes with an excellent groove and has a great hookline. If the end of the world sounds that good we don't have to be afraid at all.

"Besser als das" sounds a bit like the Beatsteaks before with "Immer noch" an acoustic song takes over that is the most catchy one on "Kamikaze". The number has a country- / folk touch which works very well. And it continues acoustically. "Hansaring, 2:10" takes the same line.  

I think that "Karacho" belongs to the best album the Donots have released so far; if it's not even the best one. It rocks more than the last release "Wake the dogs" and it also got a more powerful production. Very good stuff that you have to check out.





  1. Ich mach nicht mehr mit
  2. Dann ohne mich
  3. Junger Mann zum Mitleiden gesucht
  4. Problem kein Problem
  5. Du darfst niemals glücklich sein
  6. Kaputt
  7. Weiter
  8. Kopf bleibt oben
  9. Hier also weg
  10. Strassenköter
  11. Das Ende der Welt ist laengst vorbei
  12. Besser als das
  13. Immer noch
  14. Hansaring, 2:10 Uhr


Label: Vertigo Berlin (Universal Music)

Genre: Rock

CD review DONOTS "Karacho"

CD review ENSIFERUM "One man army"

Veröffentlicht am 1. März 2015 von Markus W. in Ensiferum, Folk Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Pagan Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) „One man army“ is not only a band’s name, it is also the title of the new album from Finnish folk metal rockers Ensiferum. The record continues where „Unsung heroes“ ended. Ensiferum didn’t change a lot when it comes to the songs and the music. But the new longplayer sounds a bit more powerful compared to the predecessor. For sure a first plus for the new disc.

As we know it from Ensiferum’s records the folk metal journey starts with an intro - this time called „March of war“. What comes next is the fast „Axe of judgement“. Rough vocals from Petri Lindroos combined with fast guitars and a melody that sticks immediately. The song is the right mix of hardness and harmony. 

The pounding „Heathen horde“ is in a more moderate pace before the title track starts. „On man army“ is one of the best tracks on the album. Beginning with a heavy riff and a brutal punch, the tune continues with power and raw Northern energy. This army is a strong ‚one man army‘.

With "Burden of the fallen“ Ensiferum gives the focus on the folk elements in their music. It is a short acoustic song with clean vocals. The track can be seen as a kind of introduction to the powerful "Warrior without a war“. With the dominant choir I was reminded to Blind Guardian, at least a few times during the song. I would say, a typical Ensiferum song.

After the epical „Cry for the earth bounds“ you get to „Two spades“. This is a fast tune with harsh guitars, but…the song has a weird middle part, that reminds more to 70’s disco pop. The ones of you who know Dschingis Khan, the German disco band, can imagine how the middle part sounds like. I don’t know what Ensiferum had in mind when they wrote this part. It doesn’t disturb, but it feels very weird.

„My ancestor’s blood“ is again a midpace number with a solid groove, followed by the eleven minutes long „Desecendats, defiance, dom“. In case you never heard anything from Ensiferum before, you can listen to this track since it reflects most of the trademarks of the band. The diverse track is well composed and the only thing that might be missing are the harsh eruption that the band shows in tracks like „Axe of judgement“. But however, the anthem is a highlight on „One man army“.

The closer is an acoustic song that provides you a swinging ending of a good metal record. It sounds like a mix of the mighty Leningrad Cowboys and Little Willies. The song is fun, no metal and it still fits into the context of „One man army“. 

The new album of Ensiferum will not disappoint fans of the band and is also done it a way that the Finnish five-piece might increase their fan base. I like the power and punch of most of the songs and I’m looking forward to see them on tour this spring.





  1. March of war
  2. Axe of judgement
  3. Heathen horde
  4. One man army
  5. Burden of the fallen
  6. Warrior without a war
  7. Cry for the earth bounds
  8. Two spades
  9. My ancestor’s blood
  10. Desecendants, defiance, dom
  11. Neito pohjolan


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Folk Metal

CD review ENSIFERUM "One man army"
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